Exalted 3rd Edition – This is the tale of a forgotten age before the seas were bent, when the world was flat and floated atop a sea of chaos. I’m very ambivalent about Exalted. If think I’d probably suggest the original Exalted Quickstart, which is fantastic. It has all the setting you. Tools and Game Resources Errata and Clarifications Ex3 developer thread rules compilation.

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That said, Quickatart seems like a natural for sim-play. I better shut up while I’m ahead. He sent a messenger to their Queen and said that she’d have to decide that.

This is a sticky topic. Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions. He laughed it off, and said he watches enough Exalhed to be used to rape and brutality. I just noticed that Heroquest is downloadable as a PDF, which makes it much more interesting to me.

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Risus works very well with only minimal hackery. They went out, and discovered that an ocean god, Jagged Bloody Rocks, was also guarding the fleet, but because of the Eclipse, they were safe as long as they didn’t initiate hostilities. We’ve played three hours, broken into three sessions lunchtime work play with coworkers.


Let me second Rob’s nomination of the original Quickstart, which is excellent. It has all the setting you need to get excited about the game, and a very nice, lightweight and abstract system for play that cuts right to the heart of what the Solars are all about. Dice Roller Is exactly what it sounds like.

So, he picked a quality of Elemental 12m and added up his various abilities ways of magic, Speak Old Realm, and Magic Excellency 14m, and got a Complete Victory – for the Complete Victory, I bumped the quality of the elemental to 14m. Dice Roller Another dice rolling tool this one includes double Xs and automatically re-rolls selected numbers.

I, for reasons pertaining to me not liking rape, cannibalism, child rape, and rape rape to be things that player characters do, have declined to do it.

I also want quickstar find a way to play up “stunts”. There was a humorous moment as he got his ship ready for combat in the dock, before the other two characters filled him in on the information that they were planning on a peaceful solution.

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Battle Group Generator a labour saving device for when numerous enemies are present. In terms of tone, i was sold on it in the first fight, but we eventually quicjstart to 2e when it came out because some of our character concepts were not well supported most notably the craftsman.


It’s also slang for other such mega-combos. We then migrated to Weapons of the Gods and I have to say, that worked pretty darn well.

But mechanically it’s oh, so good and captures the range of power really exalfed. Leave empty for any user name. Place a – before a word to exclude posts containing that word: Anonymous Wed Mar 26 I told him that I would be absolutely merciless and my stated goal would be to mentally scar him.

Sidereals have Shards. Advanced search Text to find Subject [? They got a major victory, so not only did they get an alliance, but the Queen is at a penalty if she wants to work against the terms of the alliance.

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Since then, they’ve fought hordes of pirates, summoned Elementals, and worked with gods. Oh, I also posted a basic structure of my conversion on RPGnet. Anonymous Fri Apr 23 Exalted is basically a superhero game in different costumes.

Pair that with the Prey’s Skin Technique, you could hunt another Exalt.

Charm Cascades a more up to date version of the above with content from Miracles of the Solar Exalted.

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