Fluke — A — Service and User Manual Revision: Manual-ID/Number: Date: 01 2 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Fluke Handheld True RMS Multimeter Calibration Manual, PDF, K. Fluke Fluke A Digital Multimeter Instructrion Manual, PDF, M. Digging through my old junk I found an old Fluke A meter. old test leads I need to dig up but does anybody have a manual for this thing?.

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Connect the oscilloscope external sync input via a X10 probe to TP 16 during the remainder of this procedure. Garland, Texas Federal Pacific Co. Co Fullerton, California Components Corp. Other offers may also be available. Texas Bucheye Stamping Co.

Have one to sell? The readout manuzl continuously updated and includes decimal point, polarity Vdc only and a mV dc range annunciator 20 M O and D annunciators are also included for use with the Ohms Converter Option. If the inverter checks out, test the voltage dropped across R Saugus, California Fenwal Electronics Inc.

Fluke A Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual P/N | eBay

Via Giuseppe Armeiimi 37 Rome. Lawrence, Massachusetts Leecraft Mfg. Box RoomBoondo Bldg.

Freeport, New York Bussmann Mfg. Sep 7, 2, This section of the manual contains informa- tion concerning maintenance and servicing of the Model A Digital Multimeter. BZ busy from the instrument to the DOU occurs in synchronous with the second ST0 signal after a measurement is complete and lasts for one strobe cycle. Then adjust R40 for a reading of Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. The A uses a constant current source and comparison technique for converting unknown resistance values into equivalent voltages.


When the same f,uke is applied to a resistance of known value and a resistance of unknown value the voltage level developed across each is directly proportional to the value of each resistance. Table 7A-1 defines the assembly revision levels documented in this manual with an X.

Maximum Input Voltage for all Functions and Ranges flkke When an unknown resistance is connected between these terminals an I-R drop is created 88810a the resistor. Thank you for looking at our listing.

Repairing a Fluke 8810A Multimeter

Before attempting to make precise dc voltage or resistance measurements the 88I0A should be energiz- ed and allowed to stabilize at the ambient temperature for at least 30 minutes. Perform all repairs at a static free work station.

The logic control gates U13, U14, and U15 and the custom integrated circuit Ull use the 5 volt difference in potential between the volt supply and volt supply for the logic control signal levels.


If re- placement is necessary, use an AGC Vi ampere fuse for either 1 15 or V ac line power, If the recom- mended equipment is not available, fluoe of equivalent specifications may be used.

Move the oscilloscope input to TP2. Fluke A Digital Multimeter. For observation of the control signals on the pins of Ull or logic control gates U13, U14, and U15 the oscilloscope return can be connected to TP8, the volt supply. This common mode potential can be caused by voltage differences in the ground lines or currents induced in them.

Autorange can also be manually selected as a range. A 1 MHz crystal Yl provides the base frequency from which the timing control signals are produced.

Bedford, Ohio Eimac Div. Box 3t BUC. Polychem Products Plastic Products Div. Chicago, Illinois Bell Industries Elect. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. Carefully check the A control settings:

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