Study these adaptive flashcards online, or in our iPhone or Android app, using spaced Sample Decks: Important Dates, Questions . #7 Study Guide/epme. The E-PME Study Guide is based on training and education solutions E-PME Study Guide will mirror the development of Performance. EPME STUDY GUIDE. Description. E Total Cards. Subject. Other. Level. Professional. Created. 07/25/ Click here to study/print these flashcards.

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Daniel Goodman 55 Cards —. True Suicide Interventions T or F Asking open ended questions is one way of getting a person to talk more freely? False Evaluating a Subordinate A Seaman is given a regular employee review six weeks sttudy and has just been awarded non-judicial punishment.

Scott Sattler Cards —.

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Jusbi42 TRI Cards —. Established Missions To help rescue immigrants from vessels ravished by winter storms, a Federal lifesaving service was initiated in what year? Armed Conflicts Which two cutters were tasked with delivering rifles to troops before the battles of Monterey and Buena Vista during the Mexican-American War? World War 1 Armed Conflicts During World War 2, what act was passed that gave the Coast Guard jurisdiction over ships carrying explosives and dangerous cargoes?

T mitc 35 Cards —. Enlisted Achievements During what year were women integrated into active duty and Coast Guard Reserve? The Approving Offical Stress Management Interventions T or F Exercise with an elevated heart rate for no more than 10 minutes is an effective stress management technique?


Stress Management Interventions T or F Avoiding eating breakfast to avoid revving up your nerve fiber is an effective stress management technique? On September 26th,which cutter failed to arrive at her destination after a loud explosion was heard?

Established Missions Following World War 2, members of what organization were given rates and ratings, uniforms, and insignia? Immunity, Inflammatory Process, Wound Management. Armed Conflicts At the height of operations during the War on Terrorism, how many Peme Guard personnel were deployed?

False Suicide Interventions T or F If, in communicating with the person, you discover there is no specific plan, you can safely assume it’s all talk? Armed Conflicts Which war ended in November and saw a higher percentage of Coast Guard personnel killed than any other U. False Stress Management Interventions For stressful commutes, changing commuting patters is an effective stress management technique?

Test 56, Test List 3 -Be numbered properly -Contain appropriation and accounting data -Have a valid signature Procurement Requests What is the written determination to restrict competition called? Trevor Needham 56 Cards —.

Christopher Knesek 58 Cards —. Operation Enduring Freedom Armed Conflicts In support of what operation did the Coast Guard see it’s largest overseas deployment in support of military operations since the Vietnam Conflict?


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Michael Shannon Cards —. Enlisted Achievements Inthe first enlisted woman is assigned to an Gyide afloat billet, who was she? Ari Markle Cards —. Is a review required and if so what type? Stress Management Interventions T or F Practicing deep breathing exercises is an effective stress management technique? Fortune Melissa Cards —. Navy ships were employed jointly under Coast Guard Command.

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Lionel Authier 59 Cards —. Counseling a Subordinate Counseling must take place no later than how many days following the employee review period ending date? Armed Conflicts During what war was the entire Coast Guard manpower, vessels, and units transferred to the Navy in April to fight overseas? Test Epme Flashcard Maker: You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to the center.

Property Policies T or F A survey is an administrative action to determine how Coast Guard property was lost, damaged, or destroyed?

Richard Hill Cards —.

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