Drugs, felony charges, even jail couldn’t stop him Electroconvulsive therapy did. A manic memoir by Andy Behrman. Andy Behrman wrote Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania while convalescing from four months of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) that effectively. This is a two-part series where I explore the inner-world of Electroboy, Andy Behrman. Mr. Behrman speaks openly about bipolar disorder.

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Andy Behrman – Wikipedia

Certain parts made me absolutely cringe. From my balcony, I see a man walking his cocker spaniel. Andy really did a great job structuring his novel.

I feel the book was a bit to oddly structured for others to enjoy the novel. Then it got real and watching Behrman trip, fumble, sprawl and crawl became a bit painful. He runs and works at various PR agencies—very successfully, in fact—launching and enhancing the careers of a while slew of awful people.

But I got the feeling culpability or conscience weren’t necessarily things of importance to him, regardless of mental health.

The Shocking Tale of Andy Behrman

The grand opening of Kostabi World, an enormous three-storey warehouse facility on West 38th Street takes place in November with a huge press party for about 1, invited guests.


When it’s all done, I’m exhausted. A Memoir of Mania which was published by Random House in And at the same time, cycling back and forth from mania to depression. Along the way, it shows us the New York that never sleeps: I’m not worried what the doorman thinks.

Andy Behrman brilliantly captures the mania part of his bipolar life. Tell us when you first noticed mood changes in your daughter. I really prefer to keep moving, and the stopover makes me anxious.

I realize that this sort of disorganization of the narrator was reflecting the underlying condition that Mr.

This genre tends to not appeal to me, since nonfiction can be very dry and hard to read. I believe what he wrote. I take all the pills at all the right times.

Behrman was eledtro a spokesman for Bristol Myers Squibb until he publicly criticized them for their marketing techniques and made a YouTube video titled, “Abilify Kills. For years Andy Behrman hid his raging mania behind a larger-than-life personality. He leaves big holes in his “timeline,” which normally would bother me.


Jun 04, Kristine Mckenna rated it liked it.

Not all people with Ment This started out reading like a non-homicidal American Psycho and I enjoyed it. Dec 18, David Koblos rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was all very hard to stomach, and very hard to enjoy.

Continue to part two of the interview with “Electroboy,” Andy Behrman. I understand why other readers were disgusted with the author but the reality is that Mental Illness strikes you no matter who you are, what you do, what you were born into or how you go about living your life.

I need to find him. Everything I can get my hands on: Still I’m glad I read it. Back then, I thought they were all right. Aug 11, Kateb rated it really liked it. Electroboy is currently being made into a major motion picture.

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