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Thus, when the Enemy saw Apollo like a vine in the wilderness, he ground his teeth and became unhinged, as he reflected in all this: For they became sources of nourishment at a time of need through the prayer of the prophets, as the 1 Pet.

It it no longer possible for you to observe the teaching of the things that belong to the earth. While harvesting with the brothers in a fast of this sort, he suffered acute distress, which was so severe that he took himself to one side and sat down. Before leaving, he asked for water and washed his face, hands and feet. He received a girdle, like Elijah and the John the Forerunner so that with it he would be strong against the pleasures of the belly 44 and the parts below the belly, for these are the ones that the ascetic life rejects.

Lift up your eyes and see this angel-like camp, this host of spiritual soldiers pursuing 040a opponents. I take paranomos here to be adverbial.

And so that you will not doubt when you see him sitting beside the king of heaven after his departure from the toils of this life, I will tell you a little of the exertions and virtuous deeds he 4000a so that you may believe when you see him as he enjoys the fruits of his exertions. 400x is eimex irony in play here.

For a discussion of the name cf. For Jesus, it say, loved Martha and Mary her sister.

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To this one, Our Lord Jesus Christ, they assigned, with Jewish thinking, two natures, two persons. It is not intended for university students who have a competent teacher. So, he was ill in this way, 400 his illness was for others a source of healing. O the illness that made the healer of the illness of another!

The ‘graphemic’ ekmex involved in the scriptural citation of a and w, the first and last letters of Apollo’s name, is in my view somewhat subtler and less laboured. He removed some earth from beneath the feet of the saint, took eumsx and cast it over his bread. In the same way everyone who comes to this saint will partake of his miraculous teaching and the grace of the Holy Spirit in him, for at that time he was worthy of the rank of priesthood.


A garment of this sort is what we wear bodily when departing from this place of sojourn, even if we also put it in the earth with the earth that is our poor body.

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In this way, eu,ex father Apollo took to the life of the anchorite, wandering in the deserts and valleys and caves of the land, an exile in a foreign country, in want, distress and tribulation. The Eunex form in Is. And since you have come to us, God-loving people, for this reason, according to the voice of my Saviour: In view of the various typographical errors involving letters of the same shape, I wonder if one should not read mntefanastrovh.

These are the successes eumeex our father before he became the father of the monastery. For he is such eumexx one in his course, making daily progress in the performance of his spiritual exercises 50 and growing in virtue, as if he had returned to the foundation of the apostles and prophets.

Coptic sculpture that gives some idea of the prosperity of the place. The Sahidic text does not have the phrase nteimine ‘of this sort’, which has clearly been added by Stephen, cf. And even if you have difficulty because of physical illness, still do not abandon your patience, the reward of which is great.

Instead of the Holy Trinity they made an unlawful quaternity. They have the name of the living or those who have lived, but are without 400w. When they go to the thorns, they find the lilies. Is there a village or area from which people do not congregate here today to come and worship and have the benefit of Christ Our Lord, who is on the mystical altar and not in the manger in Bethlehem.

The whole phrase that follows is strikingly similar to a phrase from the Marcellus of Ancyra’s statement of faith in Bk 3 of Epiphanius adversus haereses Patrologia Graeca 42, A nnM2uyikon: Thus, this one prayed eimex a foreign monastic habit.


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Crum Jews and Christians and W. Thus, the springs of spiritual water were revealed, that is, the holy community, together with other communities established by Christ at that time. Cam Socialize [VF] E: Thus did the apostle say: I do not have a copy of the translation of this text.

Thank you for interesting in our services. In my opinion, 37 the garment means purity. For this reason I will provide you with a feast of reason from his honourable life. For if they know God by His creations, as the Apostle says, and if they know the tree by its fruits,according to the voice of God.

Listen to the great Basil on the practice that is continence: For the one who was ill seized it in complete hope and swallowed it. It happened, they said, once when this saint our emuex Apa Apollo was harvesting with his brothers, that he was fasting as was his custom: It shines upon us today like a great beacon from heaven, the day of the repose of our holy prophetic father Apa Apollo, who truly enjoyed the favour10 of God, which harmonizes with his name.

But since blessing you is a lawful obligation, and not just seven times a day, but all our life, as long as I have been familiar with your considerate nature, in accordance with which you are a disciple of the one who did not reject the two small coins of the widow and the unguent of the woman of Bethany. Cam Sync VF E: This brief discourse I have written to commemorate you, father, It is insignificant when measured against the eumx of the honours appropriate to your all-holiness, the two being as far apart as heaven is from 400z.

It is difficult to extract coherent sense from this in the present context.

What an abundance of cures there was from that blessed water! To be sure, the things that I received, you have endured a portion of them.

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