Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Emma Holly reads and re-reads a wide variety of authors, including Nick Hornby, Sharon Shinn, and Christine Feehan. Emma Holly’s *Fairyville *, reviewed & recommended women’s fiction. Sexy, contemporary fun from the USA Today bestselling author of All U Can Eat. Meet Zoe Clare, a medium who has no trouble communicating with the dead.

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Surely their natural children shouldn’t be able to levitate objects?

Excerpt: Fairyville

She liked to share her news with her disincarnate spouse and get his advice on the decisions of daily life. Emma Holly is just a pleasure to read. She felt his tongue push into her mouth and heard her own knee-jerk moan of excitement.

Be warned, it’s hot, steamy, sensual, erotic and romantic! Truth is hllly wants her but can’t have her because he is Fey and can’t tell her the truth emna his situation in her world.

The plot was thin, and more than a little far-fetched even for a paranormal erotica novelbut it was easy to overlook the negatives because of how incredibly well Emma Holly does hot and steamy.

As soon as Alex and Bryan arrive in Fairyville, strange things begin to happen – rocks shower on them in a hotel room, angels are summoned by Zoe to rescue them, and a relative of Alex’s speaks to him from beyond the grave. Wacky, Faoryville style fairies, a psychic that talks to dead people, old lovers, new lovers, [sometimes both rmma the same time: Alex left Fairyville under a cloud after being discovered having sex with his football coach, but Zoe still loves him and his arrival in town rekindles some of the feelings.

She was certain when his lips covered hers. He was looking at her steadily, as if whatever he was thinking was serious. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And maybe explore some new ones. I also didn’t like to see her suffering for two years, watching him with other women. Alex’s infatuated emmx Zoe, longed to explore-reconnect-renew his passion with Zoe while facing his fall-from-grace situation with the town.


So overall, I really thought this one could have been better. But she can’t seem to get her feelings across to her landlord-slash-manager- Magnus Monroe, Fairyville, Arizona’s most eligible bachelor.

Zoe knew she had to stop whatever he was going to say. You had to go and make this harder than it was. He clucked his tongue in exasperation, then tipped her head back and held her face.

May 11, Annika rated it it was ok Shelves: Sep 26, Jane Stewart rated it it was ok Shelves: Sweet Zoe loved her sweet-kind manager-advisor-landlord, Magnus, for the last two years. It was a larger gathering than usual. To add to the complication, Alex is visiting with his fellow private investigator, Bryan McCallum, with whom he’s just started a sexual relationship.

One of them has to have sex during the full moon to be able to stay in this world rather than fairie, but he can’t sleep with the heroine because “he would have to give her heart back” after the full moon. I felt sorry for Magnus and his dilemma but when he tricked Bryan faidyville bothered rmma. I can believe it. The conditions of him staying are after having sex with multiple women, he has to return their hearts to them, in exchange for his Visa of sorts.

Magnus loved that cactus. I really enjoyed this book.

Fairyville — All About Romance

Teresa was watching her customers from behind the coffee bar today. My only teeny, tiny, insignificant, minor little disappointment lies in the off-camera resolution of a problem. Alexander Goodbody, however, hasn’t arrived alone. Where does he get the right to override her choices? Yeah I know it is an erotica but still it had the potential to be an off the wall paranormal.

I think what fairyvolle it difficult for me was that there was so very little world building and explanation of why the Fey in this holly the sexual tendencies they did. No stars for this one, so I thought it was going to be a good story. Don’t think I have come across another title yet that involved 6ft5 hunky fairy men. May 04, Mitzi rated it really liked it Shelves: Luckily the inhabitants of Fairyville, Arizona are used to the out of the ordinary and so they don’t find her talent particularly strange.


Denial and his lady-obsession and all the ways they could ohmigod Ultimate Stud and his pining gay lover to solve their problems with surrogacy His gaze burned down at her from his greater height. Now if it ha I really liked the alternate world created in this story with the fey both large and small and the psychic abilities.

I want this for you. This is definitely one of the loves – if you could imagine Jennifer Crusie writing an erotic, this is it. He seems to like her very much, yet every full moon he spends the night with another woman, although that’s a one-off and he doesn’t see the woman again.


I normally like Emma Holly’s brand of sensuality but this time it just didn’t make sense. She would have stepped away, would have salved her pride somehow, but he brushed her cheek with his fingertips.

His green eyes darkened a second before his face followed suit, a flush washing up his chiseled cheeks. Fairyvillle 19, Christine D rated it did not like it. She did cry then, horrible, sniffly sobs that had her gasping into the tissue Mrs. This was my first book from Emma Holly and it rmma be the last. Teresa used real cups, mismatched china she picked up in junk stores. One Zoe Clare saw dead people.

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