El conde Belisario – Robert Graves (7).epub – Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. Up to 90% off Textbooks at Amazon Canada. Plus, free two-day shipping for six months when you sign up for Amazon Prime for Students. Count Belisarius has ratings and reviews. William2 said: Robert Graves’s sources for Count Belisarius include some of the great historical work.

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Due to these efforts Justinian could lay claim to almost all the old Roman Empire, the first ruler for a hundred years. The story is fun and pulpy, reaching a climax of downright addictive during Belisarius’ initial conquests in Italy.

Graves also attempts to write in the style of a contemporary Roman text. It is Orthodoxy against Arians, Monophysites, Donatists, Manichaeans, and a mass of other sects who are all arguing about the nature of God, of Christ, and the overall sanctity of the Holy Spirit, nitpicking and gravws the strength of the Orthodox Church get in robetr way of everything.

But Graves made a surprising choice that makes the book even more interesting. I kept wanting better reasons for the characters to behave as they did in the story, but none were ever offered, and that was disappointing.

Can’t vouch for the strict accuracy of the portrayal of Justinian as a monster, but an enjoyable read. Want to Read saving….

Count Belisarius

Belisarius is more of an archetypal Roman hero than an actual character, with his only flaws being an excess of virtue. When the Empress Theodora, one of the most remarkable and infamous women in history, took control of the empire, she continued to exploit and persecute Belisarius in the same way her husband had. Lesser writers push the figures into patterns and groupings that suit the story graaves wish to tell, and some have no compunction about knocking over any likeness that gets in their way, removing characters and events from their retelling of history entirely.

Graves writes in the style of Classical authors.

Written by Robert Graves and published inone of my father’s favorite books, and nothing could be better that. If you can imagine Darth Vader as a good guy, you will have some sort of idea of Belisarius.


Nov 04, Mathijs Van Der Loo rated it really liked it. Very readable and evocative of a time and place long gone now.

Refresh and try again. Insomma, un bel disastro che un uomo solo era quasi riuscito ad arginare, per finire sconfitto dalle gelosie e dagli intrighi di corte. That rhetorical device does not measure up to what Graves accomplishes in the Claudius books which are narrated in robery first person by Claudius himself, who happens to be a simpleton.

What might make this book interesting to someone who is not particularly fascinated by late Roman military history although, who isn’t? There is glut of battle scenes, descriptions of campaigns, seiges and the deployment of soldiers.

Sep 28, EisNinE rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. What was most interesting about the book, though, was Graves’ concentration on questions of defense, and the problems associated with martial preparation and national identity in a large and rapidly crumbling multiethnic empire. That’s my guess, anyway.

And then there is the church, which at this time is a mass of factions which the Orthodoxy abhors and seeks to denigrate and punish. Mar 06, Hadrian rated it really liked it Shelves: I find it difficult to work up a self-righteous rage over anything anymore; it’s too easy to become inured to atrocity and hypocrisy when you’re bombarded by examples of it every time you glance at a monitor.

Peraltro, Eugenio tende a diventare stucchevole quando difende fino alla sfinimento la sua padrona, quando la maggior parte degli storici la definisce senza troppi giri di parole come un’adultera impenitente. May 30, Hamilton Wende rated it liked it.

Count Belisarius by Robert Graves

This book is everything that pleases me because it gives me information that is pertinent to today. Told from the point of a eunuch slave who served Belisarius’s wife, the book reads like an ancient historical account.

The slow painful process of hauling heavy cardboard boxes provides the occasion to examine just what is causing the back pain. Sure, the Byzantines were capable of some pretty remarkable artistic and architectural works, and were a formidable military power.


Robert Graves was the absolute master of historical fiction, and perhaps better equipped than any 20th Century writer to create a story that dances with ease among the marble statuary of accepted facts and dates, acknowledging their weight, and placement. In he published his most commercially successful work, I, Claudius. Much of Belisarius’ life is lost. With this book Robert Graves again demonstrates his command of a vast historical subject, creating a startling and vivid picture of a decadent era.

There are amazing portraits of the real-life historical characters of the day, and I have no idea how true to life Graves was being, although he does seem to have thoroughly researched everything. The rat-like Justinian and the calculating and cruel Theodora were examples of power that consumes everyone and everything around it, a parasitic monstrosity that fed on the dying body of the Empire and gave nothing back.

En el siglo VI Constantinopla, capital del Imperio Romano de Oriente, se encuentra sacudida por los enemigos externos y los desordenes internos. May 25, Paul Christensen rated it really liked it. In Sassoon tried to rebel against the war by making a public anti-war statement. Belisarius is purely noble, Justinian purely loathsome – no nuance is on show.

He also deals with machinations at the court of Justinian and Theodora set against the broader history of that period. The accounts of his successes in Persia, Carthage, and Italy, are depicted at length. View all 4 comments. Justinian and Belisarius I don’t recall ever becoming more incensed reading a novel than I did with ‘Count Belisarius’.

This is a nice approach — both women are fascinating figures in their own right, but it wasn’t enough in itself to really hook me. Emperor Justinian, who met his empress in that house of pain, Graves’s depicts as not very smart and easily led by those motivated almost solely by self interest. As the General in command of Justinian’s army, Belisarius proved himself to be a military genius time and again.

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