Metodo de mohr viga conjugada Neurotropic and heart-shaped Clifton his metodo simplex dos fases ejercicios agronomy mistaking intrust. Jesus Rondon studies Civil Engineerig, Geotechnical Engineering, and Software Engineering. DESCRIPTION. ejercicios resuelto conel mtodo Kani. Transcript Analisis de kani, cross, y viga conjugadaEngineering ยท Ejercicios Kani y.

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WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. Colecciones nacionales e internacionales de patentes. Fecha de la solicitud, orden descendente.

Fecha enercicios la solicitud, orden ascendente. Nombre de la persona solicitante. Nombre de la persona inventora. An adhesive-free bottle cap gasket pellet, prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: A preparation method comprises: Disclosed ejsrcicios a three-dimensional twin-spiral vehicle lane system comprising: The three-dimensional twin-spiral vehicle lane system saves on three-dimensional space, improving through-flow efficiency of travel.

The invention relates to vifa system for accessing a wireless network by a device, comprising: The wireless router is used for providing a wireless connection; the first device is used for obtaining router information from the wireless router, and sending the obtained router information to the second device in response to a router information request sent by the second device; and the second device is used for receiving the router information sent by the first device, and performing wireless connection configuration according to the received router information.

The invention also provides a method for accessing a wireless network by a device.

According to the system and method for accessing a wireless device by a network provided by the present invention, the automatic configuration of a network can be implemented without participation of a user when a wireless device attempts to access a network, so that the device accesses the wireless network more conveniently and quickly.

A low-value idle item network eercicios method and system based on price gambling, the method comprising: The transaction method is a one-to-many multi-blind mode, and increases the transaction rate and success rate of an item by means of price gambling.

Disclosed are methods for preparing a masterbatch and a fiber with compound antibacterial and deodorizing functions, wherein the method for preparing a masterbatch with compound antibacterial and deodorizing functions comprises the surface modification of a copper-based powder, the formulation of a functional compound resin powder, and the preparation of the masterbatch with the compound antibacterial and deodorizing functions.

The novel antibacterial and conjugadq masterbatch and fiber are prepared by using an all-new antibacterial compound mechanism, and have a permanent antibacterial function, the mechanical properties thereof can reach the standards for ordinary fibers, and same completely meet the various requirements of weaving; and the cost is comparable to that of an antibacterial post-treatment, the pollution is reduced, the export of textiles can be expanded, and the added value of the textiles is increased.

A liquid crystal display panel, comprising high-level scanning driven first subpixel rows and low-level scanning driven second subpixel rows.

By reducing the capacitance values of the storage capacitorscorresponding to an abnormal display row, the degree to which the voltage is pulled down is reduced and image flickering or afterimage is avoided.

A liquid crystal display panel and device. Disclosed are a liquid crystal display panel and device. A driving signal compensation method and device. Disclosed in the present invention is a light-emitting diode LED packaging material, which is formed by compositing graphene and silane or epoxy resin so as to alleviate deficiencies which exist when preparing an LED packaging material by means of a single silane or epoxy resin by virtue of the characteristics of graphene so as to improve the performance of the LED packaging material.

Further disclosed in the present invention is a method for use in preparing an LED packaging material. The LED packaging material of the present invention and the preparation method therefor, being formed by compositing graphene and silane or epoxy resin so as to alleviate deficiencies which exist when preparing an LED packaging material by means of a single silane or epoxy resin by virtue of the characteristics of graphene so as to improve the performance of the LED packaging material.

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to methods and apparatuses for random access transmission. In example embodiments, a method implemented in a terminal device in a wireless communication system is provided. According to the method, a random access request including a training sequence is generated. The training sequence is configured at least partially based on a requirement of a coverage gain for a predetermined coverage class five, CC5, of the terminal device.

Mtodo de KANI

The random access request is transmitted to a network device on a random access channel. Provided is a curtain cord winding reel driving mechanism, comprising at least one driving module 1 and a first transitional shaft 2and a second transitional shaft 3 respectively assembled on two sides of the driving module 1 and being in transmission connection with a cord winding reel.

Disclosed are a method and a device for releasing film stress of an array substrate. Disclosed are a method for preparing carbon nanotube conductive microspheres and a conductive adhesive.

Compared with an existing two-step method involving first preparing a plastic or resin microspheres, and then plating same with a conductive metal, the method for preparing carbon nanotube conductive microspheres does not require the separate preparation of a plastic or resin microspheres and a conductive layer, but relates to doping polymer microspheres with carbon nanotubes while enabling the cross-linking of a styrene monomer, a cross-linking agent and an initiator to form the polymer microspheres, in a spray granulation manner.

In only one step, the carbon nanotube conductive microspheres with carbon nanotubes as a conductive medium are prepared, so that the process can be simplified, the working procedures can be reduced, and the cost can be saved; doping carbon nanotubes into the polymer microspheres can alleviate the influence of the thermal mismatch between the carbon nanotubes and a resin, thus ensuring the conductive properties of the conductive microspheres; furthermore, the entire preparation process does not involve any heavy metal salts, so that the biological toxicity can be reduced, and the environment is not polluted.


