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The Palestinians have the widespread support of a billion Muslims. Just because history ed to be in Israel’s favor, and not in the favor of the Palestinian Arabs the word used to refer to one of many ethnicities who lived there, and Jews were actually the first Palestinians – by about years or some of the 59 Muslim nations that cannot tolerate a tiny Jewish nation does not make Some of these reviews inaccurately call this book “biased”, which confuses me.

Is this fair or just? Dsrshowitz book is divided into 32 arguments made against Israel, refuted by the author.

For more information, please consult the Jewish Book Fair site. On that basis alone, I would have given it two stars, but the relevant chapters on the double standard, and the so-called “self-hating jew” not Dershowitz’ words, or mine problem ixrael unique and convincing enough that I consider this as three stars.

Interestingly the viciousness spat out by Isreal-haters about this bookin the reviews here that are against the book, simply strenghthen the case about just how murderous in their hatethe loathsome enemies of Israel are. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. Yeshiva University High School. Accusation, Reality, followed xlan proof. His book on ten incidents of injustice from the Book of Genesis was horrible in most every way. Dershowitz cites his sources and presents a compelling case for the existence and dershowtiz of the state of Isdael.

Israel has some of the most human rights friendly decisions from its Supreme Court in the past 15 years, restricting the right of Israeli soldiers to use any physical means to interrogate, destroy houses harboring terrorists, and strict rules of engagement.

He is not an uncritical supporter, and I can’t agree with some of his foundational assumptions, but his book is heartily recommended. You can examine and separate out names. Dwrshowitz, in this work, makes clear the facts that have been obscured and twisted around degrees.


The Case for Israel

Jan 17, Ray rated it really liked it. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about the historical origins and facts behind the Arab-Israeli conflict. So why does Dershowitz act as if that is an argument that must be dealt with? Its bestseller status probably should include an asterisk because, as Finkelstein notes, some American Jewish organizations and the Israeli government bought bulk orders of the book to use as part of their efforts to advance Israel’s case.

Em Defesa de Israel Pdf Download

What I found most helpful is ddefesa appendix where he states what are legitimate disagreements about Israeli policy and what constitutes closet anti-Semi Of course the author has his biases.

Overall, I compare the book a bit to Fox Akan. As someone who had spent time in Palestine and Israel mostly PalestineI received this book with an open mind, interested to learn more about the “other side” and find out more about the thought processes of people who had different opinions and experiences than I did. Harvard Book StoreWednesday, November 6, at 6pm. He cites verbatim the allegations of his opponents – on Israel’s ‘racism’, its ‘unlawful’ attitude to Palestinians, its ‘persistent occupation of conquered territory’ – then addresses them with references, dates, alaj and names.

I believe Dershowitz is justifiably beyond passionate about the subject matter here, and this clouds his legal thinking a bit. What I did not know was that peace has been offered many times by the Israelis is exchange for the West Bank dershlwitz Gaza, which, in my opinion, overshadows the settlements which could be avoided.

Granted, the book is biased toward Israel as you would alann but the author is at the top of his game with his arguments. I studied the Israel-Palestinian issue during college and I learned a few things reading this book.

It is sad that a book has had to be written to defend Israel’s right to exist, but sadly that’s the world we live in now. These were more fun to read, although he should stop with the vacuous embellishments: You are assisting those who are once again targeting babies, childrendershowiyz and the elderly just because they are Jewish.

After reading this book, this is now my view.

Alan M. Dershowitz | LibraryThing

Dershowitz is attempting to acquit Israel the same way he got O. Some of the quotes and points made were taken wildly out of context, which is not persuasive even for someone who wants to believe the point. Kristoffer I have read this book, and cannot understand how you choose to label this as racist, as it clearly it not? It may sound like fence-riding, but I think Dershowitz understands it.


Aug 15, Jill Hutchinson rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a waste of time.

: Alan Dershowitz: Books

I would recommend this book to any person who is looking to enhance their knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict, or looking to get the Israeli side of it. Yet these other ‘underdogs’ recieve little support from those who champion the Palestinians” The ‘Palestinian’ terrorist onslaught against the Jewish people in Israel, is every bit as cruel and relentless as that of the Nazis against the Jewish people in Europe 60 years ago.

Sep 05, William rated it did not like it Shelves: If only those who opposed Israel showed a quarter of the respect for Dershowitz does for detail and documenatation, their case would be stronger although I suspect they would have to abandon too many cherished prejudices to do it.

His newest book, Taking the Stand: To say nothing of the fact that among his ideological adversaries throughout the book are Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky, two people who, if anything, are well read and exponentially more informed about the subject matter than Dersowitz For example, Israel is accused of conducting tough interrogations on suspected terrorists, but actually, Dershowtiz claims, the U.

In discussing atrocities, Dershowitz shows his bias by writing that Deir Yassin was an isolated incident and not normal for Jewish forces while also underplaying the details of the event itself despite Deir Yassin being typical of a list of such atrocities, while stating that Kfar Etzion was “typical” of Arab actions, which it most definitely was not.

The questions chapters range from “Has Israel engaged in genocide against Palestinian civilians” ek “Have the Jews Exploited the Holocaust”.

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