Manufacturer: Fluke Networks. As PLC Hardware is not an Authorized Distributor of the products,manufacturer’s warranties may not apply. All listed logos. Rent or buy the DTX-MFM2 by Fluke Networks in the LAN Cable Testers industry at Fluke Networks DTX-MFM2 DTX Multimode Fiber Module Set. Get Free Shipping when you buy now from

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Place dust caps on the remote TRCs if it is more than a short walk to the other end.

Integrity Networks Alaska Branch. Most cords come with the test results in the bag. Adrian Young Creation Date: You will then be presented with the results of the Reference.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Welcome to Fluke Networks. You are now ready to test the fiber link, but before you do, let’s check out your TRCs. Would you prefer to visit our US affiliate www.

Architects, Consultants and Designers.

This is always the number of adapters per fiber strand added after the reference has been set. Press F2 OK when done. Connect the main and remote units together as shown below: Extreme Packets Case Study.


These values reflect the cleanliness of the Ports and TRCs. Remove the SC connectors from the Input Ports and put the dust caps back on them. Submit Request Add More Items. Save my login information. We’re looking to make sure the loss is no greater than 0.

Fluke Networks DTX-MFM2 DTX Multimode Fiber Module Set

Connect the TRCs to the link you’re testing. Mandrels must be used. And yes, you must inspect and clean these TRCs every time you use them – even new ones out of the bag. Failure to do so can result in good fiber links failing. Never use flhke insensitive multimode fiber for test reference cords. Ask our experts To ask our Fluke Networks experts a question please include your contact details. This will not affect the outcome of the result.

Contact us for more information. Request Quote on GlobalTestSupply. Pre-register for updates on when this product will be available for ordering. Let’s define what is acceptable and not acceptable.

More Fluke Networks Products. Our Member Store gives you access to the following advantages: The cladding has been chipped.


Category 8 Cable Testing. This dtc-mfm2 includes one lens. This setting changes the Refractive Index n value. Therefore, you must select at least one lens with this item.

Fluke Networks DTX-MFM2 DTX Multimode Fiber Module Set

Disconnect the main and remote units. This website uses Javascript for some features, please enable it to use the full functionality of this website. Have them try this in the office before leaving for the installation. It is critical to continually inspect the TRCs. According to the EPA, dust in an office can be anything from 2. Change the Fiber Type to the cable you are testing. If you cannot find your cable in the DTX Cable Library, look to the cable vendor’s website for their datasheet.

Please check with the supplier. Fiber Inspection and Cleaning. Copper Flule Testers and Tone Generators. You can enter the length of your TRCs here.

Accepted payment methods vary by country.

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