He described the Ginkgo in his work “Amoenitatum Exoticarum” (Lemgo, ). It is assumed that Kaempfer saw a Ginkgo tree for the first time in his life in Nagasaki in February Later Kaempfer brought Ginkgo-seeds to Holland. KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT, German physician and traveler to Russia, the Orient, and the Far East (b. Lemgo, Westphalia, 16 September ;. English: Engelbert Kaempfer (September 16, – November 2, ), a German naturalist and physician is known for his tour of Russia.

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He had clearly intended to provide a description of his travels that would provide more detailed information than those already furnished by engelberh predecessors. In he “settled” on an estate near his hometown intending to write about his travels. Travels of Discovery and Observation In he departed on a trip via Moscow to the court of kwempfer Shah of Kaempfet with a Swedish delegation.

Henrici Wilhelmi Meyeri, Kaempfer was born at Lemgo in the principality of LippeWestphalia. Dictionary of Scientific Biography. However, he and Chardin have been severely criticized by Cornelis de Bruijn for their allegedly inaccurate kaemmpfer and drawings see DE BRUIJNthough de Bruijn fails to mention that he himself had stayed there nearly three months November to the end of January and, as a learned artist, had drawn all the structures directly from nature as Kaempfer had doneand that he had a better engraver than Kaempfer.

European Travelers on the Iranian Monuments: Part 1 Kaempfer Part 1 2. As early asthe Philosophical Transactions No. Sir Hans Sloane acquired Kaempfer’s papers and had the manuscript account of his travels in Japan translated into English and published under the title, History of Japan.


At that time all foreigners had to stay on a very small island called Deshima, which was connected to the city of Nagasaki with a well garded bridge. Even though the Shogunate government at the time was bent on not allowing any enhelbert on Japan to reach foreigners it was strictly forbidden to make sketches on any military kwempfer other important buildingsKaempfer made drawings to which he added the descriptions in Arabic and got away with it.

The Japanese, however, had great respect for and curiosity about European physicians. No exhibits of his collection have remained in Lemgo.

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Based on his experience since childhood he was able to judge things for what they were and his original notes were not influenced by religious thinking prevalent at the time. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat In spite of fever caught at Bander Abbasihe saw something of Arabia visiting Muscat in and many of the western coastlands of India. It was subsequently acquired by Sir Hans Kaepfer in London, himself an important and famous scientist and collector of literature on science and discoveries.

He then joined the Dutch East Indian Company and went via India to Batavia in Indonesia where he studied all available sources on Japan, which was then basically closed to the outside world.

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Engelbert Kaempfer – a biography

After his death in all the material kaempfre collected and his preparatory work for publication went to his nephew, who due to financial constraints had to sell all the manuscripts and collection. Slightly altered, it is also incorporated as part three in the Amoenitates Amoenitates, pp. From Shemakha in Shirvanhe made an expedition to the Baku peninsulabeing perhaps fngelbert first modern scientist to visit the ‘fields of eternal fire’ around Baku.


In he got his chance to go to Japan where he stayed in Nagasaki until keampfer Kaempfer was sent through Russia to Persia. He returned to Lemgo in Upon my arrival he was appointed to wait on me as my servant, and at the same time to be instructed by me in Physick medicine and surgery.

Views View Edit History. Kaempfer’s young helper quickly learned Dutch and Kaempfer learned Japanese. His manuscripts and collected objects was bought by Sir Hans Sloane, a collector and author. The diplomatic aim of the Swedish legation in Isfahan brought Kaempfer to the court, engeobert he could observe Persian customs, manners, and rituals.

Index search for “Kaempfer” on Internet available at http: The fruits of this travel are detailed descriptions of various sites in the second part of the Amoenitates: In he married and he had three children, all of whom died in their infancy. Its ports were closed to trade with foreign countries. Foreigners were not allowed to leave Deshima on the pain of death except for special engelber.

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