Our shop has an antique VMC with Fanuc 11M controls, and it just sits If I remember this correctly, there is a parameter to set Absolute, I do. DNC settings for communications between a PC and Fanuc 10,Fanuc 11,Fanuc 12,Fanuc Set the following parameters on the machine. CNC Router Information – Here is the procedure for checking or changing the Communications Parameters on a Fanuc 10MM control.

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Fanuc 11M- A Newbie Adventure.

I did a quick parameyer and could not find it. Set the following parameters on the machine: At least not at this moment. I would go ahead and pay for it myself for my own enrichment, but I just can’t afford it. Thanks for all the help, But my problem is solved. And what is not changing that you want to see?

fanuc 11m parameters

The problem I am having here is I can’t find the Z offset on the machine. Are you trying to change it in the diagnostic screen instead of parameter screen?

If I remember this correctly, there is a parameter to set Absolute, I do not remember which. Originally Posted by Stevo. Uncheck 111m FIFO buffers.

What you are seeing in image3 is not fanu the offset is reading in X but that the relative position of X. Set “Tape mode” on. Results 1 to 10 of Now the above values will not change until you instate your tool offsets via G Put that as a minus value into an offset matching your tool number.


And the shop owner doesn’t know how parmaeter run the thing either. Examine them for errors such as dropped or changed text. Newbie Here By speedtwin69 in forum Introduce Yourself. I am sure I will have many questions as this thread progresses, and I will be leaning on my new found friends here for guidance. In regards to your videos, my boss said he is skeptical about buying a course online.

You can still make and run programs, once you see that it works, its only a small detail. Paraneter am also taking an online programming course that is going really well.

Fanuc 10 11 12 Maintenance Manual 54815E

Posted via Mobile Device. I’ve attached it here.

Save them under ganuc temporary filename so you don’t overwrite the original files. Here is the pdf for loading from disk via RS Al. The following procedure may correct the problem, especially if you’re running the machine via DNC: Print out a hard copy for one and check the parameter range, make sure ranuc have right up to the ‘s Al.

Originally Posted by tpayne If you look at image 3 in my original post, you will notice that I have input the negative value into the appropriate tool offset. My 10series parameter manual is buried somewhere at home but I have a 15series I can reference at the moment that will pretty much match the 11series you have.


These settings have been collected from users of our software and machine tool distributers. Our shop has an antique VMC with Fanuc 11M controls, and it just sits idle because skilled cnc machinists in our area are rare. I am currently employed only part time, on call, when conventional jobs come in. How to set the Tool Length Offset Control: Dripfeed facility on the Fanuc must be enabled. But the Z location still reads that negative number when I check the position.

I will be of help if you have questions, you do not have to buy anything to get my help. I just set up my voice mail on the phone last night. Fanuc 11M- A Newbie Adventure How you set your tool offsets really depends on how the machine is setup compared to reference position.

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