Historical thriller set against the backdrop of China’s ancient Tsong Dynasty. : El lector de cadáveres () by Antonio Garrido and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. El lector de cadáveres by Antonio Manuel Garrido Molina at – ISBN X – ISBN – Espasa Libros, S.L. –

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He can tell when the death occured, how, and who the person could have been before being killed. Lecyor was a very interesting read with some fascinating facts on historical crime-solving and medieval China.

The Corpse Reader by Antonio Garrido

I had high hopes for The Corpse Reader, which was described as a tale of rudimentary forensic science being employed by a bright young peasant in imperial China, but I think I’m gonna quit it. Not wanting to be a spoil alert, Ci winds up in the Emperor’s Court, solving 3 murders inwhich the bodies are headless, and their chests are mutilated.

Kindle EditionReprint editionpages. While trying to stay incognito and escape the authorities, Ci finds work as a gravedigger where he tightens his skill at being able to read corspes in a way no one else can. A strong three stars. I enjoyed the slow mystery twist in the end. Jun 29, Adam rated it liked it.

Pack — El lector de cadáveres : Antonio Garrido :

How bruises look when made while the person is alive, or shortly after death. Especially since Ci didn’t seem to care about his sexuality after the first shock moment. The second half is much more interesting, opening up a complex murder mystery in the courts of ancient China. Based on the life of Ci Song, the world’s first forensic scientist, this is a historical mystery set in 13th century China. When a crime is committed, he is forced to flee and he returns to the city where his talent for “reading corpses” eventually leads him to the Emperor himself.


Definitely a good read.

Finally, around page of roughlythe plot aka the gruesome murder arrived. He’s definitely the one character I will remember best. One of the most notable thing about this book, is that the translator has done such a marvelous job that the story just flows very naturally. The story opens with Tsu called Ci Song in the novel as a boy in rural China, hop Here’s a novel featuring the historic genius Tsu Sung, who wrote the first books on forensic science in 12th Century China.

He’s loving, kind, smart, and resourceful.

Pack — El lector de cadáveres

A decapitation is revealed in the foreword, the protag’s brother looks df but there’s something fishy afoot, and from there on in it’s just been one crisis after another for the protag as he sets his mind to clearing the brother’s name.

The book includes quite a few gory scenes the hero works with corpsessome violence, but no foul language or sexual references.

The poverty and injustice throughout the book were depressing, and unless you’re familiar with the Chinese medieval mindset, you can barely relate to the story. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

El lector de cadáveres

Soon, he can deduce whether a person killed himself—or was murdered. So I sent him home with a nice cuppa and a pat on the shoulder and resolved to drink enough next time so that I’m still drunk by the time we hit the sheets and can keep my illusions thusly intact until the morning after. It just felt flat. But he remains driven by lectir passion for truth—especially once the killings threaten to take down the Emperor himself.

Now, there was also some weird love story in the mix that I didn’t really like, because male crime solving characters tend to become stupid when they see a beautiful woman they want to boing as was the case here, toobut at least it sort of had a purpose. There were a few small anachronisms, mainly in characters’ speech patterns which were sometimes a little too 20th century English colloquial, and I’m still not certain about the Chinese ants, but nothing jolted me out of the story so I’ll let the age at foot-binding go.


I imagine it’s quite difficult writing about medieval China ldctor Garrido makes it seem so easy.

I usually LOVE historical fiction and I’m fascinated by the histor I had high hopes for The Corpse Reader, which was described as a tale of rudimentary forensic science being employed by a bright young peasant in imperial China, but I think I’m gonna quit it.

Really, it was rather like having a date with the hottest guy–and I mean hot, really hot, in the dangerous, really good tattoos kind of way, which is the only analog for 13th century China, corpses, police procedural, and textual interpretation I can think of–you’ve ever picked up in a bar. It was plane and at times confusing opened with a mean brother then jumped to living in a city and the brother was in the country???

Literally everything in this dude’s life letcor could have gone wrong, went wrong. Jun 05, Andrew rated it really liked it. Even though one misfortune after another dogs his footsteps, his talent ell recognized by his mentor at the school he once attended and he is able to continue to study. I must admit that Sr Garriido is not well served by his translators.

Quotes from The Corpse Reader.

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