A MANUAL ON THE USE OF THE HUMAN. NERVOUS SYSTEM ACCORDING TO THE. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MANUFACTURERS. Author: Timothy Leary; Category: Psychology; Length: Pages; Year: Timothy Leary Exo-Psychology. During his hiatus from the public scene, Leary had steeped himself in research on the origins of life, particularly Fred Hoyle’s.

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She argues that a primate species was in the process of adapting to an aquatic environment when that path was interrupted and the partially adapted aquatic ape returned to the land, where it gave rise to humankind. Jovany Agathe rated it it was amazing Aug 25, He suggests that this is how the drugs produce their effects on consciousness.

Sign in to use this feature. He is not welcomed back as a visionary.


But most space cases return favorably disposed towards NASA’s eexo of getting high. Back to the Paleolithic! This is the psychedelic effect, or at least Hameroff suggests this model. How does raw mind experience the world? Then, as if to confound fans and critics alike, the counterculture impresario re-emerged in the late s as a proponent of Intelligent Design. Timothy Leary’s s persona might always overshadow his later work.

Teed Rockwell – – Philosophical Psychology 7 3: I can’t remember the last time I read something where the author was so unashamedly excited about our future and possibilities. In hindsight, the efficacy of this strategy, as a political method, seems questionable, at least as it was practiced by the counterculture.


Another, more general, area of overlap between the infantile and the psychedelic, albeit one that is hard to characterize precisely, might be described as unconditioned experience. Perhaps many minds can commingle in a single large array, obviating loneliness, but raising new sociopolitical issues. Babies’ brains are also much more generally malleable, more plastic, than adult brains. Joe McFall rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Request removal from index. Scott Campbell rated it really liked it Nov 15, Not gonna explore all the details here And you work well, yes, you think well, you move well, without sweat, without difficulty.

It enables biological life to emigrate from planets to weightless space.

Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology

The above quotation is taken from an Imperial College news release, http: The psychedelic state is non-game; it suspends conditioned habits, cultural and conceptual “frames”. But now he is both—so he feels ‘high,’ tall like an psychollogy and yet still a child.

Caterpillar fantasies about what post-larval life will be like. We must strive for the quality of the psyvhology mind. History of Western Philosophy. Leary used the term “neurological relativism” to underscore the notion that each brain manufactures a unique reality for its bearer.

The first four circuits govern the experiences of planetbound life. Consciousness, the Sense Organs, and the Nervous System.


In a similar vein as Leary’s other books. A Study in Human Nature.

Timothy Leary’s Exo-Psychology Revisited

Morgan’s series of books on the hypothesis argues that humans differ radically from other primates because human evolution took a turn early on into an environment that other primates avoided: Astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrinthe second man to set foot on the moon, crash landed in a mental institution.

Many characteristics of human biology do not fit the usual model of human descent, which situates key developments in the Savannah of Africa:.

And in doing so they return consciousness tinothy the infant mode of experience, namely that of more consciousness. What more can this ‘child at heart’ want—for that is what a ‘head’ or hashish taker who really ‘turns on’ is.

Open Preview See a Problem?

The hippies taunted the guardians of propriety, by challenging timotby to drop out, to assert identities for themselves outside the impositions of the collective culture. Technology, or Niche Construction.

Phil Mccahill rated it liked it Dec 01, Fish have survived in the water longer than the cetacea with relatively meager brains.

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