Chorus SR V Loudspeaker. 40% Off Entire Amazing-Sounding Focal Chorus V Loudspeaker Series. Surround Yourself With Sonic Brilliance: Focal’s. Mar 10, Focal’s new Chorus V Series speakers replace the S Series models, SR V surrounds ($1,/pair), and the SW V sub ($). Surround Speaker Focal Chorus SR V High-end audio components and hifi audio equipment specification.

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The Focal Chorus require an amplifier to drive the speakers, with the amplifier output ranging from 40W to W. GoldenEar Technology Triton One. Fluance Unveils focl Reference Series Turntables. I liked the new speakers’ richer balance. Burnside’s blues, I believed his every word. But still, watching the creature burning up, the sound of its searing flesh was chilling, and its last bellowing breath really rattled my bones.

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Sennheiser HD Headphones Review.

The centre speaker has a conventional twin bass plus flanking a single tweeter configuration. Exchange Offer cannot be clubbed with Bajaj Finserv for this product. The main speaker is a nominally full-range floorstander, with twin bass drivers. Acting is one thing; singing with a voice that sounds so rough it bleeds is something else.

The frequency range of the speakers range from 57Hz to 28KHz, providing brilliant mid-range and crystal clear treble sounds. But none the less I found the full Focal line to be stunningly clear and detailed.

The once dominant British loudspeaker industry is not what it used to be. In the final audition, the sales person was using a CD supplied by Focal for demoing the speakers V. My only true concern was for the speakers, because the DVD’s dynamics lacked the punch I’ve heard with some speakers in the Chorus’ price class.

Focal Chorus 836V with Chorus CC800V and Chorus SR 800V and Chorus SW 800V Speaker System

Exchange offer is not applicable with this product. One of the tracks was Stevie Ray Vaughn, more than any other speaker I’ve ever heard, the sound was completely disembodied from amps and speakers, and seem to float in the air.


The machined-metal, L-shaped piece that supports the tweeter is finished to sr80v high standard, and the cloth grilles’ aggressive V shape adds a dynamic flair.

Focal can engineer exactly the right driver for each and every foal model they make. Related Latest Reviews News. The speakers pack in a hefty 90dB sensitivity to provide you with unmatched sonic clarity.

Try new Snapdeal App for higher exchange discount. The SW V sub was probably part of the problem, but it’s certainly potent for its size, and it perfectly synched with the Chorus V speakers, which for sr800v, is the name of the game.

Shelf speaker – CHORUS SR V – FOCAL

The first thing you’ll notice about the Chorus range is the very sharp, distinctive, cuorus aesthetics. You can select only upto 4 items to compare. The speakers’ midrange clarity was also above and beyond what I expect from speakers in the Chorus’ price class. This was especially true in the bass. Register now to get updates on promotions and. The little guys are said to increase the speaker diaphragm rigidity without substantially increasing its weight. It is not so firmly wedded to the benefits of multichannel replay that it only performs adequately with film soundtracks.

The resulting sandwich construction is more than usually able to track fast-changing waveforms because they start and stop rapidly.

Focal Chorus | TechRadar

The speakers build on the hallmarked traditional sound of Focal and packaging them in a system which is both stylish as well as elegant. The system is relatively unfazed by volume level or seating position. The wee sub made the towers seem more full-range than they actually are. Also of interest to the music chrus is that this system has a natural ease and facility with music.


JMlab, based in France, has been conspicuously successful, and the product really is designed, and manufactured, in Focal’s own factories. The aluminium-magnesium alloy tweeter dome is inverted in standard Focal. Focal Chorus V The Focal Chorus V is an outstanding floor standing loudspeaker ensemble designed for the audiophile in you. Focal’s gray Polyglass woofers’ surfaces are coated with thousands and thousands of silica micro balls.

Focal’s Chorus V Series sounded very right to me.

But when he started to sing, cuorus performance didn’t ring true. Finish Moka – Natural Drivers 2 x The whole ensemble rests on a massive aluminium baseplate with retractable spiked feet to give it detachment from the floor and provide brilliant performance. The lowest frequency point of the speakers is 50Hz. I’m a big Samuel L. We will let you know when in stock. The frequency response range of the woofer is between 32Hz and Hcorus, with the lowest frequency point being 27Hz. Low Wired or Wireless Playback: What Focal has done is to develop a new enclosure-finish based on an acrylic coating technology which foccal similar to piano gloss, and which is applied to the baffle, rear and top panels, but which can be implemented at a much lower cost.

The pewter-colored metal is claimed to be very light and well damped to help minimize the ringing, often equated with a nasty harshness, you can sometimes get with metal-dome tweeters. One nitpickā€”I found the sub’s blue LEDs to be distractingly bright at night.

The sensitivity chkrus the speakers is at 92dB. Though I suspect, the Focal CD had very carefully controlled dynamics to maximize the sound quality.

The Focal Chorus CCV carries on the Focal tradition of merging high quality sound in an elegant package for truly all-round performance.

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