En busca de Spinoza: neurobiología de la emoción y los sentimientos (Imago Mundi) | Antonio R. Damasio, Joandomènec Ros | ISBN: Find En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Looking for Spinoza has ratings and reviews. In Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain Antonio Damasio uses neurological and.

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Dmasio himself provides a hint as to how this might be done.

I found this book to be interesting, applicable to clinical psychology, and, for the most part, easy to read. Unfortunately, for a man whose major life events consisted of excommunication, writing philosophy and grinding lenses until he died, there is Looking for Spinoza is essentially two books wishing it could be one. It rewarded me in several ways, first by extending my understanding of how emotions as a biological concept are continuous with feelings as a conscious, mental phenomenon, and second by providing a guided, personal investigation into the life of Bento-Baruch-Benedict Spinoza.

The first half covers the neurobiology of emotional life. Of particular interest to me was when Damasio indicated that problems in the environment prompt self-preserving behavior.

En Busca De Spinoza

A section that I also enjoyed reading and find sspinoza to my work as a clinician is that of joy and sorrow. The neuroscientist Antonio Damasio writes pleasant, elegant prose. No puede tampoco decirse que Spinoza haya sido una per Es un trabajo serio y por eso le doy 3. I think few people in the western tradition, antonik with the obvious exceptions, would deny Damasio’s outline of how consciousness came about. I liked this book but found some parts vamasio to read. Los sentimientos son percepciones.

The low point came with the rather absurd s If you buy the Enlightenment belief that scientific truth can be obtained and man made better for it, then take my review with a grain of salt. One branch of organisms were most successful with the development of sensitivities to the outside world-seeing, hearing, touch-that combined with increasing mobility, allowed them to flee predation and find nourishment.

Published Ve 1st by Mariner Books first published However, on a more psychodynamic note, it makes me think about how personality becomes engrained, especially in the case of individuals with personality disorders.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Leading neuroscientist Antonio Damasio—whose earlier books explore rational behavior and the notion of the self—rediscovers a man whose work ran counter to all the thinking of his day, pairing Spinoza’s insights with his own innovative scientific research to help us understand what we’re made of, and what we’re here for.

It appears that Damasio wanted to write on what interested him about Spinoza, but didn’t have enough to fill a whole book. Locke, Hume, Leibniz, and Kant apparently studied the Ethics – but were fearful of acknowledging its influence on them.

Spinoza is one of the most underrated philosophers in history, and is an important philosopher for neuroscientists. In fact, the theory is a standard chestnut of psychology textbooks, a staple of old-style behaviorist psychology, with its emphasis on outer behavior at the expense of inner feeling.

As I get older smileI love it when science and philosophy get personal.

En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio

Aug 28, Xavier Alexandre antonoo it it was amazing Shelves: They seem antonioo form a bridge between the sensory and motor systems. Gevoel is een reflectie van de staat van het lichaam, emoties zijn complexen van gevoelens, het rationeel denken er over.

Many clients seek therapy for problems they have related to attachment or interpersonal skills. Suppose I am delighted that my son has become a doctor. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Por isso eu gostei do livro. Lists with This Book. Want to Read saving…. He’s able rn tie together very complex thing into understandable words. It makes good evolutionary sense. Emotions, whether conscious or not, are what motivates animal behavior. As anyone even remotely familiar with this topic is aware, what Damasio presents here is known as the ”James-Lange” theory of emotion, after the two psychologists, William James and Carl G.

No puede tampoco decirse que Spinoza haya sido una persona que haya ido avanzando por la vida teniendo en cuenta las normas de antonip tiempo. As far as the two chapters on Spinoza are concerned, they may be the most interesting part of the book in spite of their brevity.

Feb 15, Charles Daney rated it liked it Shelves: Essa paz apesar de. Algunas de las cosas que dice el libro: Temperamentally he was reclusive, yet congenial with others in his limited social sphere.


Damasio says that emotions are instinctual reactions that all animals have as a way of coping with environmental stimuli. To ask other readers questions about Looking for Sspinozaplease sign up. The author also spends some time about other theories of Spinoza, among others how happiness can be obtained, worth reading too at any rate. In the seventeenth century, the philosopher Spinoza devoted much of his life’s work examining how these emotions supported human survival, yet hundreds of ed later the biological roots of what we feel remain a mystery.

Looking for Spinoza is essentially two books wishing it could be one. What are the first two books in the trilogy? But the object of my delight is not my body; it is my son’s success. atnonio

Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain by António R. Damásio

I liked his style of writing, was entertained with his fascination with Spinoza, and inspired by his passion for neuroscience. The fact, cited by Damasio, that a bodily fear response can precede a conscious feeling of fear does not show that once the feeling is present it has no causal control over behavior — and it clearly does, as with fleeing and hiding.

The sciences since the Enlightenment have come to the problem from the side of the body and many in that community have dealt with it by ne collapsing the mind into the body, claiming that with enough time, research will eliminate mind musings with complex neural mappings. Not once does Damasio refer to it by this name, and he makes only very cursory reference to James’s version of the theory.

Can get a bit too buscz and sciencey, also the writing isn’t as fluid as others Perhaps there’s a lot of “feelings of sipnoza in the writing style which clouds the sentence syntax: Damasio has a lot to say about emotions and the structure of the brain, some of it exhaustingly deta Inspired by Descartes’ Errorand interested in a neurologist’s interest in philosophers, I sought out Looking dee Spinoza.

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