O Informe de Brodie has ratings and reviews. Um dos livros essenciais do escritor Argentino, O Relatório de Brodie reúne 11 contos e foi public. JORGE LUIS BORGES. Translated by The Preface, under the title “Borges on Borges,” first appeared in The original title of this book is El informe de Brodie. Find El Informe De Brodie by Borges, Jorge Luis at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Brodie’s Report by Jorge Luis Borges. At the age of seventy, after a gap of twenty years, Jorge Luis Borges returned to writing short stories.

In Brodie’s Reporthe also returned to the style of his earlier years with its brutal realism, nightmares, eel bloodshed. Many of these stories, including Unworthy and The Other Ihforme, are set in the macho Argentinean underworld, and even the rivalries between artists a At the age of seventy, after a gap of twenty years, Jorge Luis Borges returned to writing short stories.

Many of these stories, including Unworthy and The Other Duel, are set in the macho Argentinean underworld, and even the rivalries between artists are suffused with suppressed violence.

El Informe De Brodie by Borges, Jorge Luis

Throughout, opposing themes of fate and free will, loyalty and betrayal, time and memory flicker in the recesses of these compelling stories, among the best Borges ever wrote. Paperbackpages. Published July 26th by Penguin Classics first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Brodie’s Reportplease sign up. Lists with This Book. May 19, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing.

Welcome to the many universes of Jorge Luis Borges. For those new to the author, this is an excellent place to start with Borges since these stories are accessible and straightforward, containing very little of the baroque complexity characteristic of his earlier collections.

brovie To share the wisdom nectar of these eleven Borges tales, I will focus invorme the title story. And let me tell you, I have read a number of books on indigenous tribes by cultural anthropologists such as Raymond Firth and Colin T Welcome to the many universes of Jorge Luis Borges. And let me tell you, I have read a number of books on indigenous tribes by cultural anthropologists such as Raymond Firth and Colin Turnbull, but I have never encountered a study boeges like Brodie’s Report.

Such a mysterious find is classic Borges: Here are the raw facts about this bestial, wild, brutish tribe Brodie calls Yahoos: For an author like Borges, a highly cultivated, refined, aesthetically attuned urbane gentleman and man of letters, life among this tribe of Yahoo could be seen as his worst nightmare.

And, of course, Yahoos bring to mind that memorable tale by Jonathan Swift. The tribe is ruled over by a king whose power is absolute. Each male child is closely examined to see if he possess bodily signs, both secret and broeie, revealing him as their future king. Once a child is chosen as king of the Yahoos, he is immediately castrated, blinded, and his hands and feet borgds off so as he will not be distracted by the outside world, setting him free to imbibe inner wisdom.

The king is then taken to a cavern where only witch doctors and a pair of female slaves are permitted entry to serve the king and smear his body with bfodie. By this extreme social custom, I think Borges infoorme asking us to ponder the perennial philosophical question: However we approach this question, one thing is for sure: The queen looks at Brodie and then, in full sight of her attendants, offers herself to him.


He declines but then the queen does something unexpected — she pricks Brodie with a pin, a pin manufactured elsewhere since the Yahoos are incapable of manufacturing even the simplest objects. Pin pricking from the queen is infprme by the Yahoo as an honor -the queen projects that Brodie will not feel any pain since all the Yahoos are insensitive to pain and pleasure with the exception of the pleasure they take in gorging on raw and rancid food and smelling its noxious odor.

On the heels of this episode, Brodie make a startling pronouncement: To my mind, one of the most powerful statements within the story: How far removed are we from the Yahoos in this respect, really? Brodie brode how the Yahoo number system is unique, how they count one, two, three, four, and then immediately go to infinity. Also unique is the power the witch doctors have to transform anyone into an ant or a tortoise; as infomre of this truth, the Yahoo point out red ants swarming on an anthill.

Then we arrive infforme truly unique: On this topic, Brodie makes a general philosophically point: As we all know, our very human capacity to remember can be a mixed blessing: Not inforke Yahoo – they only go back as far as yesterday.

Since Brodie is a Scottish missionary, predictably his report includes the Yahoo system of religious belief. Turns out, the Yahoo believe both heaven and hell are underground: Yes, Brodie reports how the Yahoo have to fend off attacks by the Apemen.

