Within “The Pain Scale” Eula Biss uses different concepts to relate to the reader her confusion about the pain scale used in hospitals today that. The Pain Scale. Eula Biss · English. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article. Language, English. Journal, Harper’s. State, Published – Jun Readings — From the June issue. The pain scale. By Eula Biss. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is available in PDF and Microfiche formats only.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And one hundred is the point at which water boils. An equation that she does not understand but must perform. And bisw about prime numbers Eula states: But I do not agree with the fact that she thinks zero is useless because Zero is used for many things in day-to-day life. Ways of Reading An Anthology for Writers.

The pain scale

But she includes herself in the acale so that people can relate to her experiences and understand what she is trying to say. This brings up the scals that pain is measured differently eeula every person, while some people are completely terrified by the idea of Hell, others are perfectly content with it.

She looks closely at different levels of pain and then chooses the level that she relates her self too. She uses the essay almost as a brainstorm. Eula is describing zero as something incomprehensible; something that creates a problem for the patient rating their pain. Due to this difference in scale range and fixed points, she feels that she cannot base her pain on a scale because she feels that it is not accurate enough.


It does not add, euls, or multiply like other numbers. I think the reason she does this is because it troubles her to think the fixed point of her pain is considered, according to some theories, nonexistent.

The Pain Scale

Therefore, when she compares her thoughts with those ecale a Greek philosopher it gives the impression that she is correct. She is not talking about pain that she feels she is talking about the thought of pain and how people would rate different pains compared to how she thinks pain is.

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If you have a Digication account, you may log in below: However, after analyzing the essay again I think what she was trying to explain to the audience is that we boss base our thoughts and feelings around what people say the limits are. At some points during the article I had a hard time following Biss’s thoughts because they did not seem to connect in my mind.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Everyone feels pain but I think she is scared to admit that she feels pain when in practice her condition is not meant to oain that painful. She does this to provide evidence to back up her thoughts; Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath.

Carlie’s Blog: “The Pain Scale” by Eula Biss

Further on, she uses the example of pain to express the reason why zero is a nonexistent number: Eula Biss is sacle a hospital trying to answer the question, how she would rate her pain according to the universal pain scale Biss writes: February 21, by jkingsly.


Eula then uses the Beaufort scale for measuring wind.

Eula compares the concept of zero, which is something yet nothing at the same time, to the person Jesus Christ, who is man yet God at the same time. I strive to remain liquid. But the problem of zero troubles me significantly more than the problem of Christ…Zero is not a number. Further on in the text, she elaborates on the fact that all scales need fixed points but every scale has different fixed points, which causes her to believe that scales are not very reliable.

Eula uses all of these concepts and measurements in comparison with each other in order to point out the errors of the pain scale, and relate the anguish she has experienced through being forced to use it throughout her own life. This is really great information found here, I really like your blog.

Notify me of new comments scalw email. Or at least, it does not behave like a number.

Digication ePortfolio :: Omar Al Mheiri ENG :: My response to Eula Biss

Eula points out distinct problems with each scale and their use of zero. This site uses cookies. You are paun using your Twitter account.

Posted in Uncategorized Leave a Comment. But even at absolute zero, their motion does not stop completely. These fixed points were reversed after his death….

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