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FM (FM ). BROWNING MACHINE GUN,. CALIBER HB, M2. MARCH HEADQUARTERS. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. DISTRIBUTION. M Cal FM study guide by pythonregius24 includes 14 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help. Start studying M CAL FM Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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FM 3-22.65

Example weapons squad duty positions and responsibilities. The gunner indicates that he is ready to fire by yelling UP or having the assistant gunner raise his hand above his head toward the leader.

Effect of Slope on the Beaten Zone A Range is announced in meters. It is fired from the same gun position as the primary sector of fire. The mission of machine guns in battle is to deliver fires when and where the leader wants them in both the offense and defense. Army classifies automatic weapons fires with respect to the ground, target, and weapon. During movement moves to the right side of the gunner and no more than one meters rush away from the gun. In this instance, some other member of the platoon must observe the impact of the rounds and communicate adjustments to the gunner Figure A The method of applying fire to a target is generally the same for either a single gun or a pair of guns.

The top of the front sight post is aligned on the center base of the target. Fire commands do not need not be complete to be effective.

He should also designate no-fire zones or restricted fire areas to others. Because of dispersion, only that part of the beaten zone in which 85 percent of the rounds fall is considered the effective beaten zone.

Only automatic rifles use assault fire. A burst of fire is a number of successive rounds fired with the same elevation and point of aim when the trigger is held to the rear.

The extent of grazing fire and the extent of 3-2.65 space may be determined in two ways. Tripod-Mounted Machine Gun A MK 19 and M2 in the Defense A Gunners shift their fires without command when more dangerous targets appear.


Another method is to observe the flight of tracer ammunition from a position behind and to the flank of the weapon.

Keeps count between bursts and ensures gun does not fire out of turn. Like trajectory, maximum ordinate increases as the range increases Figure A All vocal commands from the leaders to change the rates of fire are accompanied simultaneously by hand-and-arm signals. The leader designates a small or obscure target by pointing with his finger or aiming with a weapon. Machine guns rarely, if ever, have independent missions.

When two or more gunners are engaging the same target and one stops firing, the other increases the rate of fire and covers the entire target. Vibration of the weapon and variations in ammunition and atmospheric conditions all contribute to the trajectories that make up the cone of fire Figure A Leaders must know the technical characteristics of their assigned weapon systems and associated ammunition to maximize their killing and suppressive fires while minimizing the risk to friendly forces.

FM – Appendix A – Machine Gun Employment « Infantry Drills

Machine gun fire has different effects on enemy targets depending on the type of ammunition used, the range to target, and the nature of the target. He then adjusts fire, regulates the rate 3-22.655 fire, shifts from one target to another, and ceases fire. They must also know how to distribute and concentrate their fire, and how to maintain the proper rate of fire. He also designates the midpoint and flanks or ends of a target, unless they are obvious to the gunner.

In many situations, the leader must issue orders directly to individual Soldiers. If tripod mounted, the traversing slide lock lever is loosened enough to permit the gunner to swing the gun laterally. Whether organic to the unit or attached, machine guns provide the heavy volume of close and continuous fire needed to achieve fire superiority.


Machine Gun as a Base of Fire A Coupling this knowledge with an accurate estimate of the length of time and rates of fire their guns are scheduled to fire will ensure enough ammunition resources to cover the entire mission. The key factor in this method of fire control is that gunners must be well disciplined and pay attention to detail. Application of fire consists of the methods the gunner uses to effectively cover an enemy target area.

Gunners have difficulty detecting and identifying targets during limited visibility. Initial fire commands are given to adjust onto the target, change the rate of fire after a fire mission is in progress, interrupt fire, or terminate the alert.

This produces the highest volume of fire the machine gun can fire, but can permanently damage the machine gun and barrel and should be used only in case of emergency.

The secondary sector of fire is assigned to the gun team to cover the second most fj avenue of enemy approach. Engagement and Employment A Security includes all command measures to protect against surprise, observation, and annoyance by the enemy.

Leaders consider the mission and organize machine guns to deliver firepower and fire support to any area or point needed to accomplish the assigned mission.

Using a tripod-mounted machine gun, the gunner places a log or board beneath the barrel, positioning it so the barrel, when resting on the log or board, is at the proper elevation to obtain grazing fire. Employment of machine guns used for air defense is guided by the following defense design factors:. Prearranged signals are either visual or sound signals such as casualty-producing devices rifle or claymorepyrotechnics, whistle blasts, or tracers.

He also places them where they can take advantage of grazing enfilade fires, stand-off or maximum engagement range, and best observation of the 3-22.665 area.

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