Reseña crítica de “Estereotipos y clichés”, de Amossy, Ruth y Herschberg Pierrot, Anne. Front Cover. La Bisagra, – 25 pages. The Estereotipos y Cliches (Spanish Edition) [Ruth Amossy, Pierrot Herschberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Estereotipos y Cliches by Ruth Amossy, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The expression “blanche comme du linge,” “white as a sheet”stresses the interdependence of the moral and the physical: Cliches such as “brave as a lion,” “gentle as a lamb,” and “white as snow” were considered canonical examples of tropes. Rhetorique de la lecture. The cliche points not to the real, but to language, which both reductively and inevitably mediates all ref- erences to reality.

Functions of the passively registered cliche 1. It is important at this point to ask some questions about the powers and limits of a program conceived as a set of textual strategies producing reading models. Besides, the cliche “white as a sheet” is taken from the down-to-earth language of Yonville’s gossips and Charles Bovary, the small town doctor: Essays on Audience and Interpreta- tion.

amlssy In other words, a single cliche, by definition, can give rise to two contrary attitudes. Stylistic features frozen by usage, lexically full figures felt to be shopworn or hackneyed Riffaterre,they emerge through an act of recognition. Language in the Fantastic [pp. So-called “literary” discourse makes extensive use of cliches.

Ruth Amossy, The Clich in the Reading Process

This use of two ostensibly incompatible functions of the cliche establishes an irreducible tension which underlies Flaubert’s writ- ing. In terms of this double reception, the cliche reveals itself as wholly a “reading effect. Others might see in it the fatal result of ineradicable romanticism. This type of cliche has been called a “mimetic” cliche. The Act of Reading: They can nonetheless make for count- less blind spots in the course of the cursory kind of reading that we all engage in from time to time.


Editions du Seuil, To this end, the 36 Cliche in the Reading Process discursive element must be perceived to refer directly to “reality,” that is to the conventional idea that the reader has of what is real cf. Indeed, the cliche, with its “dejf-vu” effect, rruth exist outside of the reading process: We can also see here an ironic treatment of materialistic interpretations. Would a realistic or naturalizing deciphering of a playful cliche-poem by Robert Desnos be valid when the whole discursive 42 Cliche in the Reading Process system that it establishes shatters the very possibility of representational illu- sion?

Clichés – L’Inventoire

As the sign of widely shared, anonymous speech, it indicates, in the text, either an earlier literary discourse or a gen- eralized social discourse cf. When brought together, these two models create a tension which, instead of being resolved, prompts questions maossy the place of Meaning, Truth, and the Subject.

In other words, when integrated in an overall program determining its impact, the cliche in no way halts the play of interpretations. Les Editions du Seuil,Vol.

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At this point, the poetics of the cliche merges with the socio- historical study of its uses, and calls for an analysis going esyereotipos the scope of this paper. A trite metaphor or stock figure may be denounced for its faded stylistic effect: Myriem Alami marked it as to-read Dec 09, The coherence of the representation is established through its motiva- tion and conformity with pre-established knowledge.

The clichejaune comme un coing, “yellow as a quince,” can become the object of a second, non-linear reading by virtue of its relation to a figure mealy fruit that have lost both their flavor and juice retroactively projected onto the cliche.

Estereotipos y Cliches

Once a familiar stock figure loses its exemplary nature, it is subject to a reception organized along the axis of new and old, original and trite, the unheard-of and the oft-said. As we have seen, the reader is not only referred back to an “as they say”; he is asked first to confirm it by letting himself be seduced, then to reflect, to reexamine it, put it in perspective, and denounce it. Establishes Complicity Obviously the possession of a group to which both the reader and the speaker belong, it creates a close relationship of complicity.

The Balzacian text calls, therefore, for a double reading, one which is simultaneously contradictory and complementary.

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