A flexible light-emitting diode LED lamp filament and an LED lampthe flexible LED lamp filament comprising a flexible substratea plurality of LED chipsan insulating layerfluorescent glue and a circuit layer The flexible substrate comprises a second part and a first part The distance between every two adjacent LED chips among the plurality of LED chips is gradually reduced in the direction from the center of the second part to the two ends thereof, and thus heat in the middle of the second part during usage of the flexible LED lamp filament is reduced.

In addition, the heat of the second part of the flexible LED lamp filament may be further dissipated by means of the first part of the flexible substratethereby improving the heat dissipation capability and effective load capability of the flexible LED lamp filamentand achieving the effects of energy conservation and being environmentally friendly. The housing comprises a face housing 3 and a base housing 4wherein the face housing 3 and the base housing 4 are V-shaped, the solar energy panel 1 is provided on the face housing 3and the battery 2 is provided on the base housing 4.

Two ends of the base housing 4 are vertically provided with a first contact face 41 and a second contact face The light-emitting device comprises a front light panel 51 and a rear light panel 52the front light panel 51 being provided on the face housing 3and the rear light panel 52 being provided at a central position of the outer surface of the base housing 4.

A central position inside the face housing 3 is provided with a groove 31the control device is provided in the groove 31and the control device is electrically connected to the battery 2. The control device comprises a control panel 6the control panel 6 is provided with sensing probes 61 and a waterproof button switch 62the sensing probes 61 being connected to Fresnel lenses 63and the Fresnel lenses 63 being provided on two sides of the waterproof button switch Protruding ribs 32 are provided around the groove 31a waterproof groove 43 is arranged at a corresponding point on the base housing 4and the ribs 32 fasten a TPU waterproof ring Provided in the present invention are CAR.

ILT cells and the preparation and application thereof, relating to the field of biotechnology. The chimeric antigen receptor T cells provided in the present invention express a chimeric antigen receptor CAR and interleukin IL that target tumour antigens. The present invention belongs to the field of biotechnology, and provides a CEA. CAR-T, a preparation method therefor and use thereof. Then, T cells that can express said chimeric antigen receptor are prepared.

A mask and a method for preparing an array substrate. When a photoresist is subjected to exposure, the photoresist thickness exposed in the second sub-region is greater than that exposed in the first sub-regions; and when the array substrate is manufactured, and at least one channel of the array substrate is at the position corresponding to the at least one second sub-region.

By means of the mask, the exposure and ashing time can be reduced and energy can be saved during manufacturing of the array substrate. Disclosed are a method for manufacturing an anti-dazzling cover plate Dand a display apparatus According to the present invention, the sparkle phenomenon, on a high-resolution panel, of a cover plate D can be improved, and the comfort level of reading on a panel can be improved.

A trolley 10comprising a trolley body 11a plurality of bearing platforms 12a power supply 30a signal generator 40a first placement area 13a second placement area 14and wheels The trolley body 11 comprises a first support plateand a second support plate perpendicular to the first support plate and fixed on the upper surface of the first support plate The plurality of bearing platforms 12 are perpendicular to the second support plate and symmetrically disposed at two sides of the second support plate ; the bearing platforms 12 located at the same side of the second support plate are arranged at equal intervals in a row, so that one end of a display panel 20 abuts against the bearing platforms 12and the other end leans against the second support plate ; the first placement area 13 and the second placement area 14 are located between the lowermost bearing platform 12 and the first support plate ; the power supply 30 is placed in the first placement area 13 ; the signal generator 40 is placed in the second placement area 14 ; and the wheels 15 are disposed on the lower surface of the first support plate A high-temperature testing device 10comprising trolleys 20furnaces 30and doors A drive circuit 9a driving method for the drive circuit 9and a display device 8.

A drive circuit 9 comprises: Provided are a nanocomposite hydrogel material and a preparation method therefor, the nanocomposite hydrogel material being prepared by reinforcing polyacrylamide with calcium hydroxide nanospheres CNS. The uniformly dispersed CNS is a hydration product of the calcium-containing component cementing material at 0 degrees and functions as a crosslinking agent in the polyacrylamide polymer network.

The nanocomposite hydrogel has superior mechanical strength, elasticity, ultra-high ultimate strain, toughness and recoverability, and maintains the transparency and low cost of traditional PAM hydrogels. Provided are a method and device for moving between communication systems, wherein same relate to the technical field of communications and are used for moving a user equipment from a first communication system to a second communication system. A magnetic assembly 1comprising two permanent magnets 11 arranged with identical poles opposite to each other, and a shielding block 12 connected between the two permanent magnets 11 and used for shielding magnetic fields of the opposite ends of the two permanent magnets An electromagnetic relay using the magnetic assembly 1comprising a coil 2the magnetic assembly 1 movably disposed in an inner hole of the coil 2iron sheets 3 disposed at two ends of the coil 2a movable contact 5 fixed at one end of the magnetic assembly 1 by means of a fixing assembly 4and a stationary contact 6 adaptive to the movable contact 5.

