Commercial enzyme preparations, viz. Pectinex ultra Sp-L and Flaxzyme consisting predominantly of pectinolytic enzymes were found to ret green jute ribbons. Information is needed to optimize enzymatic-retting of flax (Linum usitatissimum L .) based on a pectinase-rich mixture and chelators. Seed flax straw from North. J Biotechnol. Aug 23;89() Enzyme-retting of flax and characterization of processed fibers. Akin DE(1), Foulk JA, Dodd RB, McAlister DD 3rd.

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In one embodiment particularly advantageous of the invention, the fiber to be treated is admitted continuously in a retting cell, within which the enzyme solution is sprayed onto the fiber. Kenaf fibres are obtained through retting, rettiing is a biochemical process that splits biopolymers such as pectin, hemicelluloses, and other mucilaginous substances found in the cuticle and epidermis.

Year of fee payment: Thirty samples were tested to determine the average single fibre strength. Physical properties of the fibers were determined that could impact the composites load-bearing characteristics including fiber fineness, thickness, strength, and elongation. Kenaf stem was harvested mechanically and brought to the laboratory for processing. Rettong Designated state s: A process according to claim 1 characterized in that the enzymatic solution is buffered to a pH of 4.

Enzyme-retting has been explored as an option that could be used in Canada and other parts of the world that would not only eliminate the reliance on favorable weather conditions, but also allow the industry to produce more consistent and high-quality fibers without the risks associated with uncontrolled natural retting.

Efforts have thus been made to find alternative retting methods, and the focus has been on enzymatic retting. Variation in composite performance might not be realized due to poor interfacial bonding being of larger impact than the more subtle changes incurred by enzymes.

Currently, there are no turn-key enzyme-retting systems available. The fibres produced were finer and smoother, compared with the untreated fibres. As expected, using image analysis software, fiber thicknesses were found to decrease with increasing enzyme exposure Table 2. This would indicate that at least some level of enzyme retting leads to improvement in interfacial properties rather than none at all. The seed was removed using a stripper header, and the stalks were pulled out of the ground and left in the field for several weeks to dry.

As detailed by Foulk et al.

Spray enzymatic retting A new method for processing flax – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

The authors gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the help provided by producers, processors, and others including Biolin Research Inc. For flax fiber reinforced composites, the resistance to moisture dictates the service life of the composites.


Abstract Bethune seed flax was collected from Canada with seed removed using a stripper header and straw pulled and left in field for several weeks. Kenaf fibre is sustainable and environmentally safe because it is biodegradable and renewable.

YadavDepartment of Biotechnology, D. Calcium and magnesium levels indicated a decreasing trend with increasing enzyme exposure.

Hydropel is a low-viscosity resin for use in resin infusion processes. Bethune seed flax was collected from Canada with seed removed using a stripper header and straw pulled and left in field for several weeks. Enzyme retting can be a viable alternative to water retting, which is the currently utilised method for extracting fibres from kenaf.

An improvement in performance could demonstrate the potential uses of enzymes to treat natural fibers for biocomposites that would reduce energy costs, reduce processing costs, maintain quality, and create uniform fibers of known quality or specific quality attributes from crop to crop. Method of retting bast fibres, especially linen, using at least one enzyme capable of degrading at least the pectines contained in the natural fibre. The colour of the fibres was also satisfactory, where the brightness index increased with the retting period, indicating the removal of lignin.

The fiber reinforcement improved both impact properties of the composite over the neat resin. Decorticated fiber samples were enzyme-retted in order to yield a range of characteristically different properties and fiber traits. Two different methods of impact testing were conducted.

Easily available enzymes as natural retting agents.

Course reserves Setting up a course reserve Form for setting enzymatid a course reserve. Tables of content are generated automatically and are based on records of articles contained that are available in the TIB-Portal index. Hence, the quality of the fibre can be improved by optimising the enzyme concentration and other factors. Enzyme treatments using a bacterial pectinolytic enzyme with lyase activity were conducted in lab-scale reactors.

The results of rettlng analysis are displayed in Table 3.

This configuration better approximated the type of impact the panel would likely receive in service. Eine neue Methode zur Gewinnung von Flachsfasern. The spectra were recorded in the frequency range of to cm The sample may not have been exposed to the enzyme long enough to produce reliable retting, or short enzyme exposure times may generate inconsistent fiber diameters as a result of uneven fiber treatment. These substances hold the adjacent fibre bundles together, so the removal of non-fibrous substances exposes the fibre bundles.


Cleaned fibers were obtained from both seed and fiber flax types, but with variations due to treatment. We know also that a significant portion of pectic substances flax is in this form of pectic acids, often neutralized partially or even completely, by calcium ions in the form of calcium pectate resistant enzymatic action.

Enzymatic retting of jute ribbons

The authors wish to acknowledge financial support from Science Fund, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, Project reference: Metal analysis conducted on these fiber samples measured calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and sodium levels as parts per million following the test procedures in Foulk et al.

Micronaire values are high about for bench carded samples and lower about 4 to 5 for finer proportion from samples cleaned through a Shirley analyser. To enhance, significantly, the appearance of the fibers, will preferably be used throughout the implementation of retting, fresh water, i.

Enzyme profiling of the commercial enzymes and culture filtrates used in this study showed that the main components are pectin-degrading enzymes with some xylanase activity and a low concentration of cellulase Enzymatix 5. B1 Designated state s: The advantages of enzyme retting are offset enzymaric the additional costs and requirements of incorporating enzymes into a production environment that would include energy costs for drying, enzymes for retting, chemicals for maintaining processing conditions, and wastewater handling systems.

The fiber dimension, mean diameter, is considered one of the contributing factors of fiber performance in a composite. This data, along with the known impregnation depth, was then used to determine the total contact area between the fibers and matrix.

While any buffer solution maintaining the enzyme in the aforementioned pH can be used, the Applicant has established that the addition with fresh water three to five grams per liter of citric acid neutralized by a strong base, such as sodium hydroxide is a particularly effective buffer in the implementation of the present invention.

Scientific Data Management Research Staff. With cost and fiber and yarn quality as criteria, results established a range in the amounts of components comprising retting formulations as a basis for further studies to optimize enzyme-retting formulations for flax.

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