Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela Mexico, Spain’s Romulo Gallegos Prize for best Spanish-language novel, and France’s Priz de Meilleur. James Polk reviews book Palinuro of Mexico by Fernando del Paso; drawing (M). A Case of Literary Infection: Palinuro de Mexico and Ulysses. ROBIN FIDDIAN. Palinuro de Mexico is Fernando del Paso’s second novel. Born in. Mexico City in .

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Fernando del Paso nos riega de palabras, nos reboza y nos inunda de ellas, modificando significados, invirtiendo significantes, buscando movernos del sitio, alterarnos el mundo, mudarnos el pensamiento, siempre tan supeditado a la palabra.

Don’t read it looking to get somewhere or to finish. And while that is perfectly fine, I felt it wasn’t enough and didn’t make up for the great comments I had read about this book.

Ostensibly, this is that all-too-rare bird—a freewheeling uninhibited masterwork in pursuance of pure readerly pleasure, of that Gassian wonder of the word. The chapters of the book narrating Palinuro’s life and lineage are essentially a great exercise on language embroidery, plainuro are filled with cultural and literary references, sometimes very obscure that is the main reason I hadn’t read this book: Five stars for the three friends’ trippy adventures.

Palinuro de México

Random paragraph chosen by opening the book at random as it is exceptional from cover to cover: Books by Fernando del Paso. Then there’s a compendium of jokes regarding flatulence. A surrealistic maelstrom in PoMo: He sings mwxico sex, of autopsy, of amputation and of excretion. It’s a five star heavyweight I docked for biting my ear and everything else to complete this journey.


Palinuro de México by Fernando del Paso

Each mirror sends you down a rabbit hole, carrying you on an enticing journey full of wonder and splendor. I’d definitely advise enterprising readers and fans of the surreal to at least read the first half, there’s some really good shit in there. Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

What Palinuro of Mexico taught me about reading it was to be in the moment. Gracias, Fernando del Paso, vive por siempre, es todo lo que te pido.

Otherwise we recommend it very, very highly.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A thin line between love and hate, perhaps. One of its kind.

This was over the top excellent – it mixes tall tale with myth with history with offbeat yet deep pieces of trivia; all of this collages together into a dense encyclopedic feat of literature. Palinuro is a medical student, or wants to be, anyhow. About Fernando del Paso.

Apparently everyone I know has read this and already given it five stars. Throw in a bit of Joyce too and you will get a pretty good picture what Del Paso is up to – its a hell of a ride to be sure, especially if you love tons of medical details and have a strong stomach.

Unfortunately, the trick of del Paso’s narrative style quickly devolves into little more than infinitely uninteresting lists of things, litanies of things, and even less plot than the first, good bits.


Palinuro of Mexico – US. Most men who read the chapter on what Palinuro and his med-school pals do with some body parts acquired from the morgue will likely laugh–and wince–a lot. In Palinuro of Mexico Del Paso has created a magical, surreal, artificial and dreamlike narrative.


Charles’s mother, Mariana of Austria, herself a Habsburg, was a niece of his father, Philip. View all 5 comments.

Open Preview See a Problem? But for now, a needy Warholic is looking for my time. It’s a solid testament to the richness and power of imagination and the ability of fiction to stretch the reality to that which lies beyond the physical world and the conscious mind. It’s a mirror to the culture of Mexico.

Muchas veces hicimos el amor contra natura, a favor de natura, ignorando a natura. This is worth people’s time. I love it from the first moment, but also know that if this wants to really earn that Alright, time to dive into my first meganovel of View all 8 comments. It is playful with mezico it is literate at all times, piling references and allusions into multi-page length paragraphs.

This is the post-modern epic we know and love: It is also extremely depressing that, having read News From the Empire, I’ve now read the entirety of del Paso’s works translated into English.

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