El Informe De Brodie

No further detail is given on the Apemen which makes the whole report a bit spooky. Anyway, the Yahoo heaven is dark and marsh-like and the afterlife reward for kings, queens, witch doctors along with the happy, the hardhearted and the bloodthirsty.

I can just imagine what Jorge Luis Borges must have been thinking outlining such a Yahoo theology, a theology that really stretches our more conventional views of the afterlife, to say the least. I wonder if they would sell tickets to outsiders. Then Brodie reports on how a poet is a Yahoo who can string together six or seven enigmatic words.

The poet will then shriek out these mysterious words surrounded by his fellow Yahoo who consider the poet no longer a man but a god. And as a god, they have the right to kill the poet on the spot. Xe, if the poet can escape the circle, he can seek broeie in a desert to the north of the jungle.

O Informe de Brodie

Lastly, let me note how Brodie reports how, based on their rather abstract language, nrodie Yahoo are not a primitive people but a degenerative people; in other words, they are a people whose ancestors were once highly civilized, perhaps even European.

A rather chilling thought. View all 22 comments. Bordie 18, Bill Kerwin rated it it was amazing Shelves: In his old age, Borges–using Kipling’s Plain Tales from the Hills as his model–crafted these deceptively straightforward narratives in a new laconic style. Argentinian history, the half-savage Pampas, the criminals of the Buenos Aires’ slums, and duels both actual and metaphorical are the subjects of these tales.

They are all worthwhile, and three of them–The Interloper, The Encounter, onforme the Gospel According to Mark–are as good as anything he ever wrote. Apr 18, Sidharth Vardhan rated it it was amazing Shelves: My stories, like those of the Thousand and One Nights, try to be entertaining or moving but not persuasive.


So, won’t talk about them specificaly. But one thing in common in all of them is that none of them are fantastic. Except perhaps, the titular horges, in which a priest discovers and tries to convert to Christianitya community that look like and is called by him Yahoos.

The difference between Doctor Bro “I do not aspire to be Aesop. The difference between Doctor Brodie’s no relation to Miss Jean Brodie Yahoos and Guliver’s Yahoos is that the former aren’t primitave rather, narrator speculates on the basis of their language, but rather a more advanced age who forgot how to read and write.

Given the ever ijforme attention span of our generation, it might be happening any time soon to infkrme of us. About the king of Yahoos: Should war arise, the witch doctors remove him from his cavern, display him to the tribe informme excite their courage, and bear him, lifted infoeme their shoulders after the manner of a flag or a talisman, to the thick of the fight.

In such cases, he dies almost immediately under the hail of stones flung at him by the Ape-men. I have already recorded that they are four, this number being the largest that their arithmetic spans. On their fingers they count thus: Infinity begins at the thumb.

And why did they loose all the civilisation they might have gained in past? But I think it might be they started prosecuting freedom of speech and arts: He cannot contain himself and shouts them out, standing in the center of a circle formed by the witch doctors and the common people, who are stretched out on the ground. Feeling then that the spirit has touched him, nobody, not even his own mother, will either speak to him or cast a glance at him.

Now he is a man no longer but a god, and anyone has license to kill him. Often stories though realistic, are such that an alternative interpretation suggested by author becomes possible.

Sometimes objects seem to have personalities of their own, indorme the events of a story are suspiciously similar to those that occurred in past though with a decline in settings and people. Even prefaces written by Borges are awesome. From the story about a really old woaman: It never fails to amaze me that the classics hold a romantic theory of poetry, and a romantic poet a classical theory. In the long run, without suspecting it, each of the two became a slave to the other.

Women go through far worse when they give birth. This, in some way, made them feel ashamed. We devote a third of our lives to it, and yet do not understand it. Shakespeare, insuperable master of words, held them in scorn. Jun 23, Cecily rated it really liked it Shelves: Collected Fictions – all reviews.

This is the seventh, published in Foreword This prepares the chronological reader for a significant change of style: He makes no mention ihforme or in the stories themselves of his blindness unlike In Praise of Darkness, reviewed as part of Dreamtigers.

I suppose he was long used to it by then.

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