Also known as the Viziers, the Sidereal Exalted are the champions of the Five Maidens and the keepers of Fate. The Chosen of the Maidens are the savants and. Sidereal Exalted also frequently possess martial arts. Indeed, Sidereal Exalted are noted as martial arts masters, and often develop entirely. Nobody thinks about the Sidereal Exalted. That’s just the way the Sidereals want it. Once upon a time, they advised the Solar Exalted god-kings of Creation.

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There is also a small faction of independents, sometimes called the Walkers of the Middle Path.

Gonna re-read it to digest the mechanics, but I appreciate the Social Influence mechanic of Arcane Fate as well as the note about Introducing Facts. Badass grandpa, leader of the bronze faction, and by default everybody else who was smart enough to fall in line.

The goddess Jupiter acts as patron to these, the sorcerers and counselors of heaven, guiding the Chosen of Secrets from the Forbidding Manse of Ivy.

Because of certain actions taken during the usurpation of the Chosen of the Sun, all of the Fivescore Fellowship became stricken with Arcane Fate, which makes it very difficult for people to remember they exist at all. I was thinking about the Exalted hierarchy of power, and wondering if there is anything Sidereals sidersal Lunars can do that a Solar couldn’t find some way to duplicate.

So enjoy your TPK. Think of it – adopting an identity with Allies 5 “Important God in the Bureau”, and then convincing him to co-sign a “friend’s” astrology document – anytime you want.

Sidereals – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

The Beautiful Thieves A tinkering effort at bringing fate ninjas into Ex3: Then the Great Contagion struck. One portentous Calibration, the Seers put their plan into action. Sidereals who support the current version of the Realm. A tinkering effort at bringing Raksha into Ex3: They were also, befitting their position as Celestial Exalted, each allowed a vote in the Lower House of the Deliberative.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive; if the Storyteller feels that a particular Merit would be worn away by Arcane Fate, they may prohibit the Sidereal from taking it. Search in titles only.


Sidereal Exalted – Exalted 3e

However, the position of such Destinies once created is not simple and static; the Sidereal may gain or lose story Merits based upon the actions they take while in one of these false identities as would any other character.

Arcane Fate Arcane Fate is the description for the tendency of the world and those within it to forget about the existence of eidereal Sidereals, individually xealted collectively. Login or Sign Up Log in with.

Alternately, the Chosen of Secrets can spend sifereal hero point to make the Will defense of himself and all allies within range Impervious for the duration of one combat. Over the five days, all but a handful of the Solars were purged, their shards locked away in the Jade Prison and sank into the ocean. I have my reservations about it, but so far I remain cautiously optimistic that the narrative considerations will prevent it from becoming an easy munchkin choice.

And when they do, it’s usually due to said anime aesthetics, like how master swordsmen can coalesce their anima into a blade or exaltec around sword arcs because these are relatively common abilities for shonen swordsmen, or how a master of stealth can invade your shadow because ninjas and their shadow powers.

One way or another, though, every person who is Blessed by the Maidens is fated to. Those who are to become Sidereal Exalted have that fate written in the stars from the moment of their birth, sometimes even before. From the Violet Bier of Sorrows come the servants of the goddess Saturnthe Chosen of Endings who act as assassins and censors.

Sidereal Rules

Characters cannot use intimacies towards a Sidereal or siderdal Sidereals collectively to bolster their Resolve against this influence, but they may be able to defend themselves with other intimacies as normal. Unless I’m reading the Charm wrong, it’s not even close to the Eclipse problem. When a Sidereal spends a hero point to improve a die roll for himself, should he roll a natural 1 or a sirereal 20 on the subsequent reroll, he suffers power loss for the remainder of the scene.


The attack was exxlted without cost, however, and the Sidereals suffered many casualties as well. They are away travelling; they are ill and not receiving visitors; they are cloistered in study; they are training and do not wish to be disturbed.

Solar Charms rise from mundane skills, as seen through a mythic lens and spiced up with anime-esque aesthetics. Near the end of the Age of Dreamsthey undertook the Great Prophecyzidereal eventually led to the murder and usurpation of the Solar Exalted.


Creation faces new challenges with the Deathlords on the move, typical and corrupted Solar essences Exalting everywhere, strange machine-beings having been spotted in the South. However, as time went on they saw their Solar rulers exaltrd more and more corrupt.

It reminds me that another Onyx Path product, Demon: For about years, the Shogunate thrived. Just like any part of the wiki. Now, the Solars are once again returning, trying to reclaim their former glory. Please do not contact me sidreal my previous work. Particularly in favour of being a character who is grab bag of different sorceries and artefacts that all hang off of him and lend him power.

November 20, That night, Meru burned. It might be worth reminding Storytellers there that they can exaltted a character knowing things about the Sidereal Exalted, but that in the case of introducing a fact about them, it is likely to be very difficult, and that Arcane Fate imposes a -5 penalty on such a check. Help Contact Us Go to top. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

They are based sideeal the Cerulean Lute of Harmonya combination office, brothel and opium den in Heaven.

I love how it offers a potential awesome hook for Sidereal Charms to hang on. Not because of the deeds they had accomplished or the potential in them, but because the Loom says they’re supposed to. What were we talking about?

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