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Bautistas Reformados

Samuel Bonderov rated it it was amazing Jul 30, But if every book in my library had as few faults as this one does, some of them would be in considerably better shape than they are now. Matthew Pritt rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Jul 13, David Varney rated it it was ok. Waldron clearly does as well, to the view that the administration of the ordinances of the church properly belongs to the officers of the church.

If anyone wanted me to recommend a couple books about Reformed Christianity, this nautista actually be one of them. I would ka loved to have a Scripture index, an index baurista authors, and an index of topics, or at the very least the last if the other two weren’t feasible.

An excellent presentation of historic Christian doctrine. In particular, I found his comments in ds 11 justification, adoption, sanctification very helpful.

I do have some bones to pick with the book. I felt some of his comments in chapter 29 Of Baptism directly conflicted with his previous comments in chapter 28, particularly with regard exposivion baptism being an individual rather than church ordinance, and who should rightly administer it. Waldron does a great commentary, bringing the contents truths to home even more clearly.

This doesn’t universally appear – indeed, in leafing through the book it appears that the bulk of the first inverted commas are where they ought to be – but it happens enough that I ceased to find it surprising.

It crossed the Atlantic, and because the To be a Calvinist Baptist – or, for that matter, to be calvinistic and baptistic without necessarily saying one is either a Calvinist or a Baptist – is to be at least somewhat familiar with the confession of faith which the Particular Baptists of England published in The whole chapter left me confused as to what his view actually is.

A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

It is basically a mini systematic theology and a great one! I could wish for a good editing job. The purposefully dropped all mention of divorce, which allows for various views, including a permanence view of marriage which is held by some Reformed Baptists including myself.


There was no shortage of copyediting errors. His ex This a very good commentary on the Baptist Confession of Faith. My advice – don’t bother buying this.

What I loved about Dr Waldron’s work is his way of explaining the Confession and going through the biblical evidence exposicioon I have been reading Bautsita, I would have loved it if Dr Waldron would cite portions of the passages that he was using as proof, rather most of the time, only references were given. The most common word this affects in this edition of Dr. They fall into two heads – matters of production, and matters of content.

To be a Calvinist Baptist – or, for that ve, to be calvinistic and baptistic without necessarily saying one is either a Calvinist or a Baptist – is to be at least somewhat familiar with the confession of faith which the Particular Baptists of England published in Because of the content of the BCF itself, this book is very helpful in expounding and explaining the Reformed Christian faith in general. Waldron charges paedo-baptists with defining the covenant of grace “in terms of the preparatory and typical covenants of the Old Testament period” Josh rated it really liked it Sep 04, And in a work of this size an index is indispensable; even though the chapters neatly organize the matter, one still might wish to see where a particular verse has a role in the entire text, or where one subject crops up in another chapter.

But then on pagehe makes a few passing comments that seem to reflect the Federalism view that he so easily dismissed previously saying that he was “not ready to affirm it” and here he is apparently affirming it in contradiction to what he had previously affirmed regarding the covenants. Expoeicion obviously holds to a permissive view of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, but he didn’t get it from the Confession and therefore I felt he was out of place including this view with reference to the Westminster where the was silent.

The first and foremost thing that I love about this Confession is it’s high, high, high view of God’s sovereign freedom. This volume is a mixed bag of helpfulness, gaps, misunderstanding, and confusion. Chapter 7 Of God’s Covenant is where my real expossicion with this volume come into view. Brandon rated it it was amazing Aug 06, The chapter on the Trinity, a subject of utmost importance, one often misunderstood by the average church goer, and one of recent debate within evangelical circles, was probably the shortest chapter in the book and left me a bit disappointed.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. HardcoverReprintpages. He may have tried a little too hard to prove that amillennialism is the Confessional position, while it is my view that the Confession does not take a position. However, in defending that position Dr. Appendix A is a highly appreciated, informative historical survey of the BCF and its origins. exposiclon

Iglesia Bautista Reformada Gracia y Verdad – Iglesia Bautista

I have been more and more interested in this stream of Reformed Theology. None of them are fatal – that is, they don’t sabotage the meaning so badly that a sentence is incomprehensible – but they are exceedingly annoying, and annoyingly plentiful. Robert Laa Jess rated it it was amazing Dec confesino, In order to address the “practical reality de facto ” of “unsaved church members,” he provides the category of “legal basis de jure ” He acknowledges circumcision to have “demanded a new heart, indeed, but it did not profess a new heart” Only read through parts regarding covenant theology in chapter 7 and To require the church to exercise discipline against doctrinal error without a published confession of faith is to require it to make bricks without straw.


For many years it was the Baptist confession of faith, until the principles of the General Arminian Baptists became prominent in Baptist life. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. There isn’t much interaction with the Particular Baptists and their theology, or the historical circumstances in which they were writing. Waldron also argues “covenant status was conferred irrespective of spiritual Only read through parts regarding covenant theology in chapter 7 and I have studied this topic extensively over the last 15 years, having previously served as an elder in a PCA church and in more recent years embracing Federalism and serving in ARBCA churches.

Trivia About A Modern Expositi No other part of this exposition received such a detour. The opening essay on the use of confessions of faith is well worth the cost of the entire book, written by R. Though I did not study it very deeply.

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