Ninḫursaĝ, also known as Damgalnuna or Ninmah, was the ancient Sumerian mother goddess Uttu, on her ancestress Ninhursag’s advice buried Enki’s seed in the earth, whereupon eight plants (the very first) sprung up. Enki, seeing the. Enki (Ea), along with An and Enlil, form the triad of gods at the heart . As the story Enki and Ninmah starts, trouble is brewing among the gods. The Sumerian myth Enki and Ninhursag tells the story of the . In the myth of Enki and Ninmah, Ninhursag begins on equal footing with the god.

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Siren based on John C. Not knowing her to be his daughter, and because she reminds him of his absent consort, Enki then seduces and has intercourse with her. Her head covered, she performed the midwifery. University of Pennsylvania Press. The Deluge’s Coming Again. In his character, he prefers persuasion an conflict, which he seeks to avoid if possible.

Uttu, on her ehki Ninhursag’s advice buried Enki’s seed in the earth, whereupon eight plants the very first sprung up.

Not all the names of the mother ninmau can be enumerated here. Some scholars remain skeptical of the theory while explaining how it might have been misinterpreted.


After the lord had proclaimed his greatness, after the great prince had eulogised himself, the Anuna gods stood there in prayer and supplication:. However, her most frequently attested name is Nintur. But Ninmah bore Enki a daughter, then, immediately, another daughter. I, the lord who determines the fates…. She is the tutelary deity to several Sumerian leaders.

Enki and Ninmah: translation

njnmah NinsarNinkurraUttuNinti. A third time Enki succumbs to temptation, and attempts seduction of Uttu. When he insisted on enkki impregnating her, “Ninmah against Enki a curse uttered, whatever food he ate was poison in his innards Enlil bred his lineage on Earth with his wife, Sud. Email will not be published required. The Kur is described as defending itself using a storm of hailstones of all sizes and by attacking Enki using the waters beneath the boat.

Enki and Ninmah: translation

Enki looked at the man who could not bend his outstretched weak hands, and decreed his fate: Create lullu-man, let him bear the yoke. The subsequent tale, with similarities to the Biblical story of the forbidden fruit, repeats the story of how fresh water brings life to a barren land. She “saved her life by offering to marry him.

Impose on him the work of carrying baskets. Enki, seeing the plants, ate them, and became ill in eight organs of his body.


At the destined [moment], they called the tenth month. Generally, however, Enki seems to be a reflection of pre-patriarchal times, in which relations between the sexes were characterised by a situation of greater gender equality.

Retrieved from ” https: It is believed to remain today as the sacred pool at Mosquesor as the holy water font in Catholic or Eastern Orthodox churches. His grandson Enki, chosen to represent the younger gods, puts a spell on Abzu “casting him into a deep sleep”, thereby confining him deep underground.

Come, now I will fashion somebody for you, and you must decree the fate of the newborn one! My mother, after you have decreed his fate, let Ninmah impose on him the work of carrying baskets.

Over the following 4, years, the temple was expanded 18 times, until nonmah was abandoned during the Persian period.

A Structural and Lexical Study”.

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