Feats are cards that have abilities such as movement, regeneration, etc. They cost “points” to use them in the game. The amount of “points” they cost is in the. This upcoming event they said no resources (probably an oversight) so that opens the door for me to use some Feats. What are you favorite. I’m playing in a tournament next week with feats and Battlefield conditions. What are some characters to pair up with feats and Battlefield.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Also, always check with the Judge beforehand hheroclix make sure you know how they’re handling Feats. Having trouble finding a venue? Log in or sign up in seconds.

Top Ten Greatest Feats of HeroClix — and 10 horrible ones (3 of 4)

Originally Posted by Surfer13 So going back to the Shellhead feat, with impervious, invulnerability, or toughness as a prerequisite, if I am playing this guy And yes, all Feats are Print-and-Play.

Usable is not the same as assigned. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. As far as prerequisites go, they have to be showing in order for the feat to be usable unless otherwise noted.

Feb Join Date: Jan Join Date: There was never a restriction on using feats or BFCs with resources as far as I remember.

Still a good feat without Oracle. Heroclix submitted 2 years ago by clixland.

Game mechanics built in vacuums that would never be made in the same era that lead to such abusive combos that people don’t show up. What Feats did you use that majorly backfired? WizKids used to just throw away money on these stinkers that no one wanted to even pull, let alone play, like the 5 worst feat:. This feat gives each character that has it the ability to increase one stat of theirs by one at the beginning of their turn, and lasts until their next turn.


Wolverazio Moderator Online Online Status: For a while, since there was no errata to it being golden ageplayers would play other Oracle figures with it to gain mind control and other shenanigans. It requires getting hit to work. Originally Posted by Wolverazio Game mechanics built in vacuums that would never be made in the same era that lead to such abusive combos that people don’t show up.

Feats and Resources – HeroClix Realms

Also, again if memory serves, all of the feats and BFCs were retired before the first resource appeared so it was never an issue in Wizkids’ eyes, anyway. Okay, that’s what I get for not looking at feats, but I know that a prerequisite doesn’t have to be there to assign a feat and never said it did.

Any judge that allows that shouldn’t be a judge outside of some special scenario. Stunning blow essentially says the same thing.

All times are GMT If you had the Oracle Legacy figure, so much the better. That’s the kind of crap I would never think of, but I can see that being super effective and hard to beat short of a strong Superman over points.

Feats and Resources I have had a hard time finding current rulings for “past rules” stuff, and I am unsure how some things work. What are you favorite Feat combos? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It also had a thing that allowed it to be used with the actual Oracle figure, so one of the feat users could take an action to chose a power on Oracle’s dial and use it as if they had it.


Surfer13 Member Offline Online Status: Was always fun read: The Outwit prerequisite on it is now functionally meaningless, since prerequisites are only checked on use, and the game has no way to check for it I’ve gone over this in threads in the past.

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Point for point, for a ceats time this was possibly the best 20 or more points one could spend in HC. I’m not seeing an official ruling that allows the double damage with the Stunning Blow and Gravitron’s trait. Submit a new text post.

Feats and Battlefield conditions help self. Where does one go about getting the feat cards nowadays? Herpclix a new link. The time now is A simple way to make weenies a legit threat on the board. If it is on my force am I still able to place 2 light object and 1 heavy? Heroclix submitted 3 years ago by Coozinator. Originally Posted by burleigh2 Wow I would suggest at least downloading the old rulebook from Heroclix.

Feats can be played with Resources. If you are having problems registering to an account, feel free to Contact Us. It was never updated to work under the herocclix iteration of the rules for Feats.

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