Ergot and ergotism by G. Barger, , Gurney and Jackson edition, in English. 16 George Barger, Ergot and Ergotism: A monograph Based on the England Historic, Geneological Society (Boston: Samuel G. Drake, ). flour or grain used for example in bread or for brewing beer, the ergot alkaloids may lead to the hor- rible disease called Barger G () Ergot and Ergotism.

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Dale of London, who greatly stimulated my interest in the subject.

Like most websites we use cookies. Epileptiform convulsions were still observed during this period. Such a mixture of the two types was again observed in Russia in, and r, errgot the vast majority of epidemics in that country were purely of the convulsive type.

The northern and north-eastern limits of the epidemic were not defined but erfotism above figures refer to a total population of , of which therefore at least 2 per cent, were attacked.

Orlow states that the cataract results from defective nutrition, due to a specific change in the epithelial lining of the ciliary body and of the posterior surface of the iris cf, Peters. The rye was moreover injured by night frosts in May, so that in the whole district the crop amounted to two-thirds of the normal; in some places as much as 85 per cent, was lost.

Tunc enim videnuis quxdam femina longius ex fuis vtriculisfeu glumisprorendi,acin mediocrem ctiam craflitiem cxcrefce- re,nigrumq;colorcm foriscontrahere, intus Candida farina denfioris materia?

Second mention of Ergot 3. The poor did not separate these grains from sound corn, as was usual among the well-to-do. The same sentence occurs in Chronicon Turonense, Tours, Bouquet, xii. After an extremely severe winter there followed a great drought and scarcity At least half the patients never recovered completely.


For contemporary views sec Beguillet and Rozier. Miscellaneous see more detailsdomestic animals domestic animals Subject Category: The winter of had been excessively cold and the following spring was very wet. The last German epidemic of any considerable extent occurred near Frankenburg in Upper Hessen in the autumn ofwith further outbreaks in the spring of and The prison authorities at Ghent incriminated the rye and oats used for making soup.

Ergot and ergotism.

In France ergot was identified as the cause of gangrene by Dodart in In the first pages he abstracts nearly all German writers on the subject, and gives his own careful description of the disease, together with what was then known about ergot. They were swollen, devoid of sensation and mortified, as is apt to happen in confirmed gangrene. He considered that ergot is toxic only in certain years, when attacked by honey-dew, from which the rye inside the ear is protected.

It is related in the Histoire dc l’Academic [see Academic dcs Sciences,p. Annales urbis Misnse i, in G. The accidents resultats facheux numbered only 12 in the total of In or a not very severe epidemic occurred near Chartres and Orleans the disease remained almost endemic near the latter town until the eighteenth century.

It was described in considerable detail by Boucher [] and is remarkable in several respects. Treves [], New York [] these three quoted from Hirschand in Belgium [, Vleminckx], In order to support this hypothesis further, it will be necessary to show that the German sufferers from the disease, in comparison with the French, received little vitamin-A, and further to compare the quantities of ergot consumed by both.

Organism Names see more detailsman man Subject Category: According to de Jussieu, e. Woodcut of St Anthony, from Gerssdorff, From September to August inclusive 11, cases became known to the authorities; of these were treated in hospital, of whom 93 died. The first followed the terrible winter of 1 Si, which defeated Napoleon in Russia. The bulk of the work is taken up by numerous detailed reports on patients in hospital, and the last pages form an appendix, consisting of eight accounts by neighbouring colleagues.


Perusal of this volume will satisfy the reader that ergot stands easily first among poisons in respect to its historical importance and its potential incidence especially among more backward agrarian peoples where rye rye Subject Category: We collect your name, email address, institutional affiliation and login credentials.

Ergot and ergotism. ( edition) | Open Library

Chemicals and Chemical Groups see more g.arger. These annals are so called because they describe in detail the sack of the church of Xanten, near the lower Rhine, in by the Norsemen. Of the prize dissertations that by Wiggers [] is chiefly chemical, that by Diez [] chiefly pharmacological; that by Galama [] is a remarkably full compilation of the literature on ergot and ergotism, with over references often at second hand; this book is hardly ever mentioned, perhaps because it is in Dutch, and scarce.

Organism Names see more detailsHominidae hominidae Subject Category: Planer, the pupil of quite another Camerarius Rudolphus Jacobus, famous anv his discovery of sex in plants. First illustration of Ergot 4.

Taubc on the other hand personally treated very nearly all the six hundred cases in the district under his charge.

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