A far cry from Sweet Valley High, this wry, engaging story of a high-school election in a New Jersey town a couple of exits away from Glen Ridge is. Reese Witherspoon played Tracy Flick in Election. MTV Films. Novelist Tom Perrotta’s books have become one of our most consistently. Tracy Flick wants to be President of Winwood High. She’s one of those ambitious girls who finds time to do it all: edit the yearbook, star in the musical, sleep with.

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His sister Tammy, angered over the fact that her former girlfriend has left her, started dating Paul and taken it upon herself to become Paul’s campaign manager, runs against them both but runs a campaign that promises elecyion overhaul the student government if elected.

I found myself tearing through the book in under a day. There were great things in the book. I know Reese Witherspoon is an Oscar winner, but reading this gave me new respect for how pitch perfect she played Tracy Flick. Who will win — Tracy or Paul? I re-read it at least once a year. It was of little consequence to me if Tracy was more sexual in the book, but Electioj hadn’t read it.

M full of id Pretty much the book I toom could have written and wish I did.

M recruits the perfect opposition candidate. First off, Tracy is not more sexual in the b While I was on a Perrotta reading kick, I rewatched the film version of ‘Election’ and listened to some of the commentary by the film’s director – Alexander Payne. M despises Tracy because she got his best friend fired and thus he plots to make sure that Tracy does not become president. Loved the movie, but enjoyed the book more because I got to know everyone better, especially Tracy Flick. I liked this book a lot, but then I’m a Perrotta fan.


I read this in 5 days.

Election Book Summary and Study Guide

I held off on this one, because I loved the movie. It doesn’t feature the deepest exploration of character or the most literary writing, but when you’re chuckling this much throughout and so into it all, how much does that matter? The story is divided into several characters’ perspectives, and each chapter alternates between whose perspective is given. The whole idea was to educate these suburban New Jersey teenagers in the democratic process and the American way.

Election (novel) – Wikipedia

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Looking for More Great Reads? The novel’s ending is far more bleak and unrelenting. She was great in the film, but much deeper and more sympathetic in the novel.

Perrotta’s effective silencing of Flick’s narrative mirrors Mr. M full of idealism. I still like both of those things about it today, but I also recognize how bleakly human it is.

View all 3 comments. With weeks to go before election day, her victory is nearly a foregone conclusion. May 28, Caitlin rated it it was amazing. The film specified that it was Ritchie, I think. Tracy Flick is an unpopular girl but very ambitious, intelligent, and manipulative and even described as attractive and rather buxom by some teachers and fellow students.

Books by Tom Perrotta. The movie has probably become more iconic than the novel, but the latter’s style and subject matter is right up my alley. I especially liked the different ending. The two dramas he has created — one personal and private, the other public and political — unfurl simultaneously, with all the players sharing in a life-altering conclusion.

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Leftovers comes a darkly hilarious novel about a high school election that brings out the worst in everyone—the basis for the film starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick!


There are some differences and although I do enjoy the movie, I found that the character development was better in this – you definitely like Tracy more and Paul The description of what each character is thinking in a first-person perspective makes it clear why they do things — he, for example, explains that his marriage is on the rocks and the difficulties in his marriage, so it is understandable why he would consider an extramarital affair — but the actions he actually takes based on those thoughts are so absurd he goes right out and gets a motel room and leaves messages on the woman’s answering machine quite blatantly.

In defense of the movie, it’s a pretty decent adaptation and where is strays from the book, only make the movie stronger. The action flows really well, and he does a good job of hooking the reader into the story. I didn’t think Perrotta would have the necessary space electioj make me warm to the substantial changes in his brief, original story.

When I first read electiion book I was Mr.

Election by Tom Perrotta | : Books

As Winwood High experiences election fever, Mr. To ask bby readers questions about Electionplease sign up. Excellent portrayal of high school from an adult and young adult perspective. Jul 12, David rated it it was amazing.

It is a black comedy about a high school history teacher who attempts to sabotage a manipulative, overly-ambitious girl’s campaign to become school president. He keeps it fresh, refusing to repeat the same scenario through different voices, a problem that several authors encounter when they try to switch up the narrators.

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