escrima kali. filipino martial arts Kali Sticks Video: Filipino Fighting Arts Master Julius Melegrito Demonstrates Sinawali Basics. Kali Sticks Video: Filipino. DFA Kali Level 1 (Kali/Escrima) – Introduction to Filipino Martial Arts of Kali & Escrima A lot of basics were taught that should somewhat be enough to defend .

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Recent blog posts happy new year flexible weapon dvd. Of course if you see some of escrrima footage on YouTube where some of the Dog Brothers demonstrated the impact results with slow motion cameras, you might have a better understanding of what a simple stick could do in a trained hand or at least a hand with intent.

Then at the same breath you mentioned a systems such as Krav Maga then you get a totally different reaction of excitement.

Not such a shocker really. Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK! We all know who has what it takes. Drills and techniques are ultimately a waste of time at advanced levels. Maybe it is because some other arts are marketed better or maybe because we use too much of the stick or sword. Your Stick Fighting Sucks Post new comment Your name: Who’s online There are currently 0 users and 1 guest online.

The sum of this equation is efficacy, elegance, and aesthetics only an experienced fighter can appreciate, to all others it should look like magic. The stick is merely a symbol for the possible tools an enemy can employ upon us. The Sudlud says “You are not allowed here! So is Eskrima practical, you better F!

Convinced, convinced that if your martial escrlma, combat sport, or other hand to hand training does not adequately address the many considerations of physical combat and the involvement of such tools, you might just want to stay in the land of weight categories, time limits, and score keeping.


And that would be those who dedicate their lives to practicing their styles. Maybe FMA instructor, such as yourself Suro, can walk into a seminar with a fresh group of attendees, and tell them to drop and pack away the sticks. Jason, You know there are those who talk the talk, and those who carry those kind of guys. Some keyword phrases that might open both eyes and minds are:.


King endured over 80 seconds of continuous beating by our boys in blue and suffered no more than some bruises and a cut over one of his eyes, and they are supposed to be trained. He went up to the student and with a training knife, in a controlled yet forceful manner, stabbed him in the gut. Yes Jason That’s why I want and bassics train with you in London.

Some keyword phrases that might open both eyes and minds are: Not too long ago I was teaching a private lesson in a L. I truly believe my quote, I have been saying this for a long time now, and always mean it. Being able to quickly and deftly maneuver in response to an object moving in excess of mph can have a very positive experience on your defensive skills. Its funny most guys say stupid things like what was said and couldn’t protect their girlfriend even if they did have a weapon.

The practicality of learning FMA skills should be easily proven by doing a few simple searches on google or any other search engine. Fact, a stick moves faster than a hand or foot. However, there are some caveats to consider. There is only superior training, and that is a result of effort, a keen disciplined mind, utilizing scientific method, and valuing empirical knowledge.

There escima no better style or way. They would probaly drop it out of fear. Tell them today they will learn the other side of the uses of Eskrima then later on bring the stick back and let them discover for themselves how to use the sticks.


Basic Six Angles

Training with the use of swords and sticks, both in badics and defense, has the added advantage of speeding up your reaction time.

User login Log in using OpenID: Looking into the various news articles that report assaults and incidents involving violence and basids special note of a weapons part to play in such every day drama, and you might find yourself convinced.

Copyright c Jason Inay, Jena Inay. Your FMA is effective if, IF your instructor understands the nature of fighting and how humans behave physically and physiologically under duress. As if it was a ritual combat tradition bereft of any combative efficacy.

Kali & Eskrima: Basic 6 Angles for Attack and Defense

Your are The International Young Master. There is no better school or club. It is great you bring this baasics because most of the people I have encountered has heard about FMA and is only known as a stick art and as you can tell the misconception of the art still lingers to the masses.

Active forum topics What type of tools do you keep in your day-to-day arsenal? The heightened adrenalin and focus that is inherent when training with impact and edged weapons poses many benefits as opposed to training only in unarmed arenas. Its why I train with you and Soke Ferrick. Navigation Polls Forums Recent posts.

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