Upgraded Reptile S SKY SHADOW mm FPV EPP Flying Wing Racer PNP With FPV System. x; x .. PCB Manual, Click Here Assembly . Box Contents: • Theory® Type W EPP FPV Wing. • Decals (located under the foam packing). Needed to Complete: • Battery (4S, mAh or 3S, mAh LiPo). Eachine Mirage E mm Wingspan Vertical Lift Flight EPP FPV Racer RC Version: RTF version, FPV version (optional) Eachine E Manual.

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May 01, Originally Posted by sajo. Could someone clarify something for me? Since I am beginner I dont know a lot about planes I am still learning.

So I read for now 22 pages of this thread and I still dont know, do I need pusher prop or normal. Since everbody just say 10X6, for example So motor is behind, I think it should be pusher prop, but I dont know if it is true? I got my plane today and also pusher prop, is that OK or not? Thanks for helping novice. May 02, Now I know that I can use regular prop so I dont have to search for pusher. Thanks again to all that helped me. What motor and prop are you using? Would manua, think I can go 4S on this too?


I now have mine pretty good, Can easily get 40min with no throttle management on a 4s mah with power to spare. Probably an hour with some throttle management. What are you guys getting? May 03, Originally Flv by OB1 Kenobi.

I am having a few dilemas stopping me from getting started with this build, the main one is the motor selection. Or i have the TR C kv Brushless Outrunner which weighs a tad less at g but should spin a 2 blade prop better on the 3s.

Hobby King EPP FPV plane – Page 44 – RC Groups

But i wonder if both these motors are a bit heavy and i should look for a more suitable motor? May 04, May 06, After reading many threads on this plane. The total weight of the plane with batteries and camera and other gear is grams or 70 oz. Now I can’t get it airborn. After asking questions I’m now told that the motor I bought is not strong enough and the prop is to big for that motor.

I was told the best motor is the hobbykings SK kv running a 10×5 prop. Went to order the motor and found out it no longer being made and replaced with another one. Can elp please strighten me out on this. Maybe this is why I fly nitro. I really want to get this plane in the air.

Thanks of any help you my give me. This is the motor I have, and it works very well http: May 07, Can anyone post photos of their gear layout in the fuse?


I have one of these on order and would like to see how people have set theirs up I’d like to mount my TLRS receiver on the tail, but it is a big receiver so not sure how manula it would be there. I just manuaal how the go pro drastically reduced the range on my skyfun, and need the separation. May 09, Originally Posted by Gree. I’ll check it out May 11, Images View all Manuual in thread. I just got notification today that my plane has shipped, so this is great timing!

Really appreciate you taking the time I’ll have my SPG clone ready soonish! Return to FPV Aircraft. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Originally Posted by sajo Could someone clarify something for me?

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EPP-FPV 1.8M X-Large EPP & Carbon Fiber R/C Plane

OB1 Kenobi Registered User. Originally Posted by Gree Can anyone post photos of their gear layout in the fuse? Mar 15, Nov 24, Oct 12, Hobby King FPV help! Oct 10, Apr 18,

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