Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Ensoniq SQ-1 synthesizer. This Manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by ENSONIQ Corp. • ENSONIQ, SQ-R, SQ-1, VFX, VFXSD, Transwave, EPS, Smart Transmit and. This page contains information about manuals for the SQ-1 from Ensoniq Corporation.

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It has the “battery voltage low Rubber Chicken Software Co.

Additional synth courtesy of the Ensoniq ESQ1. This gives you a wide array of different sonic elements manuak your fingertips! ESQ-1 patches – ucsd. Although the waveforms are digital in nature, the filters are all analog as on the Mirage. Provides info, forum and downloads for the TS Mirage Double-Sided Disk Conversion.

Some links work in this archive but some don’t. Oscillators – 3 digital oscillators per voice, 32 waveforms. ESQ-1 sequencer data format specification. Triples the TS or TS’s sequencer event count from 30, to 97, events. Memory – 40 patches.

Now a new revised site endoniq check it out. Don Slepian presents a stereo Mirage mod for the Mirage sampler. A great ensonniq for users of the Ensoniq Paris audio system with news, bug info, chat and pretty much anything pertaining to Paris. Plus there are other tools to download. I’ve just recently replaced Also Ensoniq manuals are available. The ESQ-M pictured above is a rack-mount version released in which is identical to the ESQ-1 except that it excludes the on-board sequencer option.


Control – MIDI 8-parts. German and English language options are available. Their patches come with a money back guarantee!!

Here is an archived site where Mike once provided his original TS10 patches with documentation describing each of the sounds. Technical info and a Linux assembler for hacking the Mirage.

It can store up to 24, notes in 30 sequences and 10 songs via battery back-up. Provides tips and tricks for the Ensoniq MR workstations.

Various Ensoniq Files – synthzone. ASR – Doxx Links. This is eensoniq result of some very diligent reverse engineering. Demo version EDE will write. I’ve done some thorough research and am clear manusl what A support site fo the Fizmo with patches, articles and MP3 demos of the Fizmo’s sound. Zicweb’s Archive – Various synths. Offer some info plus patches to download for the Fizmo. Fizmo Group – Yahoo.

The official corporate site is now combined with Emu. Then there’s its built-in sequencer. Archive of Scott Hansen’s ASR-X resource site with info, streaming audio demos, files and links to other electronic music resources. I have a ‘plastic’ model.


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An easy way to edit your Mirage. Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming. An alternative OS for the Mirage with added features. There are 40 preset sounds which are the usual not-so-great sounds.

Mirage – Leigh Smith.

Ensoniq Corporation – SQ-1 Plus – Owner’s Manual

Archive of a past website with hints, tips and documentation. Date Produced – – Keyboard – 61 note velocity.

Upon further inspection, I nanual that Sequencing, effects and automation using the RS Michael Batterman’s pages with samples to download as well as tips and tricks.

Using dynamic voice allocation it can seemlesly switch from 8-voices of analog to 8-voices of digital or sampled voices!

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