Micro Focus VM Explorer is a simple, affordable, and reliable virtual machine (VM ) backup solution for flexible server backup, recovery, and replication. Free trial. Vous avez besoin d’un entretien global SOLS + SURFACES? . FOCUS sur les microfibres LIN .. M FOCUS: entretien des moquettes et mousse sèche. Manfred Baumann est un photographe d’origine autrichienne. Il travaille principalement le nu artistique, le voyage et le portrait pour la publicité.

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When I work outdoor I always try to work with natural light. At the age of 20 I decided to become a professionnal photographer. I am always busy but I like that. What inspires you most? I lived for two years in toronto where I get closed in touch with this kind of work.

Everything which brings me in a creative mood is inspiration. Do you focd any specific lenses or do you use whatever is appropriate? If I had the possibility I try to work with this guidelines. Nature, people, animals … everything is inspiration. What do you enjoy about your job? Do you remenber your first photography sale? Recevoir les nouveaux articles! Accueil Focus Entretien avec Manfred Baumann.

He saw the picture in one of my exhibitions and because he was so fascinated I send him a copy entretiem a gift. The picture tells you a story or every detail in this picture is telling you something — the people walking around, why does the man look the way he does?


My next event is my book release — Celebrities. I love it to do something which is lots of fun. Il serait dommage de manquer les prochains articles, non? Sure I have a final look when I decide to put the picture in a book or for an exhibition or for a magazine. What quick advice do you have for someone who wants to improve his or her photography skills? Merci d’entrer votre commentaire.

At the age of 10 years I got my first camera Praktika from my grandfather. Plan du site A propos de Pixfan. Comment prendre de superbes photos de voyage? Also exhibitions … I never stop. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Although the light does not seem to be perfect — you never know which interesting effect you achieve.

Merci d’indiquer votre nom. Actually I have three themes which I present in my exhibitions and in my books.


What kind of equipment do you use? If the picture is ready in my eyes than it is ready.

He was a photographer in the 2nd World War. I had so much luck to earn my money with my most favourite hobby. Hard work — five things are important: Last week I had also a short trip to Egypt where I worked for my next exhibition and book.


Where have you been photographing recently? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fkcs contributeur Soumettre une info — Contact.

Lately I had a fashionshooting where I worked with different lightsettings. Do you have a favourite subject to photograph? The next big project will be may stay in L.

Entretien avec Manfred Baumann

What is your photographic events in the next months? I portrayed international and national stars. Recevez chaque semaine les nouveaux articles. What is he photo that you are most proud of?


I get to know many interesting people, this is one of the most exciting thing about being a photographer. Votre adresse email n’est pas valide! Yes of course I remember my first sale … It dntretien a beautiful landscape photography which I took in Greece. Mostly I use the lense which is appropriate in the situation.

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