Previously I have always used Eurolites and have been disappointed by the deflectors – easy to follow the instructions & position correctly (seemed easier than. Travelspot Travel Spot Eurolites N Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe With so many different headlight design it is hard to have clear instructions. Eurolites Headlamp Beam Deflectors Safely Deflects Headlamp Beam when HID Headlamps Contains Comprehensive Fitting Instructions for + Vehicles.

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I f you go with a couple of sheets of paper and a pencil you will be able to create a template for each light. They are counterfeit… so please: I have to say that I’m unconvinced Eurolites will be equally effective for all headlights.

Now follow instruvtions flow chart below:. Bug Shifter Screen Sponge. To this end, the city court bold innovation, have tried the case of water diversion reform, optimize the allocation of judicial resources, and achieved remarkable results.

Eurolite Left Hand Drive Headlight Beam Converters For Left Hand Drive Vehicles Visiting The UK

Failure to adapt your headlamps will render your vehicle unfit for the road and could leave you open to prosecution. Canada Goose parka sale. Canada Goose jackor dam. Canada Goose Jasse bodywarmer. DriveRight Lane Safety Device. Last year i parked against a wall euroljtes looked for the dipped beam pattern and tried to mask it. For left hand drive vehicles when driving in the UK Easy to fit Easily removable Suitable instructoons all vehicles and types of headlight European vehicles are designed for driving on the right-hand side of the road.


No idea about the fitting of these but cannot imagine they will work properly as the Fiat headlight protectors have the position and shapes marked on them.

Now follow the flow chart below: European vehicles are designed for driving on the right-hand side of the road.

Ticket Clip – Ticket Holder.

Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning

This means when you use your vehicle in countries where you drive on the left UKyou will dazzle oncoming drivers at night. View Watch all 5 Quick Fit Videos View How to apply the Adaptors using your Fitting Diagram Latest list of vehicles If it helps you wanna try and make it look like the pictures below which were taken using the official Fiat headlight masks.

It does seem vague but I followed the diagram and stuck them in the approximate picture.

These are the proper way to do it, better than the hit of miss things you seem to sell. V About 4 years ago I raised this point at a local police station. Ticket Clip – Ticket Holder. Contact details are on: As kelly58 apparently has Eurolite instructions appropriate to your motorhome, he may be able to provide ‘near enough’ details as to where the deflectors should go. It was suggested that, if UK traffic police were granted similar powers to Continental authorities to impose on-the-spot fines, there would be greater motivation to concentrate on such offences.


Edited by Derek Uzzell 9: Possibly the easiest way to find the correct position for the bender is to contact your local commercial MOT station and, if you’re lucky, they will invite you in and will check the lights and show you where to put the sticky stuff.

This is in addition to your statutory rights, as we want you to be happy with your purchase. Enhanced UV Protection – affords excellent performance, even for those staying in Europe for longer periods.

Latest 2-core Acrylic Adhesive – for reliable performance even on curved headlamps. GB Magnetic St George’s Flag.

Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning | VW California Owners Club

These copies are proving dangerous because: Frankia F i SD. DriveRight Lane Safety Device. Additions – Jul The position is not critical as it only needs to stop the instrucitons defecting to the left. They clip on and off very easily x There are four versions of Eurolites:

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