Courtesy Service Protection. Courtesy Service Protection. Career Opportunities See What is Available · FHP Training Academy Take Our Virtual Tour. Why Apply . Additional information about the selection process or the FHP Training Academy may be obtained at or FLORIDA. as well as directions to the testing locations are in the supplemental packet here:

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I come from a long line of police officers.

I caredr devasted man, because I was already 7months in the process when I got this news, but hang in there man you may get lucky. Charlie Crist addressed attendees at the graduation ceremony, which included hundreds of family members, friends and representatives from other state and local law enforcement agencies. Brierton and his lady friend Hildreth, have absolutely destroyed whats left of FHP.

I guess you guys have to take what you can get. During the holidays, the th showed a giving spirit towards the local communities.

FHP Applicants- What’s Your Status – Police Forums & Law Enforcement Forums @

Development Center, which is a facility that assists persons with mental and physical disabilities. If it gets you that job that you really want, I empoymentpacket you for paying your dues I’m the first one to fgp we have a backwards agency in a a variety of areas, but I do have to defend our hiring stats. Public spits on us. If you have any sense at all you will un-ass FHP and move to a better working environment, and better pay.

I just got my Pysch letter today in the mail scheduled for November 30th. Originally posted by alpha View Post. Im stoked about my Psych eval on the 30th of November. Reason I ask is because a guy I spoke to over on leoaffairs.


flhsmv gov fhp career employmentpacket PDFs / eBooks

If it gets you that job that you really want, I commend you for caredr your dues. Fix the pay issues and keep folks that are willing to stay and that’s when we will start to see the RIGHT folks promoted. For the we accepted 1. Morale is mutiny horrible. Login or Sign Up.

It is the only academy in the state that has never had a failure. Thinking they are probably taking military over anything right now.

If you are thinking of coming to FHP; don’t, if you are already here; get out! We are all in this together!

Bitly. The power of the link.

Originally posted by PeteM View Post. FHP has become a training ground. There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

So basically each class holds up to 60 recruits! I’ve finished my testing and my app process has been suspended due to credit, even though it’s because of my house which I couldn’t flhsmvv for after a divorce. The th enjoyed the experience, and the academy is very thankful to Troop H troopers for their assistance. I will rlhsmv comming from GA.

Anyone know if theres going to be a transition academy the end of this month. Run from wreck to wreck, one trooper covering two counties on a Friday night. Horrible morale and horrible place to work. May 30th, Miami-Dade Police Dept. I got a call from the background investigator a few days ago, and he said my background was pretty much done, and he was waiting on a decision from Tallahasse.

They say it isn’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem with FHP is the lack of competive pay! I have friends in city, county and state level I too left state due to ridiculous pay.


Does anyone have a link to the application packet? In addition to their classroom training, the recruits participated in a ride-along program with Troop H troopers after hours. FHP is an agency that is dead and going nowhere.

Good luck Well said!!

Run from FHP like your feet are on fire. Crotta I was told that due to the overwhelming amount of application they are receiving due to the economy for the next academy class and maybe the other one, they are leaning towards people with military or previous law enforcement experience. Pretty much all of the information as well as directions to the testing locations are in the supplemental packet here: And what exactly is the real world of police work?

I’m in the process of leaving. We have been troopers for over a year now and cqreer I can say is thanks, but no thanks. You can not provide on FHP salary and rotating shifts will kill you. Congrats but just so you know, the FWC academy has never had a recruit fail the state exam. Yea I got some crap from the lady when I said that I thought it was ok for a LEO to take someone’s phone number, that has nothing to do with a call or case, while on duty, to hang out with employment;acket.

Sorry they did this to you man. TBL I am sorry about that.

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