Download Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon, #1) PDF Free. Also Known As: Two Pearls of Wisdom, Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye, and Eon (All the same book just. Free Online Library: Eon; Dragoneye Reborn.(BOOKMARKS SELECTION, Book review) by “Bookmarks”; Mass communications Books Book reviews. Before you ask: No, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn is NOT a retelling of Mulan. .. the five years I worked for Barnes & Noble, I got to read quite a few books gratis.

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Anything you can do, I can do better.

I did enjoy it and I will read the sequel but there were many aspects of the book that irked dragonee. Enjoyable and solid story, with excellent worldbuilding and interesting magic system – plus dragons! The gamble pays off in spades when Eon is chosen not just to be that year’s dragoneye, but chosen by the mysterious Mirror Dragon to be its dragoneye.

Eon: Dragoneye reborn

There are gorgeous dragons and epic sword battles, all against the backdrop of an incredible setting that takes its influences from a blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures, but is still a frse world of its own. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! This was one very beautifully written, very engaging, but very frustrating book of the Fantasy genre variety.

My main issue with this book is this: Start with early Christianity. Who designed a story that validated and supported every horrible and ablest thing the protagonist thought about herself? Lists with This Book. Anyone want a fre psychic reading? I loved how it all turned out in the end for Eona as a character. It’s the equivalent of reading the Bible’s list of angel names, getting used to Raphael and Michael and Uriel and then all of a sudden Fast forward two years later, to when my book goddess Tatiana writes a glowing review of a fantasy novel called Eon: Does our gender determine who we are as people or who we can become as a person?


It’s clearly a world based on the Far Eastern cultures, particularly China, Korea, and Japan, but I do get thrown off by the nomenclature. Slow start but amazing To say that there is much at stake is an dragoneeye, the balance between life and death ever so thin. Do not get me wrong, I love Mulan and as embarrassing as it is, I know it nearly by heart.

It is said they bring corruption to the art and do not have the physical strength or depth of character needed to commune with an ron dragon.

This book was very different from Seraphina though, and if I had to compare it to won book I would say it reminded me of a historical Dragonyeebut I also can’t go without mentioning Mulan.

And yet, I will be the first one to admit that Eona is not Mulan and her story is much richer and much darker than a Disney treat.

Disability is also a metaphor for being unwhole and not yourself — it’ll be imposed when you start pretending to be someone else, and then magically taken away dragonneye when you stop!

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon, #1) by Alison Goodman

I will admit that I took shameless advantage of all of these privileges, and I miss them quite a lot although I do NOT miss retail. Full book review coming dragonneye

The fact that Eon takes forever to realize the “big secret” was not something that ruined my enjoyment completely, but rragoneye definitely dampened a story that could have been perfect. The details of magic and how it was used was very fascinating. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the rarest of all dragons chooses him!!! Like, not even a single urge, even though it sounded like something I would adore.


Eona has to conceal her sex because only men are allowed to be the Dragoneye and if her true identity is found out, her death is imminent.

Where can I read ‘Eon: Dragoneye Reborn’ by Alison Goodman online for free.?

This would be true, if only Eon and his master were not keeping a secret, which could condemn free to death and threaten the political stability in the land. But it’s never mentioned, and to me that’s a pretty fundamental aspect of a book. Yes, I shall be reading the second book in this duology. There was rank even amongst slaves; it was the nature of men. View all 41 comments. More reviews and more at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. I particularly liked the whole concept of dragons that are essentially bodiless energies rather that fire-spitting reptiles.

There’s also Disappearing Parent Syndrome in this novel, but it’s one of those cases where it works. Because – doh – the answers were right there and Eona created tree of the problems herself because she couldn’t just stop and think. It’s intensely layered and detailed for any novel, let alone YA.

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