The exhibition of FLORIAN BEIGEL & PHILIP CHRISTOU, a dream of innocence, at the Betts Project – 7 Architects in Practice. Posted on March. The architect and educator Florian Beigel has died aged Tributes have been pouring in for the founder and director of the Architecture. Biography. Florian Beigel in partnership with Philip Christou practice, teach and research architecture. Florian Beigel is the director of the Architecture Research.

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His ideas culminated in the proposal for Florixn, a new coastal city in South Korea, conceived as a series of constructed islands rather like Venice, each with its own urban form and character. Show 25 25 50 All.

They were followed by a series of competition wins between andwhich proposed the transformation of large-scale former industrial sites in Berlin and eastern Neigel. Threads collapsed expanded glorian. A significant influence on many well-known practitioners, in the UK and internationally, ARU was also instrumental in transforming its host institution from a rather minor London architecture school into an internationally respected one. The first important project was the Half Moon theatre in east London, during which Florian was joined by his partner and long-term collaborator, Philip Christou.

Architecture Research Unit: Florian Beigel

Florian Beigel, who has died aged 76, was a hugely clorian architect and teacher. It was a fully realised landscape infrastructure, within which ARU also constructed three fascinating buildings, Youlhwadang and Positive Thinking publishing houses, and Youlhwadang Book Hall.

Their distinctive characters also demonstrated a move towards figurative architecture. He found the city in which he was to live for the rest of his life animated at that moment by both student protest and Beatlemania — an intoxicating mix of politics and pleasure.

Construction is planned to begin in the spring of Landscapes were conceived as rooms and rooms were invested with the potential of landscape or city, within which traces of past, present and potential futures were overlaid. However, it was an appointment into teach at the Polytechnic of North London that provided him with the physical and intellectual space to florkan address his ambitions. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Inwhile still a student, Florian had designed a prefabricated beigep in Biberach for his mother, which was erected in one day and is still occupied by his sister, Elisabeth.


The image of this room has a friendly and yet generous feeling.

This is one aspect of this test model that we are not yet quite convinced about. The light from the high window above the cabinet, and its sister window next to it in the roof, give a gentle indirect glow in the depth of the room, and the large windows that stand on the floor beyond the stone wall on the right, and behind the viewer, illuminate the foreground. He was made professor of architecture there in We wanted to see when making this model if the dimensions and spacing of the exposed rafters on the ceiling are contributing to this feeling.

This photograph was made of a physical model as part of the ongoing process beeigel working on the design. However, with ARU the pace slowed, and he went on to realise only a small number of built works.

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However, as he pointed out in his acceptance speech, Florian wished first and foremost to be considered an architect; this was the passion that underpinned everything he did. Although a few of these projects were only partially realised, their conception of context, time and the power of the void as tools for architecture became highly influential.

Florian Beigel Architects

These projects also laid the foundations for a more consolidated body of work in South Koreawhere in ARU designed Paju Book City, which was devoted to the editing, publishing, printing and distribution of books.

It seems to make the table which is quite large and the black chimney with its little fire box, and the whole room smaller, more warm and inviting. Conceived as a clorian environment in which thinking and doing were inseparable, the unit, with its synthesis of studying, drawing, making and building as a continuous process, was to revolutionise the ways in which architecture was thought about and taught.


Through this body of work, Florian questioned traditional vlorian of large and small, and the usual distinctions between history and modernity. ARU was established following the design and construction of a bigel of innovative, widely published grid-shell structures with students.

Florian Beigel – Wikipedia

Radically cosmopolitan, it represented for this idealistic young architect a place to avoid the inevitable limitations of conventional practice, and to search instead for new ways to think about and experience the world. Search website Search drawings. The architectural beeigel team includes: Model built by Yuxin Wu. In London this was largely confined to a series of elegant interiors; intimate micro-urbanisms that he considered analogous to the more substantial work ARU was able to engage in elsewhere.

For more than 40 years, Architecture Research Unit, his studio at the Polytechnic of North London now London Metropolitan Universityeducated successive generations of architects both directly and vicariously, through his compelling lectures, writings and drawings, its numerous, beautiful publications, and a small but important body of built work.

The presence of this last element, the beigeo wall of cabinets as a body that does not extend the entire length of the wall, is particularly important, we think, in the way that it offers an intimate, almost domestic quality to the space of the room.

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