HP EVA P Storage is an enterprise class virtual storage array family for midsized customers at an affordable price. With built in. EVA Starter Kits include disk drives and Command View EVA unlimited And EVA software is still available. QuickSpecs. HP Enterprise Virtual Array . Link to QuickSpecs The EVA / family is designed for the data center where there is a critical need for improved storage utilization and scalability.

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No additional Command View license is required to use this feature. Once they quiickspecs set, capacity provisioning and reclamation are automatic allowing the administrator to focus on other business critical tasks. Administrators can now use the audit logging capability to see who did what and when. MirrorClone will track all changed blocks and can re-sync with the source LUN to create a new point-in-time copy, or can be used to instantly restore the source.

Protects valuable data Valuable data is protected by integrating host and storage operations during expand and shrink cycles. Language Production and Conversation.

Disk capacity is reserved to accommodate the original size of the source volume. Leverage the full strength of HP Technology Services – customers can trust the services professionals at HP to work collaboratively with them, putting our strategic and technical know-how to work across their entire infrastructure.

The P Command View provides a comprehensive software suite that includes everything you need to manage an EVA from provisioning data quickly, to adjusting LUNs, to migrating Vdisks between storage tiers.

Please review the HP P Business Copy software documentation for more information on this feature. These documents are located at: In addition, a customer orientation session, which covers the configuration and operation of CV-EVA, is provided.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This also helps reduce the operational costs of powering and cooling unnecessary storage while helping the environment by lowering the enterprise’s carbon footprint.

Capitalizing on HP Storage Systems’ capabilities requires a service partner who understands your increasingly complex environment.

Reduced IT complexity Licensing Allowing multiple applications and servers to access a flexible storage pool eliminates the overhead associated with managing stranded storage.


Because more disk space is available, data that was once spread over multiple silos within the data center and beyond can be consolidated onto fewer arrays.

HP Cluster Extension is licensed per server. Danitra Brown Leaves Town day 1. Ability to manage more than one array with a single ea6400 of Command View software. When running Command View 9. P Command View simplifies all the administration tasks by providing a centralized view of EVA P Storage via a single management console.

Refer the P EVA software compatibility guide for the exact firmware versions supported and other limitations All P software products offer only frame based licenses; only one license is required to enable software qjickspecs an array irrespective of capacity on that array.

Team with the people who know HP infrastructure hardware and software best-the experienced professionals at HP Services. Easy capacity growth Thin provisioning is automated, spawning an alert when utilization approaches a specified threshold.


Windows management server supported. P SmartStart Software has a low memory footprint. Reduces capital and operational expenses Achieving higher capacity utilization rates reduces the need to purchase excess storage capacity and software licenses.

With the combination of the Business Copy’s unique MirrorClone, Snapclone and Vsnap local replication technologies and an unparalleled easy to use replication manager interface, businesses now can achieve new IT efficiencies.

You can display performance metrics graphically in the Windows PerfMon utility, or display metrics in tabular form in a command prompt window using EVAPerf software from the command line. For more information on SEPE refer to: Importantly, data remains continuously available so that data migration imposes fewer interruptions to IT operations. No Single Point of failure Supreme redundancy: Depending on your individual support needs, choose from three levels of care that cover the entire lifecycle to better address your needs-Optimized Care, Standard Care, and Basic Care.

As the OS writes data to the vdisk, the firmware will automatically allocate more space up to the size of the vdisk. Infrequently used data can be moved easily to more space-efficient RAID levels and lower-cost HDDs, and can be moved back to higher performance drives when needed. User defined scripts can be created using this tool to manage replication at the array level.


Because a smaller number of efficiently used storage devices can service a comparatively large number of client processes, data centers have lower power and cooling requirements, can reduce floor space, and have a reduced carbon footprint, all contributing to “greener” storage operations. Best practice suggest We do not provide the 1 TB licenses from P series onwards. For more information, please contact an HP representative. It also has the ability to generate customized reports with multiple charting options, which can help troubleshoot performance issues.

It is a simple to use, software wizard that will get the new EVA user up and running in a minimum of mouse clicks. The simple “set and forget” provisioning not only reduces the resource cost of ongoing storage provisioning, but also allows for the potential postponement of additional capacity purchases due to increased storage utilization. P software licenses are not transferable from one array to another. Furthermore, HP Continuous Access provides the necessary components to solve enterprises business continuity objectives in a very cost effective and easily deployable package.

Synchronous mirroring ensures that data copies are identical, to prevent critical data loss in the event of a failure or disaster. EVA licenses are not transferable from one array to another array.

EVA allows for increased flexibility and improved capacity utilization by supporting changing the Vraid type with Cross Vraid Snapshot and Snapclone, within the eeva6400 disk group and Cross Vraid Snapclone across disk groups. It helps to quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks so that applications run at optimized performance.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array

Performance Advisor software is well integrated with the HP P Command View Software for single pane of glass management and performance monitoring. A Windows or Linux management server supported. We do not provide the 1 TB capacity licenses from P series onwards. A dedicated management server is required for Storage Essentials software quicksppecs.

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