An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into. Elisabeth Haich. INITIATION. AUTHOR’S NOTE. It is far from my intentions to want to provide a historical picture of Egypt. A person who is living in any given. Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of.

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A moment later she said good night and left. Everybody was strange to me Now I suggested to the hxich that we make a ‘pact of eternal friendship’.

Elisabeth Haich

Mother comes elisabetth and begins to talk to father. He advised my mother to bathe my hands in lukewarm water, each time she trimmed my nails, letting me splash around in the water for a while. Nov 05, Rachel Shadday rated it it was amazing. I was always angry when I felt helplessly unable to prove something that I knew for sure. They had a train that ran on a track, a little printing press, and a magic lantern.

Elisabeth Haich

Mother called me several times in succession; then I heard hhaich hurrying after me. But finally I fell asleep. I want to seize them, but they disappear again immediately He answered very sweetly that I should now be listening to him, not to the lamp.


So how could it be possible naich this adult to see my desperation, my pain, my crying: Many of my own past life and current life questions were answered. After Grete and I had said good night, Uncle Stefi took me on to his back and carried me that way into the bedroom.

Finally I decided that the magnet surely must love the pins and needles the way my mother loved us children. I found this sinister being very repugnant and hoped that Sophie would take me away as fast as possible. One of the first books I read about metaphysics that opened me powerfully into my work.

It was described by her followers mentioned in the introductions to her book as visible in her gaze: God-Man — This Is Possible! My other grandmother was a most interesting lady.

Thus with mother’s express permission—and assistance! She stood up and we all went out. But what is the sense of being happy if destiny is, inexorably, going to take this gift away from us some day? Electricity was just as much electricity thousands of years ago as it is today, and an atom was an atom, simply by a different name.

It would be so valuable for us eoisabeth learn your attitude towards life and how you reacted toward your fate so as to develop your spiritual horizon to such an ail-inclusively great extent.

Elisabeth Haich – Wikipedia

The next winter I awoke once in the middle of the night. What did this all mean? I pick it up and start to look searchingly at the many mysterious black letters on the white paper. Children, come here quickly.



First I read all the tragedies, one after the other, living in a state of deep emotional turmoil. Sophie picked me up, crooked an arm about me and carried me to the garden fence where a horrible apparition rose up out of the darkness.

This book is not some grand shortcut. Because to slisabeth everything, simultaneously means to be nothing. At the bottom of the letter I wrote ‘I kiss your hand’ and my name. Only I could not understand why he acted as if he had never seen me before in his life.

But still they were fairy tales and I wanted to know them.

And later there came a time when mother put elusabeth straw hat on my head and helped me slip into a light coat. In her journey she unlocks truths about science, math, yoga, religion, history, alchemy, peace, and so much more.

Her deep blue eyes were surprisingly big, and her long dark brown eye lashes gave them a remarkable expression.

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