This began more than 20 years ago with the shipborne. EMPAR radar installed on the French/Italian Destroyers. (Horizon) and Italian Aircraft Carrier (Cavour). KRONOS MFRA is multifunctional radar based on advanced. Active Electronically radar EMPAR installed on the French/Italian Destroyers. ( Horizon) and. Empar is a C-band multi-function radar, used onboard PAAMS equipped Horizon frigates, in France and Italy, and with SAAM on the Italian carrier.

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It is capable of tracking aircraft or smaller targets such as missiles.

The second launch was realized using the EMPAR radar system integrated into the combat management system of the Cavour aircraft carrier. The first launch was made in autonomous configuration, not integrated with the ship combat system, and achieved the shooting down of the radio target MIRACH.

The radar offers full volumetric search coverage, low altitude and surface search, the tracking of multiple targets, and the capability to uplink information for missile guidance.

It is designed to be the principal radar system aboard naval vessels of medium and large sizes. The company is now working on the integration of the combat system for the Ghannatha class ships and is also manufacturing the combat system for six Baynunah class corvettes for the United Arab Emirates Navy.

European Multifunction Phased Array Radar — Wikipédia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The target was intercepted in less of 50 centimeters of distance, allowing the management system to recognize the threat and allow its neutralization. EMPAR continuously analyses the data it receives and will automatically adapt the frequency and waveform it is using as necessary. As with all phased array radars it is difficult to jam or interfere with and can work in the presence of intense clutter.


Military Radar – Bundle of 6 reports Published: The EMPAR was able to intercept, track and allow the threat neutralization, respecting the mission timing.

The system employs a single narrow beam for transmission, plus multiple beams for reception. Views Read Edit View history. This capability is important to ardar defence systems given the great speed of modern anti ship missiles such as the P Moskit or Brahmos.

The company will also mepar responsible for the functional integration of the combat system. This page was last edited on 9 Mayat The decision by the United Arab Emirates to pick KRONOS represents a great international sales success for this type of radar, which has many competitive advantages over its rivals in the same class. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A similar supply will equip two new stealth patrols for the Falaj 2 programme, following a contract signed in January SELEX Sistemi Integrati is at the fore-front in the development, production and supply of integrated combat systems, combat management systems, command and control systems, target control systems, radar and electro-optical sensors, simulation and training systems.

Retrieved from ” https: Other onboard navigation equipments and systems used for information exchange onboard are again managed by the CMS of the Finmeccanica company.

SSI is not new in Qatar, where, the Finmeccanica company, following a contract dated for million Euros, is developing a wide supply for the NDIA airport, thanks to its turn-key airport solutions as well.


Archived from the original on 7 August Retrieved 30 July It is operational thanks to functionalities as the navigation support, automatic local and force threat evaluation, surface and air threats empr, air traffic control, tactical picture management through the integration of the information provided by the onboard sensors and by the tactical links elements.

SSI is very active in the Middle East area.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati at “DIMDEX 2010”

The CMS, recently and successfully tested on shore, is a rasar system among the most complex in the European scenario, with a high usage flexibility. EMPAR’s principal function is 3D volumetric air search, providing a bearing, range and altitude for air traffic out to ranges of miles.

Broadcast engineering Defence companies of Italy Sea radars. Subscribe to our free newsletters.

Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance » European Multifunction Phased Array Radar (EMPAR)

It thus provides the simultaneous monitoring of an entire hemisphere. The second launch was particularly important because it involved the whole Cavour combat management system, qualifying the integrated capabilities to intercept, track and neutralize a target through the onboard sensors.

The system therefore provides an almost continuous degree view, [2] in contrast to earlier rotating radar systems which often took ten seconds or more to sweep the sky.

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