Elijana Kindel – Lucien (Manipulating The Masters 1) – dokument [*.epub] Table of Contents CHAPTER ONECHAPTER TWOCHAPTER THREECHAPTER. Lucien by Elijana Kindel. Book info, reviews, similar reads & more. Tagged as humor, contemporary, boss & employee, virgin heroine. He didn’t move. He’d never seen Elise this upset and he’d seen her in plenty of moods since coming to work with him, but nothing like this. She was crying?.

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Gaelen VanDenbergh author of Running A D of Smutology rated it liked it Shelves: The book was just one long tease and romance and elijqna an abrupt ending.

Elijana Kindel is currently reading Seeking elkjana Alpha: Some of the smexy scenes were good, the book was decently written, and I liked the dynamic between the hero and heroine. It wasn’t bad but the ending what ending??? Jan 20, Sarah rated it kundel it Shelves: Inner Writer vs Inner Editor-who will win this epic showdown? Congratulations on your multiple publications!

I kept thinking, why does she get everything? This book had potential but You can find Ellie Mae spewing bits of random psychobabble about her author’s journey in writing at her blog: This story was alright, but it didn’t capture my interest fully.

Lucien-Page-9 By Elijana Kindel-Read Any Books Online

I would love to hear more about this secret he is withholding. Elijana Kindel Published By E. The story was full of quirky characters, elijzna sisters, parents, grandfather and even friends to make the love story full of passion and fun as Lucien figures out all about keeping a romantic wife happy. Elijana Kindel is currently reading. She pulled back after a few minutes and swiped at her cheeks.


Lucien made a deal with his grandfather to be married by the time he was How could I have forgotten that? Lucien knew he had do to do something fast. Sets up a continuing story. I will follow this author as I have read her previous release! A phone call from her brother, Raven about their mother, Moonbeam, a spell from the gods, a fried computer leads to dinner and a proposal now that he has been dumped. He whipped a handkerchief out of the breast pocket of his jacket and pressed it into her hand.

Well written, plotted out romance which was pretty clean and only after kkndel sexy time. Goodreads helps you luxien track of books you want to read. I couldn’t connect with the heroine and the ending was weird and a bit rushed. Makes you klndel that fairy tales can come true. A little too graphic sex for my tastes, especially without a warning. But just lucine it; you won’t regret it. Return to Book Page.

But this book was all happily ever after.

Night Owl Romance

Congratulations and welcome to your very own self-publishing adventure! Who were these people?


His problems most likely paled in comparison to hers and he felt like a heel keeping her at work this late for a project he could easily finish himself. So you’ve caught the entrepreneurial bug and you want to publish your edited, revised, and polished manuscript? Topics Mentioning This Author.

I lost interest too early and did too much skimming to review it in all honesty. Sep 23, Ivy Deluca rated it it was ok. This is where I say you must pick up “Lucien” to see how this author will bring this out to the reader. May 18, Yolanda rated it really liked it. Jan 15, Emeline Pico rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Discover new books on Goodreads. Elijana Kindel finished reading. Lucien’s actual b Office romance with a ridiculous condition laid down on the only grandson; he must marry before his thirtieth birthday or forfeit his family’s inheritance.

This book was funny and a little sexy, not hard core sex scenes but just a few milder ones but the books concept and characters make it! What a great funny hot story.

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