Technology: VCL, Product: Installation (VCL), Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite. Technology: VCL, Product: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite v and ExpressQuantumGrid. Today I installed ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite by using DevExpressVCLProductsexe. Installation was.

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Runtime Grouping Capabilities without writing a single line of code. Applies to TestComplete Essentially then you have a loaded stringgrid not a DBGrid. Bart Greyson replied on Jul First, you need to re-compile the QuantumGrid package with debug information.

Experience with TMS Component Pack or ExpressQuantumGrid Suite –

You’d use a bound mode to only load the records that the grids displays, or? NET and give everything a brand new look and feel. I’d try them both as a trial, but I don’t have the time to do so in a decent way.

The learning curve is short and quick. So I bought the TMS components. Please download the trial version http: But i can’t drag them on form. The basic difference is how the data is treated. The ability to summarize data Count, Sum, Avg, etc. Is this page helpful? I especially want the DB-aware grid component to be powerful enough, but I need good DB-aware edit controls too. I am in the middle of a major corporate database front end development effort and am using the ExpressGrid and MemData heavily.


It has a Text property, and that can be blank. Everything needed to be more efficient.

Preparing Application With QuantumGrid Controls for TestComplete | TestComplete Documentation

Walter Map, De Nugis Curialium. The dbgrid also has some annoying features which I won’t go into because it may be due to me being too stupid. We can contribute to keeping Delphi alive and moving in the right direction. All components support Delphi ! Has anyone made a similar move?

Looked a the user guide at the above web site. You may also want to ask the author to repost the attachment. That is, it looks like See related articles to this posting. Changing the order of the data in a “proper” DBGrid would mean rerunning the query epxressquantumgrid if all the data is loaded into a stringgrid based DBGrid you can simply resort in memory. Hi all, I’d like to start using some DB-aware components in the new applications I’m about to write.

Again without writing code. Both of them are very capable and allow things to look pretty. The flexibility to allow you to control every aspect of the Grid, both at design time and runtime. Still I learned there are some decent alternatives, like the one from EhLib for exammple, that I will keep in mind.

Is there a lot of difference regarding functionality?

The error generated expressquantumgrdi the Zip attachment is: I will now be upgrading to Devexpress. Runtime Row Resizing so your users can adjust the height of QuantumGrid rows to meet their specific needs.


There are quite some products out there, so I wonder what product you guys use? At that point the grid has all the data loaded. Before delivering the release version of your application, remember to compile the QuantumGrid package and your project without debug info to reduce the application size.

Preparing Application With QuantumGrid Controls for TestComplete

One example would expressquantumfrid if you load the resultset of a query into a grid. File Exploration is Disabled We’re sorry, but errors in the uploaded zip file prevent it from being explored. You’d use a bound mode to only load the records that the grids displays, or? NET component suite and if so would they reccomend one.

In a stringgrid all of the data is loaded into memory, with a big dataset this can a use up a lot of memory and b take quite a while.

For the TMS grid you could set up the datasource for the grid, open the dataset with PageMode set then once the data is loaded set it to False, and preferably set the datasouce to nil.

William Meyer replied on Jul Again, this is just a property setting Methods that make your job easier

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