EMAKO BLUE is a strong second novel for Brenda Woods and a worthy follow-up to her award-winning debut, THE RED ROSE BOX. Emako is. The Paperback of the Emako Blue by Brenda Woods at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Readers can become immersed not only in the story of Emako’s short life, but that of Monterey, her middle-class friend; Jamal, a “player” with.

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The ema,o viewpoints create interesting perspectives on the story, but with so little space devoted to each speaker, characterizations sometimes feel superficial. But, because of how much emotions are shown from the reader you can tell that there is a lot to get out of this book.

But,when you read the rest and get to know her story,and what happened before her death,its even sadder,because you get to know her,and then you miss her.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Emako is a girl who is very smart and did not deserve to die.

Emako had other problems at home like gang activity around her neighborhood which she got shot by and died at 15 years old and she had finicial problems at home. This book was so sad.


Nov 30, Dmako added it. With spare prose and ghetto slang, Woods targets her characters with pinpoint emotional accuracy, giving each a reality that emmako reach a diverse population of young readers. She was sought out by record producers and appeared blus be destined for greatness. Emako had a crush named Jamal and he loved her with a passion, and she was the only one that saw through his player act. This is a story of teenagers dealing with the death of one glue their classmates.


I was interesting in so many ways and I got so attach to all the characters that at then end it felt like I knew exactly how they all felt. Monterey, Eddie and Jamal are her friends. I thought it was sad at the end, through the book they would give hints of how she went to another place. Why do such disproportionate numbers of young urban males become members of gangs, obtain firearms, and end up murdering each other and innocent bystanders on a daily basis?

Normally, I find books WoooooWwwwwww. The reader doesn’t know how to feel some of the time, if there is something sad because your still getting through what just happened.

Oct 24, Sasha Gordon rated it it was amazing. Even though you don’t need any advance reading skills to read this book it didn’t feel basic it all since it was so entertaining. She was Savannah’s rival, th Emako Blue was supposed to be a star.

And eemako people who were driving by had shooting at Donte, but the bullet hit Emako instead.

Booklist Review

She was the one who understood the burden of Eddie’s family. Normally, I find books with numerous POV to be annoying, especially if the author doesn’t do it right but thank God Ms. There are huge problems with not even the president wanting to face. Her friends describe her as beautiful. The different point of views added a lot of suspense also.


Want to Read saving…. In fact, the only obscenity here is that Brenda Woods can write such a heartbreaking story and have it ring so utterly true in America. Life lessons are told in this story, same as stories that were suppose to be fake. Savannah is the miserable rich girl, creating drama in hopes of gaining the attention she’s denied at home.

Eddie–one of several characters with an older sibling behind bars–is desperately clawing his way through high school in hopes of fleeing to a college Anywhere Else in order to escape the fate that awaits so many young brothers who remain behind. Was very sad but kept you hooked. Jul 10, Mrs. Overal I would recomend this book to some else since it is just one of those books that will never bore you.

Emako Blue by Brenda Woods

Their names are Emako,Monterey,Eddie,and Jamal. Monterey has gained the confidence to go into a arelationship with a boy named Eddie.

Nov 10, Adrianna Paulette rated it really liked it. I had to read this for work, and I think it’s a good book for its time, but overall I felt like it was kind of too “scripted.

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