Emilia Hazelip was a Catalan organic gardener and pioneer of the concept of synergistic gardening. Her farming methods were inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka. I have just finished a week volunteering with Elena in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Our main focus was in the vegetable gardens. Elena follows Emilia. Emilia Hazelip was a Catalan born organic gardener who pioneered the concept of synergistic gardening. The video on no-till synergistic.

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Slugs were sort of a problem, but in the future I hope to encourage more slug predators by having a small pond near emiliaa garden, ensuring habitats for toads and other slug-eaters. One was using soil on top of the bed, no straw. Fukuoka didn’t write very much about his kitchen garden, but I get the general impression that he used traditional Japanese methods in it, despite the semi-wild vegetables available from the understory of his orchards.

I have more garlic on order due to arrive soon. Since I am on hazellip up I will try and get some photos uploaded some how today.

Synergistic Agriculture utilizes the natural fertility of the soil and maintains that fertility permanently, through natural processes rather than human intervention.

By overcasting, I mean I distributed more seeds then is recommended. I think Emilia put them under the straw. Integral PermaCulture group in FB. In my experience you can direct seed by: OK, coming back to this subject for a few more questions I’m still mystified by this direct sowing bit. There are a few logical sowing methods that I observed like salad hazellip taking up most of the edges for ease of regular picking and some larger rooted plants in the higher positions with more soil below.

The path is also a place for the meilia to temporarily drain into. I helped her do her yearly irrigation system check, her yearly weed by chopping at the base of the stemyes once a year, and the rest of the hszelip we were scattering seeds. I think perhaps the rods criscrossed over hwzelip mulch were to allow the gardener to lean out over the bed without compacting it.


Permaculture magazine, synergistic growing. I have a couple of other friends who have gone in this direction.

Agricoltura sinergica. Le origini, l’esperienza, la pratica : Emilia Hazelip :

Mulch also conserves moisture by slowing direct evaporation. I haven’t noticed us disagreeing. Another friend hazzelip it on a smaller scale in his backyard, he had somewhat clay soil, and this photo shows his beds halfway-through making them left if finished, middle ready for mulch, right one just dug: You are welcome to talk about religion all you want. Another thing to watch out for is the trenches drying out.


This prevented my legs from rubbing against the exposed dirt in the trenches and also gave a wonderful place for drainage. I also followed her information on the Fukuoka website for more detailed information. Integral PermaCulture Manual under construction to search this site: You can go for politicians throats but not those of rthe religiouse.

This is the only time any kind of chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, etc is used at all. I have only had the pleasure of reading his words, and take them as written, and don’t know what was play and what was otherwise.

I spent a month keeping daisy and borage seedlings from getting covered up — but in the end they got swamped by the oregano Yes, I have the ability to split a thread. Fight for this tiny ad! Just what one doesn’t do is as important as what one does do.

Well, I have her videos on my computer for reference since it is how I made my vegetable beds for this winter and next year.


Emilia Hazelip, who introduced the concept of permaculture to France over a decade ago, drew on many sources as she continued to develop gardens. The path area, is just that, a path; and not a place for growing anything. Without permanent agriculture their is no possibility of a stable social order”. I would like to ask folks to just keep their remarks on topic to make sure that their on topic stuff doesn’t get deleted in the future.

I read [Fukuoka] entirely differently! I have had rufous-sided towhee’s forest edge, ground foraging passarine working the grass clippings for bugs I am only writing with certainty because it is how I am raising my stuff.

I imagine necessary in the med. Thanks all about the soaker hose. Uhh about the sowing and building the beds. It is a fair bit of work.

I say the essential difference between them was that he made his living on field and orchard crops, while she was a market gardener. I go out on slug patrols nightly. Where I’m at, they need to be checked at least every other day.

emiliaa Alison Freeth-Thomas “heninfrance” wrote: Can you tell us about it. Similarly sown seedlings get devoured quickly and are harder to protect then a transplant. Emilia Hazelip – February 1, was an organic Permaculture gardener who was born in Spain and began gardening seriously in the late ’60s.

This consumes a lot of stored calories, emjlia many weed seeds simply aren’t large enough to supply so much. The deeper the trench, the better. Establish a partnership with beneficials to protect crops. Does the soil wash off the beds in the winter rains?

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