(free plans). Spies,Victory, SuperTrino. ( bytes) ( bytes) ( . What is F3P and F3P-AM? F3P is the indoor equivalent of F3A precision aerobatics (pattern) where a fixed wing aircraft flies through a set of prescribed. Oct 13, This link from has MANY f3p plans available and quite a lot of them have build thread with many people having tested the plane.

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Make money from own plans and accept donations. Also, can you translate kolfiberlist for me? I think I’m going to try to use 2 cells this year with 40C packs. It has been downloaded times. There is another F3P plane on the same site, a biplane called the Silence.

They’re still based on Justshootme’s outlines. You can help us to improve our search results by helping us to edit a few plans listings. Files View all Files in thread. Shipped in business days. A friend of mine is doing his Polaris. All 3 planes are scaled so that they have equal wing area.

You can share your builds at our Forum under the Build Logs section. Clik has a much larger and shorter coupled tailplane than the other two Index has a v3p longer nose and the side area is distributed further forward Clik and Manta wing planforms are similar with the Index being higher aspect ratio and more swept Clik has a far larger rudder than the Manta with the Index somewhere in between Clik has the largest fuselage side area and the Manta the plabs Index has less fuselage area below the centreline than the other two I’ve also attached the same drawing but replacing the Index with the Index 2.


Links for loads of PDF Plans

Yeah I also came across Parkjets. I think I’ll build all 3: Keyword Search Pick only one from each group and keep in mind that we are in the process of editing all the plans so only the plans already edited will show up. I imagine most of pans in the northern hemisphere will be starting into the indoor flying season shortly.

Hope this helps Seth. I have build 2 Index’s and all I have to say is that they are awesome.

PDF Bitmap Foam Plans AeroFred – Download Free Model Airplane Plans

The picture is of the V2. I hope people enjoy the Pluma. Oct palns, When you pick keywords from the panel above you are asking the system to return you the plans that contain those keywords. Share your Builds tofx5 will surely like to see what you have build from his plans Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

It’s free and simple to use. Do you have a non-tiled version to look at? Thread starter ananas Start date Oct 13, Last edited by Just ShootMe; Oct 03, at For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Feel free to post in this thread but don’t be offended if I delete them after a while. Want to see more Search Results?


I pllans a brushless with mah 3 cell lipos. It contains mostly plans of jets but there is a hydro plane as well, and some freaky stuff like an Enterprise D: The intention is to keep all the content in the first few posts so you don’t have to trawl through a huge thread to find what plams looking for.

Ohio Joined Jan 92 Plan. Index 2 added I’ve added a link and picture for the Index 2.

Oct 25, Nice plans, Thank you Gary Fuller. Gallery Post a picture with your links if you have one. I could get it from Corel into Autocad, but the size was messed up and the text in the title block was gone so I did not plana what to scale it up to. There’s less feedback on most of the other designs. Aug 01, See his comments rega Every day our Listing Editors set details like wingspan, weight or model type, on many plans, thanks to them you are now seeing these filtered results.

May 20, Would you like to edit this plan? Nov 13, About the Nehmo Plan This plan is Great Idea I think I can do that! Apr 15, ,

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