A gap is reserved between an iron sheet 3 and a corresponding end of the magnetic assembly 1. A linear movement ejerccicios electromagnetic switch, comprising a coil 1a magnetic rotor 2 movably disposed in an inner hole of the coil 1a housing 3 which wraps an outer side surface of the coil 1and an insulating layer 4 disposed between the coil 1 and the housing 3.


The magnetic rotor is able to be extended or retracted by changing the direction of current in the coil so as to drive the blocking piece to block or open the leakage hole, such that the call distortion condition can be improved and the high-frequency sound effect will not be reduced.

An earphone neckband and a neckband type earphone, comprising a neckband shell 1neckband support arms 2 and bendable shaping structures 4 which may be bent and shaped at any position within a bendable area. The two ends of the bendable shaping structures 4 are connected to conjugadq end of the neckband shell 1 and the ends of the neckband support arms conjugasa respectively.

A laser projection device, comprising: A depth camera is also provided on the basis of the laser projection device. By means of reasonable layout and design, the microlens array and the main lens form a secondary imaging optical path so as to achieve a lower amplification factor and a smaller volume, such that for the laser projection device and the depth camerathe volume can be decreased and the imaging quality can be improved.

The present solution provides a Bluetooth earphonecomprising a left earphone 11a right earphone 12and a controller The controller 20 comprises a shell 21a master control circuit board 22a battery ejercciciosand a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth earphone further comprises a left wire 13a right wire 14and a cable antenna 30 electrically connected to the master control circuit board The cable antenna 30 is mounted on ad least one of the shell 21the left wire 13and the right wire The present solution relates to providing the cable antenna A structured light illumination microscopic imaging system, comprising: Compared with a structured light microscopic imaging system provided with a fly-eye lens, under the premise of the requirement of reducing installation and processing precision of the structured light illumination microscopic imaging system, a super-resolution microscopic image with higher signal-to-noise ratio and contrast can be obtained; compared with a structured light microscopic imaging system based on a digital micro-lens array or an optical grating, the system costs are greatly reduced, and the system stability is higher.

The display panel comprises: The active switch 2 is ejercciios to a metal wire 3 ; the metal wire 3 is provided with a blocking unit 4 ; the blocking unit 4 is used for blocking particulate matters 5 from dropping off on the metal wire 3 during display panel manufacturing.

Disclosed is a successive approximation algorithm-based ADC self-correcting circuit, comprising: The OLED device comprises a substrateand cnjugada first electrode layeran electron injection layeran electron transport layeran optical active layera hole transport layer and a second electrode layerwhich are sequentially arranged on the substrate; the optical active layer comprises an exciton regulation layer and an active material layer ; the materials of the active material layer include perovskite materials and small-molecule luminescent materials, and the doping molar ratio of the small-molecule luminescent materials is 0.

Jesus Rondon –

Provided is a vapour deposition apparatus, comprising a main chamber 11 and at least one secondary chamber 10 in communication with the main chamber 11 by means of a valve; the secondary chamber 10 comprises a suction platform 2a suction tube 7and a fixing member 8 ; when performing vapour deposition on a substrate 9 to undergo vapour deposition, the suction tube 7 attaches the substrate 9 to undergo vapour deposition to the suction platform 2 by means of the fixing member 8 and the suction platform 2the substrate 9 to undergo vapour deposition is aligned with a mask plate 5and the substrate 9 to undergo vapour deposition and the mask plate 5 are secured by means of the fixing member 8.

An apparatus and method for manufacturing a curved display panel. The apparatus comprises a bearing machine tablea flexible bladdera supporting machine tableand infusion means; the bearing machine table is used for beating a curved cover ; the flexible bladder is used for fixing a flexible display device ; the supporting machine table is used for fixing a flexible bladder ; the infusion means is used for infuse a liquid substance to the flexible bladder so that the flexible display device is attached to the curved cover The existence of a gap between the flexible display device and the curved cover can be avoided.

Disclosed are a flexible organic light-emitting diode display and a manufacturing method therefor, comprising: A backlight modulecomprising: A color film substrate 30 and a liquid crystal display.

The color film substrate 30 comprises: An audio signal adjustment method and systemthe adjustment method comprising: Disclosed is a steam oven with a baking air-blast structure, comprising an oven body 1wherein a liner 2 capable of sealing by closing an oven door, a steam generating device 3 providing steam for the liner 2a water tank 4 providing water for the steam generating device 3 and an air discharging device 5 used for the liner 2 to discharge steam are provided in the oven body 1an air-blast device 6 capable of inputting air for the liner 2 when baking and heating is further provided in the oven body 1and together with the air discharging device 5 forms a steam discharge channel.

The steam oven can input relatively dry air via the air-blast device 6 when baking and heating, and steam generated by heated food is discharged, avoiding internal humidity being too great when baking and heating and causing the fermentation and baking effects to be impacted when cooking cakes and bread-like foods, such that the steam oven can not only meet the requirement of sealing in a steam heating mode, improving the steam heating effect, but can also meet the requirement of dry ventilation in a baking mode, achieving an excellent baking effect.

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