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Hardly soul mate material. Haven is a pretty strong female character.

The last half of the book was so hard to struggle through. Lists with This Book. Constance is the name of an earlier incarnation of Haven and she is also the name of an earlier incarnation of Lucy from My Name is Memory.

As the two rush back to New York Haven stumbles across the Horae, a group of 12 sisters who have been spending their current and past lives trying to trap Adam Rosier. A jolt shook Haven, and she felt herself totter just as the model regained her balance. That being said however her indecisiveness towards Iain did cheese me off a bit, I mean pick your position and stick with it! I couldn’t even finish it, may be it will get better but I didn’t have patience to finish it. I didn’t like The Eternal Ones much either and this just got worst.

There were times where I felt she should have been a little more trusting, but she was lied to so much it was somewhat understanding why she had trust issues. In the last or so pages the pace quickens and the plot tightens — the mystery finally narrows down and comes together for a helter-skelter conclusion.


The Eternal Ones

This would be the girl who changes her own opinion based solely on what she’s heard most recently from other people? I millrr this book could’ve went somewhere great but it didn’t. What about the love story we’ve been promised? He just stared at her with wide eyes. Open Preview See a Problem? I will say that I was impressed with the plot o As with any sequel to a book I loved, I was equal parts nervous and excited to ,irsten this installment.

Muller dialogue was annoying and unrealistic, filled with several exclamation marks for emphasis! I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reincarnation love stories.

He is a totally rich party boy that has never wanted for anything in his life. I almost forgot I was reading a novel; it sounded so much like an bibliography.

millet Overall, I thought that Haven was a good strong character and I really liked her. The mysterious society that is after these two is actually quite compelling and Miller does a good job of keeping the mystery going, you are never really sure who is a danger to Haven and who is a friend. Do you think Adam will get the hint that Heaven doesn’t love him like he loves her? With the other half of the book being set in New York, the contrasts in the atmosphere and environment is well highlighted.

I won’t be continuing with the series.

She wasn’t a character easy to relate to, no. She flip-flopped so much it was unbelievable; she couldn’t make up her mind at all and was all too eager to eternls other people make it up for her. No me malentiendan, me gusta el paranormal romance, I received an advance copy of this so understand that it is not out for mass consumption yet.


Tall and lean, with a body that could make any outfit look fashionable. Is Iain her beloved Ethan? She is independent and smart.

Deseos (Eternos, #2) by Kirsten Miller

I give it one star for kirsyen ok story and one for the supporting players. Soon enough, everyone wants eternoa piece of Haven and the information she holds, but who, if anyone, can she trust?

Her best friend, Beau, is the only one to stick by her when everyone else in town thinks she is efernos, or worse yet, possessed by a demon.

Oh, and saying “he smiled like a slow kid at the carnival”? Just give it a try! Since she was a little girl, she has had visions of a past there is no way she should know about. She begins to really believe Adam has changed for the better, and is not sure she wants to help the Horae imprison him anymore.

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