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United States Intelligence Activities (Federal Register Vol. 40, No. ( December 8, ), amended by EO (), EO (), and EO the Federal Register on September 1. Executive Order —. Strengthened Management of the. Intelligence Community. August 27, Title. E.O Document. E.O Description. Strengthened Management of the Intelligence Community. Last Modified. Aug 27,

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In addition, elements of el Intelligence Community may disseminate information to each appropriate element within the Intelligence Community for purposes of allowing the recipient element to determine whether the information is relevant to its responsibilities and can be retained by it, except that information derived from signals intelligence may only be disseminated or made available to Intelligence Community elements in accordance with procedures established by the Director in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and approved by the Attorney General.

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The National Security Council NSC shall act as the highest ranking executive branch entity that provides support to the President for review of, guidance for, and direction to the conduct of all foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, and covert action, and attendant policies and programs.

Ref Book – EO Elements of the Intelligence Community are authorized to collect, retain, or disseminate information concerning United States persons only in accordance with procedures established by the head of the Intelligence Community element concerned or by the head of a department containing such element and approved by the Attorney General, consistent with the authorities provided by Part 1 of this Order, after consultation with the Director.

Under the supervision of the Attorney General and pursuant to such regulations as the Attorney General may establish, the intelligence elements of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall: The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency shall: Executive Orders and of August 27,are revoked; and paragraphs 1.

Collection within the United States shall be undertaken by the FBI except that other elements of the Intelligence Community may also collect such information concerning present or former employees, present or former intelligence element contractors or their present or former employees, or applicants for such employment or contracting; f Information concerning persons who are reasonably believed to be potential sources or contacts for the purpose of determining their suitability or credibility; g Information arising out of a lawful personnel, physical, or communications security investigation; h Information acquired by overhead reconnaissance not directed at specific United States persons; i Incidentally obtained information that may indicate involvement in activities that may violate Federal, state, local, or foreign laws; and j Information necessary for administrative purposes.

Collection within the United States of foreign intelligence not otherwise obtainable shall be undertaken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI or, when significant foreign intelligence is sought, by other authorized elements of the Intelligence Community, provided that no foreign intelligence collection by such elements may be undertaken for the purpose of acquiring information concerning the domestic activities of United States persons; wo Information obtained in the course of a lawful foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, international drug or international terrorism investigation; d Information needed to protect the safety of any persons or organizations, including those who are targets, victims, or hostages of international terrorist organizations; e Information needed to protect foreign intelligence or counterintelligence sources, methods, and activities from unauthorized disclosure.

Our national intelligence effort should take into account the responsibilities and requirements of State, local, and tribal governments and, as appropriate, private sector entities, when undertaking the collection 133555 dissemination of information and intelligence to protect the United States.

This order also outlines the responsibilities of the heads of all departments and agencies, which include granting access to all foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, and national intelligence that is relevant to transnational terrorist threats and ensuring that any intelligence and operational systems and architectures of departments and agencies are consistent with national intelligence requirements set by the Director.

Directives issued and actions taken by the Director in the exercise of the Director’s authorities and responsibilities to integrate, coordinate, and make the Intelligence Community more effective in providing intelligence related to national security shall be implemented by the elements of the Intelligence Community, provided that any department head whose department contains an element of the Intelligence Community and who believes that a directive or action of the Director violates the requirements of section of the IRTPA or this subsection shall bring the issue to the attention of the Director, the NSC, or the President for resolution 113355 a manner that respects and does not abrogate the statutory responsibilities of the heads of the departments.


Each element of the Intelligence Community shall have the duties and responsibilities specified below, wo addition to those specified by law or elsewhere in this order. Intelligence Community elements within executive departments shall serve the information and intelligence needs of their respective heads of departments and also shall operate as part of an integrated Intelligence Community, as provided in law or this order.

In addition to the authorities exercised by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research under sections 1. Such participation shall be authorized only if it is essential to achieving lawful purposes as determined by the Intelligence Community element head or designee.

The NSC shall consider and submit to the President a policy recommendation, including all dissents, on each proposed covert action and conduct a periodic review of ongoing covert action activities, including an evaluation of the effectiveness and consistency with current national policy of such 1355 and consistency with applicable legal requirements.

In instances where the element head or department head and the Attorney General are unable to reach agreements on other than constitutional or other legal grounds, the Attorney General, the head of department concerned, or the Director shall refer the matter to the NSC.

