The assembly of a number of individual gas pipettes of the. Hempel type for a special purpose, as in the ordinary Orsat apparatus for flue gas analysis, is familiar. 3 INTRODUCTION To have proper control on combustion process, an idea about complete or complete combustion of fuel is made by the analysis of flue gas. Determination of calorific value of a fuel by Bomb calorimeter. ➢ Flue gas analysis by ORSAT apparatus. ➢ Study of valve timing diagram of Diesel Engine.

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Their stop-cocks are then closed. Auth with social network: Its indirect measurement can be done if we know the volumetric analysis of the dry flue gas.

Although largely replaced by instrumental techniques, the Orsat remains a reliable method of measurement and is relatively simple to use. The main constituents of the flue gases are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen. The gas is again sent to the burette. Let C be the percentage by weight of carbon in the fuel. Since one mole of any gas occupies the same volume under the same conditions of temperature and pressure.

The other end is yas with a three-way stop-cock, the free end of which is further connected to a U-tube packed with analyeis wool for avoiding the incoming of any smoke particles, etc.

FLUE GAS ANALYSIS ORSAT APPARATUS. – ppt video online download

We will convert this volumetric analysis into gravimetric analysis and then aplaratus procedure is same as the above article. To find excess air supplied, first we have to consider the oxygen required for combustion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and after deducting this oxygen from the oxygen present in the flue gases, the excess oxygen is obtained.

Each pipette is made of two pipettes joined together by a glass tube at the bottom as shown. In order to get the analysis of the exhaust gases by volume, first the analysis of the exhaust gases is found by weight, i. After leveling the liquid in the bottle and burette, the remaining volume of gas is assumed to be nitrogen and indicates the percentage of carbon dioxide absorbed. Now the cock a is opened and the sample of the gas is forced into the first reagent pipette containing KOH by raising the aspirating bottle.


Share buttons are a little bit lower. It consists of a apparqtus measuring bottle also called as eudiometer, an aspirating bottle, three double reagant pipettes to absorb CO 2O 2 and CO. Note here that hydrogen has to be considered for finding the total oxygen required.

The condition required for this method is that the formation of free carbon does not take place. Now, when the volumetric analysis of the products of combustion is known, we can convert the volumetric analysis into gravimetric analysis in converting volume into weight of the gas by multiplying the volume with the molecular weight of the gas.

Views Read Edit Apparaatus history. OK Air Quality Revision. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The three cocks a, b, c and a three way cock are closed.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Appxratus C be the percentage of carbon in one kg of fuel and the percentage analysis of the dry flue gas by weight is as given below: The aspirating bottle is lowered so that the eudiometer reads zero on graduated scale.

Now consider the percentage analysis of the wet products. The burette contains slightly acidulated water with a trace of chemical indicator typically methyl orange for colouration.

Flue Gas Analysis by Orsat Apparatus | Combustion | Thermodynamics

The lower end of the burette is connected to a water reservoir by means of a long rubber tubing. Orphaned articles from June All orphaned articles. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Generally, the composition of solid or liquid fuels is expressed by weight, whereas that of the gaseous fuels is expressed by volume. The gas in the burette is expelled to the atmosphere to remove any air left in the joints, tubes, etc. The absorption bulbs are usually filled with glass tubes, so that the surface area of contact between the gas and the solution is increased. Products of combustion are in the gaseous state and the analysis of the products of combustion will be in volumes or volumetric analysis will be obtained.


Once this excess oxygen is obtained, then we can find the weight of excess air supplied. Then their respective valves are closed. Table given below will show this procedure of converting volumetric analysis into gravimetric analysis.

The study of quantitative measurements in chemical formulas and reactions Chemistry — Mrs. Metallurgy Job Interview Questions and Answers. When H 2 O vapours are included in the exhaust or flue gases, then the products of combustion are wet. An Orsat gas analyser is a piece of laboratory equipment used to analyse a gas sample typically fossil fuel flue gas for its oxygencarbon monoxide and carbon dioxide content.

Flue Gas Analysis by Orsat Apparatus | Combustion | Thermodynamics

Then the chemical equations can be written as. Once we have the analysis of the products of combustion by weight, we can convert this into volumetric analysis lrsat the products of combustion. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Now the three way cock is kept in the closed position.

The three-way stop-cock is then closed. Aspirating bottle is moved up and down several times to ensure the complete absorption of CO 2 by KOH solution in reagent pipette.

Potassium Hydroxide Caustic Potash. Typically, ml is withdrawn for ease of calculation. Therefore, weight or gravimetric analysis can be converted into volumetric analysis by dividing the weight of the gas by its molecule weight to get the volume of the gas.

CO2 first, O2 second and CO last.

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