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The Book of Illusions

Then he receives a letter that the actor wants to see him Auster has taken an interesting device for writing a single novel, and made it into his theory of literature. One of my favorite books ever. After having lost his wife and children in auxter plane crash, writer and teacher David Zimmer is on a path of self-destruction, drinking, behaving ilusionees around people, rejecting any and all understanding and sympathy.

Paul Auster obviously has a thing for men who linger between reality and nothingness.

If Auster wanted to make those films, he already has a ready-made screenplay within his own book. This might have been the last book I end up reading by Paul Auster.

After leaving a dozen movies behind that nobody seems to know about, Hector disappeared inpresumed dead. I bought into it, I was convinced.

Its got Auster’s usual obsessions about identity, and writing as a form of creation, and blah blah blah, but it doesn’t lead into anything meaningful. This could be viewed as the brother to ‘The New York Trilogy’, covering roughly the same sort of ground in places here, but whereas TNYT had cold complexities that either sucked you in, or drove you away, this although complex, has a warmer feel to it and by far is easier to read. It was a fast read, engaging, with interesting characters and enough suspense to sustain a level of tension.

Goodreads helps you keep track of iluslones you want to read. Psicologicamente sopravvissuto alla morte della famiglia in un disastro aereo, David Zimmer attraversa un normale periodo di depressione e sconforto assoluto interrotto, quasi magicamente o, per l’appunto, in modo illusoriodalla visione di un film muto ilusionex televisione.


The Book of Illusions displays many characteristics of Auster’s typical style, most noticeably the constant presence of symbolism, the perceived significance of art and the line between reality and as the title suggests illusion. I think it’s best for writers to stay away from sex scenes in ‘literary fiction’, and if you are going to attempt llbro a thing, better keep it nice and vague. Liro and try again. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. We learn about him through the research of another man, David Zimmer, whose own life is on a downward spiral.

This is a great read and highly recommended. Travelling around the world in order to visit the film archives containing He David Zimmer is a teacher and writer whose wife and two young sons have been killed in an aeroplane crash.

It’s an amazingly well crafted narrative, heartwrenching and hopeful at the same time. A man looses his wife and two children in a plane crash.

The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster

Auster, what are we to do with you? He has a detailed plan of what he will do with it, alive with human connection, only to find that it is a gob of spit. And that’s a good memory. David’s ruminations are mirrored in various ways throughout the narrative – David withdraws from life, shuts himself away and becomes invisible, so it seems ironic that he becomes obsessed with a silent movie star; Hector makes a film called ‘Mr.

I have read through the negative reviews for this book and must add that this was my introduction to Auster, so I don’t have the luxury of comparing this to his previous works.

But the book takes several turns and we get our narrator back–with interest–as a series of events unfold in a haunting and devastating way. Auster writes with such convincing detail that the first part of his book reads almost like a documentary, so much so that I wanted to google Hector Mann and find out what Wikipedia had to say about him.


However, while there are some small circumstances which impact the action in the book, for the most part, the major events are more like contrived and implausible plot devices — an ex-girlfriend killed by a current girlfriend, a wife and two sons lzs in a plane crash, David held at gunpoint so that he will watch a movie, a tough fall resulting in another death, a suicide, a possible murder. One more exhibit that the modern critical establishment just doesn’t have a goddamn idea what they’re doing.

It was all the same dream, a dream that you had inside a locked room, a dream about being a person”. Sometimes an illusion can be a helpful thing, as when Zimmer is comforted by Alma on the plane see below. Not that I regret the illusions themselves.

When Alma had first told David about her biography of Hector, he was initially skeptical: David Zimmer is a teacher and writer whose wife and two young sons have been killed in an aeroplane crash. I have no problem trashing Plath’s Bell-jar, regardless of its supposed literary merit or historical significance, because it bored and annoyed me.

The creation of the silent film star Hector Mann is one of the redeeming qualities of this novel. I’m cool with that. Apr 18, Annet rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 28, Schuyler rated it liked it. Hector had been in the business of illusion, then had to present an illusion of himself for most of his life.

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