Eberron – D&D – Faiths of Eberron – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. By Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Ari Marmell, C.A. Suleiman. In Faiths of Eberron, you’ll find many faiths — and many dictory truths might. In the world of Eberron, the realms of the gods depends on the belief of the followers. Contradictory truths might both be correct. Vague legends might be fact .

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The Silver Flame itself resides within the impressive Cathedral of the Silver Flame, around eerron the city of Flamekeep is built and from which both the church and the nation of Thrane is governed. Elves who share a common ancestor will compete with each other to become the perfect embodiment of their patron.

Religions of Eberron – Wikipedia

Wake of the Ravager Eberrin Sun Online: New Feats Chapter 7: You are hardened to the attacks of the undead. Followers revere a positive energy they call il-Yannah “the Great Light”. Religions in Eberron are not in general specific to a race, although both the elven Undying Court and the kalashtar Path of Light are not commonly ebrrron by other races. The idea that good people can do evil is a central concept in Eberron.


Shattered Lands Dark Sun: You can channel divine energies to protect your allies from Faiths of Eberron Excerpts.

Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. As a result, clerics have no alignment restrictions whatsoever.

Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. The excerpts below include a list of feats, a cleric quick-reference, and most of Chapter 4, which covers the Blood of Vol. They seek to, through spiritual meditation and other subtle means, bring about the Turn of the Wheel of Dal Quorwhich would result in the destruction of the current Dal Quor and its evil Quori denizens.

Cults of the Dragon Below Khyber Cult. This Month’s Dragon Magazine. Faiths of Eberron Type Sourcebook Edition 3rd ed.

This page was last edited on 14 Mayat The cult’s domains are Death, Evil, Law and Necromancy, and the favored weapon is the dagger. But to every worshiper, the divine presence manifests in miraculous magic, boons for the faithful, and undeniable holy power. You can call on your personal strength of will io The friars, finally, are zealous missionaries trying to spread the faith to areas where the church does not yet exist.

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Religions of Eberron

However, many good-aligned characters pay tribute to them—a sailor might make an offering to appease the Fakths, to ensure his next voyage will not be hindered by the sea god.


You are hardened to the attacks of the beings of Divine magic, however, clearly exists and most people believe it originates from the gods. The Dark Six scheme against the Sovereign Host, each for differing reasons, and their ebeerron likewise scheme against followers of the Sovereign Host. Like all modern Quori, Taratai sprang from the Dream of the Age, known as il-Lashtavar roughly translated as “the darkness that dreams”.

With enough good acts and obedience, a person can ascend to join these spirits.

Faiths of Eberron Excerpts

Like most gods of Eberron, the Dark Six do not have any direct influence in the world, and there is no conclusive evidence that they even exist. Sign In Don’t have an account? This page was last edited on 21 Mayat Shattered Lands Dark Sun: If they even exist at all is a question open for debate.

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