Acronym: CCA. Sometimes referred to as warehouse moth or tropical warehouse moth; scientific references may use Ephestia cautella. The reduction in mating of Ephestia cautella caused by permeation of the atmosphere with synthetic sex pheromone components was investigated in the. Adults of Ephestia cautella (Wlk.) were exposed to pressures of , , , and mm Hg at 26 ± 1 °C and 70 ± 5% r.h., in a specially designed.

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Controlled atmosphere Where suitable infrastructure exists, low oxygen and carbon dioxide-enriched atmospheres can be used to control stored product pests. Larvae The larvae range from 1. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ephestia Cautella, Warehouse Almond Moth – Russell IPM – SPI

Markku Savela’s Lepidoptera and some other life forms — Cadra cautella. Eggs The eggs are translucent yellow with a sculptured surface.

Bulletin of Entomological Research. Trematerra, P et al.

Adult of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella. The purpose of the study was to verify the efficacy of a mating-disruption system MD applied in a confectionary factory infested by almond moths, Acutella cautella Walkerusing pheromone traps and the presence of spermatophores in females caught with water traps. When pupation draws near, they generally cauhella away from the foodstuff, and climb walls in search of crevices to pupate safely away from the food source.

Image source unknown Larva of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella.

In the temperate areas Ephestia kuhniella the Mediterranean Flour Moth replaces this species. It can be found in temperate countries but can only survive the winter in heated areas. Larval almond moths are hatched onto a variety of dry food products, which then ephestja as their primary food source. Adults avoid strong light and rest in dark places with wings folded over the abdomen.

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Factsheet – Cadra cautella Walker, – Tropical Warehouse Moth

Hind wings dull whitish bordered with tinge of grey. The back edges of the wings are lined with a short fringe.

The adult tropical warehouse moth is commonly confused with the Indian meal cautelpa, Plodia interpunctella but can be differentiated from it by the distinct colouring of the forewings of Indian meal moth a dark band separating the two differently coloured halves of the forewing. In heavy infestation the surface of the entire stock can be covered by silken webs left behind by the wandering larvae.

The tropical warehouse moth feeds on a range of stored foods, notably cereals and cereal products. Although the amount of sperm produced by males decreases across subsequent copulations, this appears to have no effect on the number of eggs laid and offspring hatched by the female.

This fautella was last edited on 17 Novemberat Journal of Animal Ecology. Ascidaein relation to the natural control of Dphestia Cautella Walker Lepidoptera: Akol, Makerere University; Maneno Y. Up to eggs are laid in the first days of their short day lives. Low temperatures delay oviposition, and low humidity or lack of access to water seems to reduce the number of eggs oviposited by any given female.

Incubation period is days only. Like the raisin moth, the almond moth has achieved an essentially cosmopolitan distribution due to inadvertent transport with ephrstia products in its larval form. The tropical warehouse moth is found throughout the tropics and subtropics where it ephsstia more common in non-arid areas.

Journal of Stored Products Research.


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Female moths will start by taking on some variation of a calling posture, which typically involves a bowed abdomen, spread wings, and the release of pheromones from the female’s ovipositor. First, a large spermatophore decreases the likelihood that the recipient female will remate, and if she does, a large spermatophore ensures a better chance of paternity for the first male moth.

Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. Pesticides are poisons so it is essential to follow all safety precautions on labels. Cadra cautella Walker These seminal compounds appear to contain chemicals which decrease female remating, and enhance the number of eggs laid by the female. Pupa is pale brown in colour and pupal period is days. Ephestia CautellaWarehouse Almond Moth. Eggs are laid anywhere on the grains or on any surface near the grains. Adult females lay around eggs during the first week, usually starting days after adult emergence.

Webbing of grains produces lumps as in the case of Corcyra. Larva of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella. Because of its wide distribution and accidental introductions, it has become known under a number of junior synonyms: The females lay their slightly sticky eggs on the stored food.

Journal of Pest Science The purpose of the study was to verify the efficacy of a mating-disruption system MD applied in a confectionary factory infested by almond moths, Ephestia cautella Walkerusing pheromone traps and the presence of spermatophores in females caught cautwlla water traps. Larval growth and rate of development depends on temperature.

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