Such procedures shall protect constitutional and other legal rights and limit use of such information to lawful governmental purposes.

No such participation may be undertaken for the purpose of influencing the activity of the organization or its members except in cases where: Strengthened Management of the Intelligence Community This executive order is established in order to further strengthen the effective conduct of United States intelligence activities and protect the territory, people, and interests of the United States.

For the purpose of access to and sharing of information and intelligence, the Director: The NSC shall perform such other functions related to covert action as the President may direct, but shall not undertake the conduct of covert actions. No element of the Intelligence Community shall sponsor, contract for, or conduct research on human subjects except in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Attorney General shall provide a statement of reasons for not approving any procedures established by the head of an element in the Intelligence Community or the head of the department containing such element other than the FBI. All new procedures promulgated pursuant to Executive Orderas amended, shall be made available to the Select Committee on Intelligence of the Senate and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives.

Provision of assistance by expert personnel shall be approved in each case by the general counsel of the providing element or department; and d Render any other assistance and cooperation to law enforcement or other civil authorities not precluded by applicable law. With respect to an individual appointed by a department head, the department head may remove the individual upon the request of the Director; if the department head chooses not to remove the individual, either the Director or the department head may advise the President of the department head’s intention to retain the individual.

This Order is intended to enhance human and technical collection techniques, especially those undertaken abroad, and the acquisition of significant foreign intelligence, as well as the detection and countering of international terrorist activities, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and espionage conducted by foreign powers.

A Functional Managers shall report to the Director concerning the execution of their duties as Functional Managers, and may be charged with developing and implementing strategic guidance, policies, and procedures for activities related to a specific intelligence discipline or set of intelligence activities; set training and tradecraft standards; and ensure coordination within and across intelligence disciplines and Intelligence Community elements and with related non-intelligence activities.


Collection of such information is a priority objective and will be pursued in a vigorous, innovative, and responsible manner that is consistent with the Constitution and applicable law and respectful of the principles upon which the United States was founded.

Executive Order 13355

Heads of elements within the Intelligence Community shall issue appropriate procedures and supplementary directives consistent with this order. No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in or conspire to engage in assassination. No information shall be acquired intentionally through such activities except to protect against use of such surveillance equipment, and those activities ep be conducted pursuant to procedures agreed upon by the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General.

The Director will lead a unified, coordinated, and effective intelligence effort.

Such term does not include programs, projects, or activities of the military departments to acquire intelligence solely for the planning and conduct of tactical wo operations by United States Armed Forces. In accordance with these policies and procedures: If the Director does not concur in the recommendation, the department head may not fill the vacancy or make the recommendation to the President, as the case may be.

The Director shall collect overtly or through publicly available sourcesanalyze, produce, and disseminate information, intelligence, and counterintelligence to support the missions of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, including the National Counterterrorism Center, and to support other national missions.

These procedures shall not authorize: In addition to the authorities exercised by the intelligence elements of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice under sections 1.

31355 uniformed heads of the intelligence elements of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the So Corps, the Director may make a recommendation for removal to the Secretary of Defense.

Executive Order – Wikipedia

This executive order is established in order to further strengthen the effective conduct of United States intelligence activities and protect the territory, people, and interests of the United States.

Elements of the Intelligence Community are authorized to enter into contracts or arrangements for the provision of goods or services with private companies or institutions in the United States and need not reveal the sponsorship of such contracts or arrangements for authorized intelligence purposes. The Director of the National Security Agency shall: No element of the Intelligence Community shall participate in or request any person to undertake activities forbidden by this Order.

The Attorney General hereby is delegated the power to approve the use for intelligence purposes, within the United States or against a United States person abroad, of any technique for which a warrant would be required if undertaken for law enforcement purposes, provided that such techniques shall not be undertaken unless the Attorney General has determined in each case that there is probable cause to believe that the technique is directed against a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power.

Executive Order

The requirements of applicable law, including title V of the Act, shall apply to all covert action activities as defined in this Order. Consistent with applicable Federal law and with the other provisions of this order, and under the leadership of the Director, as specified in such law and this order, the Intelligence Community shall: Elements of the Intelligence Community shall use the least 1335 collection techniques feasible within the United States or directed against United States persons abroad.

Nothing in this Order shall be construed to apply to or interfere with any authorized civil or criminal law enforcement responsibility of any department or agency. All departments and agencies shall cooperate fully to fulfill this goal.

The Director of the National Reconnaissance Office shall: The NSC shall also review proposals for other sensitive intelligence operations.

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